Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pool heater

I wonder do they swim during winter season. I mean those who stay in country that have winter season. The pool will be very cold or even freezing, how are they going to swim? LOL …silly me have such thought!

Until one day my friend who stays in Germany told me that they did go for swim during winter or cold season. This is due to most of the pool will install pool heater, so that they still have swim like normal days. And she added that many pools are using raypak pool heater brand too. Now I know even cold weather they still can swim like us!

Sewing in progress

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I had started sewing for cheongsam or qibao. Most of the Chinese like to wear cheongsam at this big festival. I like too but I have no time to sew for myself though.

This year I have few orders of cheongsam, I really hope I can sew one for myself after finish all the orders...give me more than 24 hours pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nowadays I still can receive lot of flyers, be it via post, inserting into our daily newspaper or people come and distribute to our mail box. Most of the times we will take a glance, then send them to recycle bin where we will sell it one day. Pretty wasted, right? Well, that is our society, they still not yet so strong in advertising their products via paperless way. That’s why till now you still can lot of wholesale flyer printing companies in the market. They are still in demand.


Nowadays rain a lot. I know many of you don't like but I like it very much. Raining day make the weather cooling and we can have a good night sleep. The two elder girls will complaint a lot if their room very warm and they will start ask for aircond! :P