Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Investment

Economic getting bad lately. Everywhere we can hear about cut cost, retrenchment, pay cut activities etc. I wonder how many of us afford to play with investment into gold or silver now. Well, according to hubby, if you plan your financial well, for sure you will have little money to buy some gold or silver for investment purposes. Hehe..this theory I also know but talk is always easy than work for it , right?

Anyway, if you wish to try your luck in gold or silver investment, you can always read more at Monex Precious Metals. Who know one day you might earn a decent money from this field.

My girls going to school/kindy next year time flies.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Video clip

I have got an assignment from one of the advertiser, asking us to post comment at Youtube. I can post comment as usual, but I am not understand how to send my url for approval now. Headache! This kind of assignment also got. In fact, they are clever too, promoting their site via video clip. Brilliant idea!

But I have to trouble my buddy to help me on this assignment. Lucky they willing to share with me, else I don't think I will settle this post.

Btw, this post had over due. Hopefully they will manually approve my assignment then.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Legal fee not cheap

According to old folk, if you are not rice people, then you better don't involve yourself into any suit case. Once you engaged in any legal court case, then you have get ready lot of money to pay for you lawyer fee. Hey, one court case easily cost you few thousand I tell you. I am not sure about fee from Chicago injury lawyer. However you can find their quote from their website easily. Just do a little bit of home work before start your suit case.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nice jewelry

I always admire those actresses who have the chance to wear designer costume jewelry for publicity. Hey, they wear for free and sometimes the jewelry will offer them some free jewelry too. Don’t you think it is so great to have free and elegant jewelry? I don’t think I have the chance since I am not a model nor actress. If I want to wear, mean that I have to dig money from my own pocket. But then, designer jewelry is not cheap at all. Unless I own a super rich spouse lar, then maybe he will give me nice jewelry as anniversary gift.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vacation in Europe

Have you ever think of going to Los vegas? Frankly I never think of this place so far. Myself personally prefer go to Europe than US. Don't know I just fall in love with Europe scenery since I first step onto Europe land in year 2005.

I wish I could visit Europe again, together with my girls plus hubby of course. However spending vacation in Europe is not cheap. 4 pax of us easily cost us over $30K I tell you. nice to be rich people ya...can go anywhere, anytime we like!

Shall I stop?

I am seriously thinking to stop taking sewing order for CNY now. My cut off date for CNY order given in my Kids Paradise supposed is 01/01/2009 but I think I should make another announcement. The main reason is I have to spare some time to do school uniform for my girls, as well as their CNY clothing. If I keep taking orders, then I might not have sufficient time to do for them. I cannot be so selfish right?

I also wish to see my girls wear pretty dresses during the festive!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Old car to sell

My FIL own an old junk car, Nissan brand. His car’s condition not so good actually, so hubby plan to change a second hand car for him. However my FIL reluctant to sell off or trade in his old junk car. He was saying his car still can use no major defect too. Further more he does not want to burden hubby coz if he buy new car mean my hubby will have another loan to bear. But accoding to my hubby, second hand car now quite cheap. In less than $5K, we can get a car already. That’s why he keeps persuading his father to book one. Let’s hope my FIL will listen to his son’s suggestion.

If he allows us to buy for him, then we will have to look for auto insurance for the car too. There are so many auto insurance plans out there. It is quite a hassle to shop for one plan. Someone recommend me to use Tennessee auto insurance, I will go to the site to take a look later. If it is ok, then we will go for it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Presents for Christmas

I love to buy present for my friends or children. Just love the feeling of spending! LOL

Well, economic getting bad now, I should restrict myself from spending unnecessary stuff now. I will still buy for them provided those items are useful and practical. Other wise they might keep in their wardrobe and untouched too. What a waste, right?

This month I shop a lot on Christmas presents. It is like gift exchanges culture every wear now. Never mind, as long as the children are happy, then it is more than enough already. By the way, I also need to shop for Wedding Gifts soon. My niece getting marry during Christmas week, so better get the gifts ready by now. Or, should I get her some silver necklace or bracelate?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When women come to certain age, I am sure they will face some problem like having wrinkles, acne on face; over weight etc. frankly I also start thinking these similar issues when I am over 30 years old now. That’s why I try to control my food intake as well as my calorie intake. However it is not easy to control food, especially our country is famous with variety of food choices. Well, if we really care our body, we should pay more attention to our body, right?

I was told some ladies willing to take diet pill just to reduce their extra fat and weight. I am yet to venture into diet pill. Should I try it one day? Let’s read about Lipovox customer reviews first before I take the risk.

Free photos

Who want free digital photos? I bet everyone wants it if got the chance! Now, hop over to my domain to check out what I am going to get in a week time. *wink*wink*

It is true that they will send you free photo provided your post had been selected by them. Hurry up, while the participants still not yet reach 50!!

Good luck ya!

continue study?

If you think you still want to continue your study now, perhaps you can try it at Capella University. It has lot of online degree for various program for you to choose from. Moreover this university has good reputation in education field too. I am once ever thought of to continue my degree course after marriage but till now yet to materialize it. I think I can start consider it now since my children are quite older by now. However sometimes my younger girl still will disturb me while I am doing my own stuff. She seem likes want the full attention from me. Sigh!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Horses in Zoo

During last school break, we brought the kids to Zoo Melaka. Don't know how many times we had been to Zoo Melaka, but my kids still love this place very much. Each school break they will begged us bring them there. First 2 trips, they reluctant to ride on horses and they claimed the horses are smelly. But last 2 trips, they dare to ride on it after our encouragement. I afraid my younger girl will fall down if she ride the horse alone, so I accompany her. Hey, it's fun! I seem like a little girl when ride on the horse I tell you. Oh ya, the horse are very strong, wonder did they take any horse supplements or not. I also worry the horse will suddenly walk or run while we ride on it. Lucky he is not.

My girls said they want to ride again if they visit Zoo again. :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Michelle and family just back from HK Disneyland. Looking at her Disneyland photos, it did bring back my memory. Hubby, myself and Wien went to HK Disneyland in year 2005. We promised to bring Lyon when she is older a bit but till now we yet to material our promise. Whenever Lyon see those Disney pictures from the pc, she will beg us to arrange one Disney vacations for her. Sigh.....I can go anytime actually but have to wait for hubby's free time lar. Be patient girl, am sure you will able to go Disney!

The sheriff date me! :)

**The sheriff is looking out for you. You have been given an extra assignment. Thanks for all of your hard work.**

See see, the sheriff finally found me again. I cannot remember when is the first time he is dating with me. Hahaha....the assignments are quite a lot, but since the lead time given is quite long too, so no worry lar, I still can finish them after the Hari Raya Haji break!

btw, am going to A Famosa this weekend. Let the girls having fun at the kids pool. I also asked my brother and sisters' children to tag along. It's gonna be a fun trip for all of us! Yeah!

Work in oversea?

Many of the Multi National Companies (MNC) having retrenchment now. Also many of them having shut down during Christmas week too, including my hubby’s company. Economic getting real bad now, so we better spend wisely and be thrifty now. For those who had been retrenched by the companies, really feel sorry for them. Coz the compensation is not that much actually plus so many mouths waiting for the bread maker to feed them. I heard from hubby that some of his colleagues go to HR to appeal but fail too. Look like they really need the job. Hubby said if he is one of the retrenchment staff, perhaps he will try his luck and find jobs in Austin. Wow, that is too far lar, dear!

Friday, December 05, 2008

spider trap

Don’t know why my father in law’s room has lot of spider lately. My girls will scream once they spotted any spider in his room. They will call my mother in law to catch those spiders. Once my MIL managed to catch them, they will take turn step onto the spider. Gosh…poor spider dies under their steps!

By the way, it is not easy to catch those spiders I tell you. They will run away real fast before you managed to catch them. I wonder should I buy some brown recluse spider trap and keep at home? So that MIL can use it in FIL’s room. Let me check out the price first.

I got start from payu


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I got star from Payu. The very first time I got the sheriff star is ages ago. Now I got it again for second time. Wow...happy...but also worry, can I finish it on time? Me getting lazy doing bayar post now. If got it, I will do. If don't have also doesn't matter. I still got other things to do.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am soooooo keen to lose some of my weight now. I had tried many ways but still fail. My face looks so round and chubby like a baby! LOL

Most of my body fat is come from during pregnancy period. Even after giving birth to my 2 girls, the fat still there, no matter how I control my diet. I had asked friends around me how they lose weight easily. Well, most of the answer I got are either exercise, control calorie intake or taking weight loss pills. But choosing the correct and reliable weight loss pills is very important; you have to be wise while doing the selection. Not all pills suit well to our body.

Did anyone of you try alli? How was it? Any side effect after taking it? Appreciate you could give me some comments if you ever take it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sooooo lazy to update blog

Yeah, I am veli lazy to update my blog lately. Lazy bugs attack me now!!!

I am free but I am sooo lazy to write a post for my blog, even my kids' blog I also think so long only manage to find a title to blog.

Btw, I SPOIL A DRESS TODAY!! Feel so geram and frustrated. The dress almost complete, pending the zipper. But during ironing, my iron too hot and cause iron marking there. It is impossible to get rid of the marking you know. So what should I do with the spoil dress? I think probally will let my elder girl it lor....sob sob sob....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canon powershot

My niece request a Canon Powershot as his birthday present from his dad. Surprisingly his dad fulfills his wish and bought him the latest version of Canon model. See, how lucky children nowadays!

At first I thought my stingy BIL will not buy for him since all this while he only buy affordable gadget but not branded type. After I asked him, only know that only latest version of camera able to have variety of features, plus the quality is much better than old model/version. Looks like my BIL slowly accept the new trend as us!

control your spending now

Everyone talking about recession now. I heard many MNC companies are retrenching staff now, including hubby’s company too. For the first time hub’s company having shut down for a week during Christmas time too. Some of his senior level managers start worry now. They thought they can survive till they retire but look like now there is a threat now that restrict them to reach till retire level. God bless them ya! If you are having commitment like housing loan or car loan, I think you will feel very insecure now. *sigh* everyone having hard time now. Let’s pray it will over soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas For Payatas

It's another year end now, the most popular festive aka Christmas is around the corner too! Have you ever think how to celebrate this joyous festive? Well, I am not from Christine religion but I still celebrate this season with my beloved kids and hubby. Frankly I love this festive more as compare to Chinese New Year. CNY is a very noisy festive for me and hubby whereas Christmas is totally opposite with it.

While you busy preparing for your Christmas festive, don't forget those needful person or kids from poor country like Payatas. The children there have to start earn a living as young as 4 year old. Mind you, my 4 year old girl still happily enjoy her life here while her same age kids already start working. heart pain moment ya. I urge everyone of you spare some time watch Youtube video from the side, I am sure you can have a clearer picture on what's going on there.

If you wish to help the children there, so that they also can have a happy and joyful Christmas, please join the Christmas For Payatas campaign; help them in whatever way you can!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asimo, we are coming

Tomorrow we are going to KL for our one day trip. The main intention is to visit Honda Asimo who will be in One Utama from 14/11 - 16/11. My girls feel excited once they know they will be able to see real robot soon. In fact they like to watch Wall-E, that's why hubby willing to bring them just to see real robot.

Anyone joining us?

knee protection

During Beijing Olympic 2008, we can see those athletes wearing some kind of tapes at their knee or shoulder area. My kids curious to know what that is for. After they knew it is kind of kinesio tape, they request me to get some for them too. *slap head* They thought they are athlete! LOL…to them, they also run here and there, so need to wear kinesio tape to protect their knee too!

As I know Kinesio Tape gives support and stability to our joints and muscles without reducing circulation and range of motion. It is also used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and Pain Management. Looks like only athletes only eligible to use it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Diet topic again?

I love unhealthy food. Many had told me that better stop eating unhealthy food like nugget, ham, burger, canned food etc. however I just could not resist from taking them. I can eat them everyday I tell you. Due to this bad eating habit, I had gained extra weight without my knowledge. Now I wish to get rid of extra 4 kg from my body. I had tried many ways, such as less eating fattening food, more walking, less sitting, and diet pills too. However my weight still remains with me, no matter how hard I had tried my best. Anyone can recommend me best diet pills in the market now?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Health care center

If your house having elderly old folk that need special care, perhaps you can consider Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care. This health care center has specialist to provide a range of health care services that respond to the needs of seniors and the communities we serve. It is cost effective if you will to select this home health care center to help you take care your old folks. As we all know that hiring maids to stay with us is not an east task. You will never know that your maid will obey your instruction or not. More ever you have to spend time to teach and train them. However majority of us are lack of time to do so, so it is better to let professional to take care them. Right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save money for renovation soon

Early this year we bought a house near town area. At first we were thinking to rent out the house after some clean up and minor painting. However once all these were done, hubby quite reluctant to rent to outsider. He said he rather treat this house as holiday house for all of us during holiday or weekend instead of letting outsider stay and they might dirty the house too. After think twice, I agreed with his suggestion since for time being we are still afforded to pay the housing loan.

We planted some nice carpet grass at front porch as well as the empty land space. The grasses grow well now, so we can see a nice house environment too. When we first enter the house, the grass grows even taller than my elder girl. After spent few weekends here, clean and cut the grass, so it has a better outlook. No wonder hubby so reluctant to rent out as he had put into lot of effort to beautify our own house.

Since we confirm want to treat the house as holiday house, then we might spend some money for the renovation. However renovation costs not cheap nowadays due to most of the materials are increasing price now. We got to plan and budget properly before any action taken. 2 places must put as priority now: the kitchen and bathroom. Our kitchen now totally empty, not even has a rack/cabinet for us to keep our utensil. As for the bathroom, if possible, I wish to have some quality Bathroom Furniture like bathtub, shower systems, bathroom accessories etc. all these material not cheap too, wonder hubby willing to spend for it or not.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Take care your eyesight

No doubt TV is the best babysister for kids but sometimes I wonder will I indirectly spoil their eyesight? Most of the time I love to turn on their favorite TV program or VCD during meal time. To me, using this method, I can feed them fast and finish in less than 30 minutes time. However many of my blogger mummies commented that we should not eat in front of computer or TV as this way will affect our digestion and eyesight as well. When they are having eyesight problem, then you got to spend more money onto their eyeglasses. Oh dear! Should I stop doing this? Perhaps hubby is right: we should eat at proper place, proper environment if we can. Ok, I will slowly change my bad habit now.

Eyeglasses are not cheap nowadays; one pair of it easily cost you $100-$200++. Further more you have to remind your kids to take proper care of it; else they might break it very fast. As you know, kids are very careless group and they are very playful too. If they break their eyeglasses every year, you are going to broke I tell you. LOL

.…so better take care their eyesight now!

Never ending busy...

Oh dear, I am getting lazy to blog lately. Previously I will update this blog by daily basis but now only twice or thrice a week. Am I really out of topic to blog? Or due to I am plain lazy to blog it....

Side note: Last week I went to Kamdar to source for cloth again. This round I try to source for all my backlog cloth and I had spent over RM90++ for this visit. Hopefully I can clear the backlog by this month, so that I can get back my money then!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Be a beautician

My nephew having SPM examination now. She told me that after the big exam, she wish to apply for UTAR admission in Kuala Lumpur. I asked her why not try apply for local university first, if cannot get then only think of other way. But seem like she does not have confidence to get a seat in local U. well, she is still young, if all application fail, she still can take another 2 years time in STPM. Worst come to worst, she can try her luck in beauty schools in missouri since nowadays beauty line also doing well. Majority of women like to pamper themselves now and they willing to spend more money for their face and body too!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Some blogger mummies very talented that they can do and make nice and creative scrapbooking for their children. I always told myself that I must learn this skill one day. Well, I had been talking about this for almost 2-3 years by now, yet I still did not take any step to do it. Blame it to my laziness!!

They told me that scrapping is fun and easy to learn too. However when I know I have to download their freebies and software, then I think twice again. Do I have time to do it at home? Will my children allow me stay in front of pc? Will they scream to me that they want to play computer games once they saw me on the pc? Oh…too many concerns. I think I better on hold this plan a while again. LOL

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ohbin - 活在当下

Ohbin - my new found cook blog lately. Ever saw this blog appeared in Twinsmom site, but only today go to her site to see her posts. Oh, it is a wonderful site I tell you. For those who know how to cook and wish to try new recipe, do pop over to her site now, I am sure you will fall in love with all her cooking posts! Her cooking posts really tempted me try one or two in coming weekend.

....psst psst...she even use chili padi's leave to fry with eggs!! Can you imagine that? This is surely another creative way done by her!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I think I need lose weight pills now. My weight suddenly extra by 4kg despite I am controlling my food intake. I don't know why my weight will go up like that. I am trying to get rid of some extra weight/fat now. I eat lesser of rice at dinner time too but still fail to meet my desire weight. Perhaps hubby is right: I should start exercising now, don't just depend on diet pills or other short cut. To him, exercise is the best way to have healthy and fit body figure.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another quality claim

Haiz....economic already very bad, yet my company still afford to face quality claim issue. Imagine, if your products having problem, then customer want you to compensate every single cents, including air freight the replacement at your own cost. I tell you, you are doing losing money business for this batch. No company afford to bear air freight cost, especially if your profit margin is not that high.

I don't know how my boss going to settle the big amount, it is close to RM1.00 million!! Not a small value!! Looks like our bonus also gone this year! Sob sob sob....

Hard earn money

Economic getting worst lately. As a result, lot of businesses had been slow down a lot, especially after fuel oil price jet up tremendously few months ago. However fuel oil price drop recently; the price back to 2 years ago price. This is a good sign to every one of us. However the household items or stuff price still remain high. The sellers seem no intention to drop their price in conjunction with drop of fuel oil price. Public like us start making noise, they demand for price drop. Government also start to slowly enforce seller to drop price, else they will take action against them. Haiz….you think seller willing to drop price at this hour? They bought their stuff during price up too; of course they need to maintain the price until the batch finishing selling.

During increase price period, business owner also hard to collect back their debt. This is because everyone are tight with cash, so they try to hold their payment as long as they can. Therefore many business owner facing Debt Collection during this hard time. some companies still afford to hire debt collection agency to help them collect back their debt. For those unaffordable one, they just sit and wait. In fact, my company also facing debt problem. My boss use his power to force the sales team to collect back the debt, else they commission will be on hold.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Deepavali

27/10/2008 will be the Deepavali festive for Indian races. As usual my Indian colleagues will invite me and my family members to visit their house to enjoy the nice dishes and sweet cookies. This year I am still thinking whether I can visit them as usual or not since I still have plenty of sewing backlog to clear.

After think twice, I decided to go since we only celebrate Deepavali once a year. How can I miss the chance to enjoy such nice Indian style food. My girls cannot take spicy food, so they only can take cookies and drinks.

Here wishing all my Indian friends and colleague:

Happy Deepavali!

More orders come in now.....

My pending orders increase to 10 dresses by now. Some customers hoping me can rush for them within a week time whereas some just give me "no lead time" to sew. But I will still try my best to get the dresses down in 2 weeks time. Hehe...I was thinking shall I impose more charges if they ask for 1 week lead time? :P anyway, just kidding. Later they will run away from me and no more business for me then. New business owner cannot be so choosy ya!

I am glad that I can get such a good number of orders. At first I was thinking no one like homemade products cos outside you can get the same products with cheaper prices as compare to my prices. Some customer prefer unique design, so they will love me tailor like me to sew for them. I am appreciate for the skill I have now, hopefully one day I can make this business growth. Who know one day I may have franchise opportunities from famous store that solely ask for homemade products. !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quality stroller

We bought our first baby stroller when our baby girl is nearly 4 months. We need it for outing purposes, else my hands will be pain if carry her throughout the outing time. Hubby will not look for low grade stroller as to him good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good. LOL

Stroller is useful if your kids or babies can sit still inside it. For my case, my girls dislike stroller, they prefer us to carry her. *Sigh*…in fact I should try them sit still inside stroller but I don’t have the heart to see them crying badly, end up I carry them instead. Hubby said I spoil them, so I have to bear with the consequences! What a bummer!

Ok, if you are currently looking for better quality of stroller, do check out Bugaboo stroller from Babyearth. The site has variety choices of Bugaboo strollers for you to choose from. The price ranging from $20.00-$800.00. Their designs have sophisticated function in a simple design which gain popularity from consumers. It is also one of the world famous retail that emphasis on mobility needs of parents and creating a new breed of stroller that is versatile, streamlined, and has own personality. Read their baby product review for more information about their stroller.

payu ask for it!

If payu is one of your boss, then you better listen to their new request now! They ask you to write more personal posts instead of pp only ya. They got their point too, who want to read blog posts that full with pp wor....right?

If your blog full with pp, then better give them a change now, else you are going to loss one more boss I tell you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lucky kids

Kids nowadays very lucky. Whatever they want, their parent will try their best to fulfill their wish. I am not sure this is good for them or not. To me, never ever treat your kids like that. This act will make them take things for granted and they will never appreciate the stuff too. Unlike our olden days, we earn every single cent, just to buy the item in my wish list. Our parent could not afford to buy for us due to limitation in financial. I heard my elder girl her classmate brought ipods to school. He told that the ipods was the birthday given by her parent. *sigh* see, don’t you think he is so lucky!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do sewing or go kai kai?

I have lots of back log in hand now....and it is weekend again. Hubby planned to overnight at our house again as he said he want to some painting there again. In fact, i am quite reluctant to go after seeing so much pending dress wait for me to finish it. Hubby teasing me that he willing to invest another sewing machine for me and place at new house. Wah, no need gua!! I am not guarantee my sewing business can last long ler. Well he said must have confidence to myself, then only can succeed in doing this business.

.....maybe I should follow his wish after all it is weekend, time for me to have fun with my girls mah! Ok, after this I will pack some light luggage and go over our new house later!

By the way, do visit my kids fashion blog for latest dress collection, Princess Dress!

Study MBA wor....

I heard my hubby said some of his female colleagues took MBA course by part time basis. I am impress they can do coz they still have some children to mind with at home. I think they must be having good helper at home or maid that can help them out while they are away attending courses. For time being I don't think I can do like that, my girls still small and they need me. My hubby not a good entertainer, that's why they will come to me most of the time even though their papa is at home.

I think if I wish to take MBA, I can always go for online colleges like Capella. Imagine, we can just study online at home, at the same still can spare some time for the children if they need me. Online colleges equally popular as normal colleges. The only different is we can study at our comfort house and not restricted to fix time schedule. Isn't it great?

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National phone number

Sometimes we will receive unknown phone number being shown in our house telephone as well as mobile phone. If we manage to talk to the caller, then it is still ok, at least we know who they are and who they look for. However sometimes the line will cut off before we manage to answer the call. If that so, then we’ll have difficulty to know who is the caller. Now with the help from National Phone Numbers, we will able to trace the number as well as the caller ID. To start locate the number, first look through the list of states on the page, then, select the appropriate area code for that phone number. After that just input the number into the search box, then you can get very specific information on any individual. The best part is other than the caller’s name and address, you also able to access to detailed background information on almost every aspect of this person's life. Cool, isn’t it?

By the way, National Phone Number also has Reverse Phone Number Lookup service, check it out!

Lesser open house

This year seem like no open house from Malay colleague. Last time I think I had attended at least 3 houses. I think this year they are out of budget; everything is increasing now, so better save the money for emergency use ya.

Btw, I can also save some money if I do not attend any open house. This is because I will buy something for the host if I will to go to her/his house. I will feel bad if go with empty hand though. But for Chinese New Year, I will only bring mandarin orange which everyone will do the same. hehe....yet I still seldom visit my Chinese friends during CNY.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

budget hotel

At first I thought I can snaking today coz bosses are outstation and some managers also on business trip, so left we in office only. Also means that we can do whatever we like since the big cat is not here. LOL

First half day, I am very relax coz I really not fully focus on my work but surfing net like no tomorrow. But after lunch hour, my boss asking my favour to check hotel rate for him during Deepavali period. Oh no, peak season ler, how to make room reservation at this hour ar? I bet most hotels are either fully booked or super expensive rate by now. Whatever it is I have to call one hotel after another, just to get a cheaper rate which within his budget. Even though he is rich but he does set budget for his family accommodation…haha..i wonder will he willing to stay in las vegas suites one day or not!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Branded clothing

I seldom shop for branded clothing, what's more Oscar de la Renta! To me, branded stuff is not a must, as long as the clothing fit me and comfortable while wearing it, then it is more than enough already. Further more, I don't have good body figure now, so I don't think I'll feel myself look elegant wearing those Oscar de la Renta skirts or blouse. Sigh....better do more exercise now!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The very first time when I heard about UTI (urinary tract infection) is one of my blogger’s baby girls get infected by this disease. At that time I still cannot imagine how UTI cause uneasy and uncomfortable for a baby girl that less than 1 year old. So I try to read more from Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, a UTI is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. When the bacteria get into our bladder or kidney, it will multiply in the urine and cause a UTI. Understand from my blogger friend that bladder infection still not so severe than kidney infection. Usually the doctor will prescribe short course of antibiotics to treat the UTIs. Well, have to act fast, else it will prolong the recovery time. by the way, if the victim is an infant, then the mummy better continue her breastfeeding as it can reduce teh risk of UTI’s attack in future.

Ok, back to my blogger friend. Her baby girl only 3 months old when she got her first attack of UTI. She got panic too when she first heard this term from her family doctor. This is because none of her family members attacked by UTI before. After that she read a lot about this term from internet. She wants to know more about it, so that her baby girl can recover fast and get rid of this disease soonest possible. This is also one of the reason she insist to breastfeed her girl after she knew that breast milk good for reducing UTI attacks. Each time when I knew her girl get attacked by UTI, my heart sank. Imagine the doctor will insert the catheter into baby’s urethra. Don’t you feel pity for her? We adult already feel very uncomfortable when the catheter being inserted into our urethra; what’s more she is just a baby girl. Haiz……..

I just hope she will recover from UTI soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I don't like when........

I is not happy now.....

Whenever I do homework revision with my elder girl, my MIL like to interfere. Frankly speaking, I don't like it at all. Too bad, I cannot say anything about her, else she will be angry with me. Haiz...sometimes she is not tolerate, so I better keep my mouth shut. Living under the same roof is not easy sometimes. What to do, for time being I cannot just simply say : Move out! .....though I wish to do so...sob sob....

Thursday, October 02, 2008


One of my nephews going to celebrate 15 years old birthday. Now I am cracking my head to think of what to buy for him as birthday present. Usually I love to buy books as birthday presents for my cousins and nephews. But now I wish to have a change. If I keep giving them books, I am sure they will get bore too. LOL

This nephew love sports very much. One of his favorite sports is baseballs. He had been selected by his school to represent the team to participate in national level competition. So far, his team had won few prizes too. He had complete set of baseball equipment, such as baseball gloves, sport wears, batting gloves and others. According to his dad, those baseball equipments not cheap at all. Lucky his school subsidy part of the money, else I don’t think his parent allow him to join the team too. Imagine, buying school accessories already not cheap nowadays, what’s more have to spend extra on sports equipment. But come to think of it, he enjoy the sports very much, we should not take away his interest, right?

I wonder will my kids fond any sports in future or not. If yes, then I better prepare myself to invest some money for their sport accessories then.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feed your pets

My house has many types of pets, including hamsters, tortoise, fishes, baby frog, rabbit, chicken and bird. Therefore it is not surprise to see my MIL bought various type of pet supplies for the pets. Everyday my 2 girls will be happily feeding their favorite pets according to individual food category. They know which food to serve which pet. They know better than me I tell you. I dislike animals and insect, so I will not take over the job when they’re away or had forgetton to feed them. LOL …lazy me!

Please pay in time

If you are doing business, I think your biggest concern will be the credit term given to your customer. Some customers are good payment master but some are not. You have to send them many gentle reminders, and then only they will reply you or pay you. My previous company never pays their invoice within payment term. Sometimes I will feel bad too whenever the supplier call up ask for cheque, I will have to give all sort of excuses. During Chinese New Year time more worst coz everyone need cash to row their financial. I will receive more phone calls during this period too.

I was telling my hubby that if I ever own a business, I will make sure my money collection is on time and I will not let my customer owe my money for more than 3 months, like what my previous company did. But he commented that I cannot too strict with my customer. If too strict, they may not come back to me later. Perhaps he is right too. but if given them too much flexibility, then my cash flow will in big trouble too. worst come to worst, I hire Collection Agency to assist me in doing the collection matter. Less headache for me too!

credit card so common now

Since many years back, credit card had acted as a form of payment mode. It is not surprise for people nowadays to own 2-3 cards at the same time. But frankly speaking, to me, owning one reliable credit card is more than enough. Of course you have to be a good payment master, then only the company will increase your credit limit gradually. Due to the popular demand, most merchants (either internet merchants or retail merchants) will help their customer to setup eCommerce Merchant Account in order to accept all major credit cards. Therefore with the funds from the sales deposited directly into their bank account, and they’ll offer online payments through their partner like It is very secure and convenience to do transaction online now.


I got my first tonsil attack in year 2006. At first I thought it is just normal sore throat, so just ignore it but took some Strepsil to ease my throat. However after 2 days, I couldn't bear the pain anymore, so quickly go visit my doctor. The dr found out a big tonsil inside my mouth. He said if severe type, then have to remove it. Lucky my case not that severe, try to take medicine first. He can have to take the expensive type of antibiotic, else difficult to get rid of the tonsil. No choice, I have to obey his instruction, else my tonsil will never cure. Within a week only the tonsil go away. What a relief!

Now I got another tonsil attack. But this round, it is at the other side of my mouth. The dr prescribe the same antibiotic which cost me RM58.00 in total. Wow, so expensive! Sob sob sob......

Tomorrow is the Raya festive, I don't think I can try the Malay spicy food. Have to take care my throat lar. Arggggggggg.....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Search your friends

If you’re currently resided in United States and Canada, and wish to look for your long lost friends, you may try your luck at the free people search service at It is a totally free service and no registration require. All you have to do is either key in your friend’s name or state, then will equip you with more information about that person. Alternatively you can use the method of reverse phone by keying that person’s telephone number.

I have a Malaysia friend who married to United States many years ago. Previously we use to contact via email but after my first kid arrival, I seldom have time catch up with her. Probably I will try to use this people search service to look for her soon. So that we can resume our friendship as previously.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

To bake......chiffon cake

All these while I wish to try baking chiffon cake but could not find a proven recipe. Now I have one recipe in hand, will try to bake it this weekend, hopefully the result is good. Never mind, every thing will have a start, right?

Butter cake and banana cake is my expertise so far. I love to bake these cake as there are my family favorites too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby bedding

If you are currently looking for baby bedding, then you should pay a visit to Baby Bedding Market. This site offers various type of bedding accessories such as pillows, bolsters, comforter, crib, bumper and many more. The most important thing is their bedding quality is good as they use cotton material which is suitable for baby skin.

Previously I seem never buy any baby bedding as my sister hand me down her stuff to me once my newborn arrival. It really save me lots of money. But the color and pattern is a bit outdated if compare to what I see in this site. need to complaint as I wish to save more money at that time too!

Nice painted feathers

Amazing hand craft by the artists. Got these pictures from a forwarded email.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dislike hot weather!

My face sensitive to hot weather, that’s why I hate to go out during hot and sunny day, especially during lunch hour. I rather stay in office eat bread or biscuit instead of going out to have lunch with colleagues. The main reason, after expose a while to hot sun, my face will pop out some *red bean* which will turn it into acne if I did not apply appropriate lotion immediately. I will feel very frustrated if my face full of acne or red dot. Perhaps I should bring along umbrella for each outing. :p

Monday, September 22, 2008

Maybank Vs Loan Shark - Part II

Continue from here ....... I really feel like getting a new lesson learnt after getting the clarification from the friendly Maybank customer service officer. After listening to my inquiry, immediately she reply something like this; Sir, there is nothing wrong with the system, the finance charge imposed because did not making a FULL settlement of your previous outstanding balance Hmmm… how come, I settle the full payment on 26/08 what… I say This is what she reply; No sir, your payment on 26/08 is not consider FULL payment because your previous outstanding balance is RM1840.04 and the payment you made is RM1840. There are 4sen less. According to the agreement, the bank is eligible to impose the finance charge calculated per the formula stated in the agreement. Note: I purposely left out 4 sen just because RM1840 is the convenience number for me to settle the outstanding balance; I thought Credit Card Company will understand me. I really don’t mind if they want to charge an interest on the 4 sen outstanding. Wow!!!!.............. this is ridiculous I feel, I have to pay RM18.41 for the 4sen I hold. How much the interest charge if I translate it into the % ? Can somebody help? If you say the Loan Shark are blood sucker, what about the license banker like this? The Loan Shark will laugh at me if I share with them my experience. According to the customer service officer, it is nothing wrong for the bank to do so because the term and condition for the finance charge calculation is approved by the Bank Negara. Therefore her advice is to make sure I make a FULL settlement to avoid the finance charge. Fortunately, the Maybank customer service officer is so helpful. She waive the finance charge for me !!! since this is the first time I fall into the trap. But she keep reminding me. “No more next time yah… sir…” I should give a big THANK to Maybank Credit Card for giving such excellent customer service. After the lengthy explanation, she further guide me to read through the term and condition printed on the other side of the statement. Oh yah… what ever she said is clearly stated with a tinny font size and printed in light grey color. No dispute. I share the case with some of my colleague; looks like non of them aware of the this and everybody seem like unacceptable when I tell them the truth. Do you ever read through the term and condition printed behind your credit card statement? Better you spend sometime to read through and understand every sentence formed with the complicated boring English and purposely printed in a tinny font size and unattractive color. Look, this is what printed on my credit card statement. This is how the bank make million each year. Now you know, bank is more terrible than the Big Ear Long….

Friday, September 19, 2008

Maybank charged me RM18.04 as penalty

Maybank shock me with their stupid management again! Read what my hubby wrote below...... I am going to copy post by post too! It is my supplementary card from MBB too!


As usual, I expect to receive my MBB credit card statement around this time. Since the statement cut off date fall on 12th day of each month and payment due on the 2nd day of the following month.

MBB really give me a shock this round. Look at the transaction printed below. I just can’t figure out why a finance charge of RM18.41 was imposed although I had settle the outstanding balance 7days before the payment due date.

Do you know? Let’s see whether you can tell me the correct answer.

Well, I did call up to the customer service center to seek for clarification and now I know how the bank make multi million each year through the lack of public awareness of term and condition printed on the other side of the statement.

Allow me sometime to compile the story. I will post it on my next post soon.

It is really an interesting story.

Stay tune…

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cake not cheap now!

My brother's girl just celebrated 5th year old birthday last Sunday. Her daddy bought her a fruit cake, cost him RM50++ for 1kg cake. Wow, so expensive!

Ingredients for cake also up price tremendously following by the increase of fuel oil. This make me think twice before buy a cake for my girl's birthday celebration. I think I better bake cake, muffin or cup cakes for them, can save money as well as polishing my baking skill. :)

Yet to try baking cup cakes or muffin, time to dig out the recipe and give it a try!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


printers are one of the must items in our house now. My hubby said we actually need it coz we seldom do printing at home now. but occasionally we may need it, so it is still a good reason to keep it instead of threw it away.

My printer is a very old age model but it still able to get it from the market now. it is a dot matrix printer using black ink cartridge too. Haha…home user now majority using color printer lor, who wanna use no color printer wor! Guess we are the only one!

Name it and bring it home!

Did you guys aware that our National car group going to have new addition soon? This time is not normal family car but a MPV, new concept from Proton. Google it and have a sneak preview of his appearance now.

Wait, if you wish to own a MPV soon, why not enter the contest from Proton and win one unit for yourself. Just name it with nice name together with a good tagline. Then you stand a chance to win it!

For more information, go here :

Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you aware what is Community-Acquired Pneumonia? I am not good at medical terms actually. Most of the time if my doctor explained to me the medical term or sickness using non layman language, then I will have difficulty understand them. The best place to read about medical information will be at Epocrates. Epocrates is the best place to look for • New disease database – condition overview and risk factors, treatment approach, tests to order, national medical society guidelines, and more • Integrated drug reference guide – critical prescribing information on more than 3,300 drugs, including dosing, interactions and health plan coverage. Clinicians seeking information online or patients interested in learning more about their health care can visit for access to this free resource.

Happy Mooncake Festival!

During this festive, you can see lots of moon cake selling over the counter at shopping mall. There are so many variety for you to choose and taste. This year I can see many weird fruit type selling out there too, such as dragon fruit, blueberry, peach, corn etc etc.....will you dare to try?

I tested the dragoon fruit mix with blueberry from Kam Loon Thai. The price is RM11++ for just one moon cake. Haiz..moon cake now over price, don't you think so?

Anyway I am here wishing you Happy Mooncake Festive and eat lot of moon cake ya!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How come? why?

Hubby forwarded this funny cartoon to me. It's funny and meaningful actually. Many companies encounter similar situation too, including my existing company.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Phone look up service

During weekend I love to take a short nap together with my children. When they are still small, I will make sure they sleep enough during day time. So I dislike people come visit us during our nap time. You can say I am selfish but that’s me. To me, if a baby or toddler lack of sleep, then they will become very cranky during evening time or before bed time. At that time, I am the one who suffer and have to bear all the crying from them. This is because when they cry, for sure they will come to me and stick to me. No one else can sooth their crying except me. Therefore you can imagine how tire I am if I am alone to bear all these.

My children are light sleeper too. a little bit of noise or sound will awake them. So before nap time, I have to make sure the room is quiet and cozy. Oh ya, I also have to hang up my telephone coz when the phone is ringing, it will wake them up too. Haiz…so troublesome ya. Alternatively I will set the ringing mode to MUTE or SILENT. So that the ringing tone will not affect or interrupt their sleep. Haha….this show how selfish I am! But for the sake of my children, I will do so diligently.

Maybe you will ask: what if someone has urgent matter to look for you and I cannot answer in the first place? Tell you, don’t worry about this. My telephone has the Reverse Phone Lookup service, so I will know who call me while we are napping. There are plenty of company who able to provide such service to us now. One of them is National Phone Registry. This company has contacted the largest data providers in the United States and Canada to bring together the most comprehensive phone lookup service. So that we able to find our unlisted phone number, prank calls and also those hard to find cell phone owner information. See, we still able to trace who call us while we are away. Amazing, isn’t?

For more detail, do check out National Phone Registry now!

Cheap clothing

I have some cheap stuff selling at

My youngest girl saw them and she wants to wear it. I stopped her and tell her this is not for her but for my customer who going celebrate Hari Raya soon.

If you are interested, do check out under my ID - Jesslyn Tai. Below are some of my products :

Price = RM12.00

Price = RM2.00

Price = RM16.00

Brand your products

I am glad stay that we stay in Malaysia, a country full with cheap and delicious food. We have 3 major races here, like Chinese, Indian and Malay. Also have other races which are in small minority. All races have their own traditional food selling all over the place. Particularly I love satay, roti canai and nasi lemak very much. My breakfast will include all these food in a week. I love to eat different type of breakfast every morning, meaning that I will not eat same food in a row. Hehe….love varieties. Unlike some people can take same food from same stall every morning. Aiks!

However not all stall sell good taste of nasi lemak or satay. At my place, there are 2 stalls sell yummylicious of these foods. The bad part is, they did not sell everyday. Also they do not have fix date to close shop. So sometimes when I reach their stall only realized they are close. Imagine how disappointed I am when I crave for it but they are close. Not only them, I also notice some stalls love to do business according to their mood. If I am the owner, and my food is nice and sellable, I will make more and operating in fix hour and date. Put up a signboard to tell customers what is our operating date and time. By doing so, then only your customer will come to you during your working hour. Maybe you will say they are not pro in this field. If Branding Agency come in to help them, perhaps they will have better management and earn money too.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Messy account

Yeah, you hear me right. My personal account is real messy, I tell you. Many commented that women tend to be very sensitive over their money or personal account. They know where to keep and trace their money. However I tell you now, I am totally opposite with them.

Since started working, I never properly record my way of money spending pattern. When I think I need to spend for something, I will just go ahead and buy. Maybe you will say at that time I still single and afford to spend as and when I like. But this habit I carry till now. One person cannot stand my habit; he is none other than my dear hubby. He is a neat guy who knows how to handle and take care his financial planning. He will only spend within his budget and will never encounter any over spend experience. To him, if over spend and do not have enough money to pay by end of month, then he will be real pressure and tension. Lucky I have him, else I think my account still in a mess by now. I will allow my close friends or relative to borrow money from me occasionally. Of course I will only borrow them if they really need the money. My problem is I always forget whether they had repaid me or not. Most of the time it is my hubby who remind me. But I will feel uncomfortable when ask them to return money to me. haiz…I think I may need Collection Agency to help me on this issue. LOL

Change profession?

If I have a chance to go back to teenager time, I think I will choose beauty job as my career now. the main reason is I notice most beautician are so pretty in term of dressing or make up as well as their skin condition. They know how to take proper care of their skin care and they know proper dressing too. My dressing pattern is ok, just that I am too lazy to upgrade it to better level. Most of time I use to wear very simple tee and jean, then just out for grocery shopping or evening walk. Unlike some people they will purposely change their clothing even go out just to buy newspaper or breakfast. LOL

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long holiday

It's long holiday now. But hubby off longer than me, extra by one day.

Hubby planned few activities for us. Yeah......we are going to stay in new house for these few days, away from stress as well as to have some privacy. But the privacy is just 4 (not 2 ya) of us!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Raise cat?

My 2 kids love cats very much. Whenever they spot it at road side, for sure both of them will chase after him. If they manage to catch him, then they will hold or carry him around. Gosh, I dislike hairy animal. So you can imagine how I scream to them if I see them carry the cat. Road side cat sure dirty as we all know, that’s why I dislike them carry him or even touch him. Lately both of them request my permission to allow them raise a cat at home. Do you think I will agree? Hehe….NO WAY! Imagine with 2 kids I already have to do lot of works, what’s more additional pet at home. That’s mean I have to do extra cleaning job too, like feeding, washing etc. one more thing, I have to invest money for pet’s equipment too, such as litter box, food, feeding tray and many more. oh no way I will allow them raise a cat man!

New diet pills?

Have anyone of you try Fenphedra before? Is it safe to consume? Any side effect after consuming? Eee….I am a bit skeptical to all these diet pills actually. That’s why I am quite reluctant to try it. If possible I wish to use natural ways to loose my extra weight. Many of you had suggested exercising more and taking care on food intake. But talk is easy you know. When good food presented in front of me, I just could not resist eating them into my tummy….hahaha… why to keep fit?

Olden or new furniture?

Among modern furniture and olden days furniture or rather call it traditional future, I still prefer olden furniture more. To me, olden day’s furniture looks more durable and prettier as compare to modern furniture. Perhaps my mind still stops at traditional stage. LOL.

Well, not that myself totally reject modern furniture but sometimes I feel that modern furniture prices getting ridiculous nowadays. Also the colors are too bright and difficult to match with house color sometimes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Professional lawyer

If you have a lawsuit in hand now, do you know how to choose a good lawyer to protest your case? Or do you know where to get good and experience lawyer? Frankly I am poor in all these lawsuit thingy, I will clueless on where to search for them I tell u. well, if you have injury cases, you can look for professional lawyer like Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer, sure they able to solve your case in shorter period. But I am not sure how much they will charge you, you got to check out from their blog for more detail ya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to save more money?

Our government had reduced the petrol price on 23/08/2008. Petrol price reduced 15 cents whereas diesel reduced 8 cents. So now petrol and diesel price seem not much different already. Hubby can drive my car for outstation now instead of driving his diesel car which cannot save much in mileage cost. Haiz…..dropped 15 cents and 8 cents respectively do not really can save a lot I tell you. This is because household items cost and other expenses did not drop synchronically. So what’s the point? I think I still have to wait for promotional products then only can shop for my essential items if I will to save more money in future.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

8D report

One of our customers lodged a complaint letter to us lately. The consequences of sending defective parts to them is we have to bear all the losses and damages that cause them into trouble as well as bearing all the costs and charges for the goods sending back to us. Wow, that is a lot of money incurred!! Haiz…….again my company doing another losing money business. How to expect another round of bonus this year end if we keep bearing costs like this.

As a result of this, the customer requests an 8D report from us urgently. I ever heard about 8D reports from hubby. In his previous company, he has to do this report if their goods to customer having severe problem. 8D reports mean 8 Disciplines Process. Below just the simple description of the 8D process. If you wish to know more, do google it out.

Discipline 1. Form the Team

Discipline 2. Describe the Problem

Discipline 3. Contain the Problem

Discipline 4. Identify the Root Cause

Discipline 5. Formulate and Verify Corrective Actions

Discipline 6. Correct the Problem and Confirm the Effects

Discipline 7. Prevent the Problem

Discipline 8. Congratulate the Team

Massage therapy

You can see lots of massage centers in the city now. From the growing number of massage centers, I can guess how popular the massage therapy to people nowadays. As we all aware, due to tight working schedule, so many of us hardly have time to do exercises. Therefore we like to go to massage center to go through the massage therapy to release the tension as well as stress if any. So it is not surprise to see many massage therapy schools blooming in the market too. Till date I yet to try out massage therapy, perhaps I should spare a day and experience it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gong Xi Ni...Lee Chong Wei!

You did it!

You did it!

We are so proud of you!

Last night's your match with Korean player is GREAT!

Friday, August 15, 2008

corporate branding

Many of us aware that if we do not have experience in dealing with business, then we might encounter lots of difficulty at beginning stage. I ever think of to own a business but due to lack of knowledge in this field, till date I yet to make the first move. I should start to learn how to manage an online store’s tactics first before fully engage myself into it.

One of my best friends runs a women boutique in town area. She had been in this field for 2 years; however her businesses seem does not have any improvement in terms of profit or sales volume. She is good at publicity and marketing her products actually, but still could not bring in more sales for her business. She is clueless and could not find out the root cause. She already spends so much time into marketing her products yet could not see any improvement in sales profit.

I was thinking perhaps she should build up her products’ brand name first, so that more visitors or customer will get to know existence of this brand name in the market. See, Corporate Branding is essential if you wish to get more attention and publicity from the market. This amount of money have to spend if you wish to increase your sales as well as profit margin.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stroller for baby

If you have a little one at home, then baby stroller is a must item in your list; unless you opted not to go anyway but at home! LOL

Well, personally I think that we should invest into a good and reliable stroller, so that our little one will sit still in it comfortably. If the quality is not good plus the cushion is hard, then it is unlikely your little one will enjoy his/her stroller. If they feel uncomfortable, they will start yell at you and ask to come out right after you put them down. Read stroller buying guide carefully before spend your money for it.

Some strollers now very versatile where you can convert them into car seats easily. It is advisable to look for more good features of stroller and also suitable for children of all ages too. of course don’t look for too heavy stroller, else you will have problem take out or bring in into your car later.

Monday, August 11, 2008



该典礼展现了中国丰富的5千年文化和历史经历, 我好像上了一堂历史课咧!









You and me From one world,

We are family

Travel dreams, thousands miles, meeting in Beijing,

Come together,Put your hand in mine

You and me From one world, we are family.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympic Vs Disneyland

Beijing Olympic open ceremony is marvelous! Did you watch it live at TV? At first I thought I only can watch at RTM1 but later found out we actually can watch from Channel 5 from Singapore channel too. I live border to JB, so not surprise I can watch Beijing open ceremony live in Singapore channel. It is equally clear as Astro ( I assume) but a bit faster than RTM1's delay live transmission. At 080808, I watch the great show together with my family members. Even my 2 girls also very enjoy throughout the show. Too bad, they did not see the mascot coming out from the ceremony. Never mind just wait for closing ceremony, I am sure they able to meet with the cute mascots. If you will to give me free discount Disney World tickets at this date, I don't think I will fly over to Orlando to enjoy the fun. I rather stay home and watch this excellent show. Being proud to be Chinese!

Friday, August 08, 2008

08.08.2008 Olympic - China

I just love to watch the FUWA of Olympic Mascots. They love so cute. I am so crazy over them. I even ask my China blogger to help me buy the tee shirt of those FUWA mascots for my girls. Too bad, she cannot come back before Olympic, else I am sure my girls will wear it during open ceremony tonight.

So, folks, don't forget to watch live open ceremony from RTM1 or Astro if you have. Can't wait to see the whole programs as the person who design all the programs is Chang Yi Mou, the famous film director in China!

You are fat!

Lyon: mummy, you need to eat less now.

Me: why should I eat less?

Lyon: you look chubby now. you see your tummy, so round, like got baby inside ler!

Me: huh? You so bad, say mummy fat!

Lyon giggling and run away from me.

I quickly walk to my dressing table and look at the mirrow. Haiz…am I really look so fat now? Is there any diet pills that work for me to try out or not. I am so lazy to do exercises, just wish to have a shortcut to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. But I cannot let hubby know I am going to try diet pill, else I am sure he will not allow me do so.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


If you are currently looking for duocal powder, then Allergo Medical is the best web for you to shop for it. This is because Allergo Medical offers Free Shipping for special limited time only. Alternatively you can use the coupon code to enjoy saving of $10 or $20 if your order is above $100 or $200!

What’s so special about duocal powder? Well, it is a high-calorie, protein-free, lactose-free, gluten-free powdered food that can be used orally or in tube feedings. It will provide fat and carbohydrate for increased caloric intake for children over 1 year old. Children can take it too; to get the protein and/or electrolyte restricted diets. Super Soluble Duocal Powder is completely soluble in water, liquids and moist foods without altering taste. So most of the children will love it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Need more energy

Sometimes I ever wish to take some energy pills to boost up my energy level. I will feel very tire after working hour; once reach home, I feel like want to just lying on my bed. I even can skip my dinner and just nap for ½ hour. I wonder how come kids can play non stop. Where on earth their energy come from. How nice to be a kid ya. Seem like will never feel tire at all. cute!

I got this great picture from a forwarded email. It's so cute and sweet. I am sure my kids will fall in love with this picture as they love squirrel very much too.

Love between mates is unbeatable.

Online games - PokerDIY

Online games getting popular nowadays. Most of the youngster will hook on their computer simply because of online games. If their home do not have any computer that connecting with internet, then they will head to cyber café to enjoy the fun! Now, let me introduce you a free service for connecting poker players at PokerDIY. You can spend your extra free time by playing online poker games as well as win some pocket money. Isn’t it great?

PokerDIY allow you to be connected with other online poker members worldwide and also allow you to select the poker games that you like from the wide selection of games. You can setup and manage your poker league using their custom poker software that you can download from their website. Alternatively you can add poker widgets and check your poker league scores from your own web/blog, Facebook or MySpace too. So that you can login as and when you like easily. Don’t you think PokerDIY is user friendly software?

Ok, if you wish to share your poker tips with other players and readers, you can create your own poker blog too. all these free service you can get from PokerDIY easily, check it out now!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I am suppose to accompany my friend to do her acne treatment this coming Saturday. She has problem locating the clinic, so ask my favor to help her to find it. Since I got no place to go this week, so voluntarily offer my help to her. At the same time, we can go for tea chat after her treatment session is done. Yeah, let hubby take care the girls while mommy having fun with friend.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Online casino

I love to go for travel whenever my bank book shows me I got enough money. hehe….I cannot travel too often due to short of extra money. How I wish I can win some cash from casino though. LOL

Playing at casino not necessary you have to go real casino. You can play online casino to enjoy the same fun too. I remember during my ex-employment, I will play online games whenever I am free or during absence of my big boss. I am so addicted to it I tell you; sometimes I can forgo my lunch, just to stay in office to play games. See, how crazy I am!

Someone introduced me to USA online casinos at All Casino Bonuses. In this site, you can find lots of top rooms for you to select as well as excellent strategies for all levels of players. They have great strategy articles for you to read and practice too. So you no need to worry if you are first time at online casino. Each time when I enter real casino, I only dare to try the jackpot but not blackjack or games that require more capital. Now I can try it at online at this Top online casinos, after I have master the strategies on the winning skill if any.

Insurance quotes comparison

One of my close friends looking for insurance quote now as he was planning to buy a new car. This is due to his existing car always gives him problem nowadays. I was joking with him to buy a 7-seater car but he said if he’ll to buy MPV, then each month his family members got to plain porridge with salted egg! LOL..anyway, he just wish to have a vehicle for him to drive to work.

Well, before deciding which car to buy, he needs to know car insurance premium in order to plan his financial budget. He does not want to spend so much on insurance and some car’s insurance very high too. Since there are plenty of car insurance companies in the market now, so how you approach them to buy auto insurance for your car? By making phone call to the insurance agents or browsing through Yellow Page ads? Let’s stop all these, now you can look for best car insurance quotes online and buy online too!

I suggest my friend to check out to get the auto insurance quote first before he confirms his insurance plan with any insurance agents. As what I read from their web, Insurance1 will offer you the best rates and the cheapest most affordable auto policies then elsewhere. Please bear in mind that the cost of insurance will vary depending on the amount of coverage you request. By the way, you also can get life insurance quotes from same site. Check it out.

Cannot stay still

He resigned again. Haiz...I just feel glad for few days only. Thought he can stay still in new company but end up only manage to stay 2 days, then told us want to cabut liao. Aiyo, what kind of attitude ar this youngster. Really cannot understand him.

So, what shall he do now? Back to blogging? Ermmm, doubt he will do so coz he had closed down few blogs at this time.

I had intro few jobs for him but he has lots of comments about the company, the staff bla bla bla. So, how to help him? Be mature, boy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

WaMu saving account

With the advancement of internet, nowadays we can check our Savings Account via online feature. I prefer to do everything online coz I can save the time on queuing at bank. If you have saving account with WaMu, then you can do many things using their baking services.

WaMu has lot of benefits and features from their saving account. They offer the account holder many useful features, so that they can manage the online transaction easily at their comfort house. Hey, don’t you think online banking can save you plenty of time. Imagine, you no need to go bank, waste time on parking and queuing etc. just use a click of mouse, then can settle most of your utility bills. Isn’t it great!

Other than free online banking facilities, user of saving accounts also can enjoy free Electronic statements, no monthly service charge require etc. On top of that, WaMu also has overdraft facilities that able to link with saving account. So for small business owner, perhaps they can consider taking up this facility and ease their cash flow. Not all the bank will approve loan for small business owner, therefore they can look for overdraft facility.

Check out WaMu for more detail now!

Plan for holiday

I had been travel to many places. Throughout the many places, I prefer Europe the most. Though the currency exchange rate is high for Europe but if you do not convert the rate, you will notice amount you spend for each items is almost equivalent to our money here. My next travel destination to Europe will be Italy, Rome and Paris.

Paris is the romantic place for couple, I am sure you aware about this too. Paris is quite big and usually the tour packages only bring you the big city of Paris but not the small town there. If possible I wish to go places like Brittany, Brest or Lorient. Accommodation to these places should not be a problem to us coz we can check the hotel rate online easily. Whether you want to Rent a private apartment in Brest or look for Cheap private villas in Lorient, you can always check the rate and availability at

You can view the hotel or apartments pictures, map, dining places via Holiday-Rentals too. It will give you comprehensive information as your tour guide. Check out the site if you wish to go Paris soon!


I seldom read forwarded email. But this article caught my eye and I read it. It is a very touching article. I can feel the pain for this Korean daddy.


是一篇很值得分享的故事. 如果這篇分享也感動您心~ 引用時敬請務必包含以上陳述, 以示對該教會之尊重 & 翻譯同學之謝意

我的妻子因為意外事故離開我身邊已經四年了,我想,妻子留下不會做任何家事的我和孩子,她的心有何等難過呢?我也因為無法兼顧父母雙親的角色而感到挫折。有一天我為了出差,清晨趕出門,無法將孩子打點好就得離開家,正巧前一天有剩下的飯,我熱了蒸蛋,向還沒有睡醒的孩子交代一聲,就出門去了。 為了照顧好孩子飲食三餐的事,我也無力把自己的工作做好。有一天晚上回到家,我只是很簡短地和孩子打個招呼,就因為身體疲累,不想吃晚餐,脫掉西裝之後就直接往床上躺下。就在那個時候,砰的一聲,紅色的湯汁跟泡麵瞬時弄髒了床單和被單,原來有碗泡麵在棉被裡!這小子真是的,說時遲那時快,我即時拿起一個衣架,跑出去,往正玩著玩具的兒子的屁股就打,因為我實在是太生氣了,所以不停地打他。但就在這個時候,他邊啜泣邊說了一段話,使我停了下來。兒子告訴我說:「飯鍋裡的飯早上已經吃完了,晚餐在幼稚園吃了,但是到了晚上,爸爸還不回來,我就在櫥櫃的抽屜裡找到了泡麵。可是我想到爸爸說不能亂動瓦斯爐,所以我就打開洗澡的水龍頭,用熱水泡了泡麵,一個自己吃,另一個想留給爸爸吃。因為怕泡麵涼掉,所以我就把它放在棉被裡,等你回來。可是因為我正在玩向朋友借來的玩具,所以忘了跟爸爸講。」 我不想讓兒子看到我在流淚,所以衝到洗手間,將水龍頭打開,大聲地哭。過了一陣子之後,我打起精神來,一面哄著兒子,一面也在他屁股上擦藥,讓他上床睡覺。當我清理好泡麵弄髒的床單和棉被後,打開兒子的房門一看,發現他仍舊發出哭泣聲,手裡還拿著媽媽的照片。我把頭靠在房門站了許久,看著這一幕。 自從在一年前發生這件事之後,我為了扮演好媽媽的角色,更加用心地去照顧他。現在兒子快七歲了,不久後就要從幼稚園畢業,進入國小讀書。慶幸的是,兒子在這段時間毫無陰影,很開朗地成長。就在不久前,我再一次打孩子,因為幼稚園來電話說,兒子沒有去學校,我心裡覺得很不安,所以早退回家,在整個社區裡大聲地喊他的名字,卻是遍尋不著。後來在文具店的門口,看見他站在電玩的前面,於是我很生氣,又開始一直打他。兒子並沒有說出任何的解釋,只說了聲對不起。後來我才知道,原來剛好是幼稚園要邀請媽媽去看才藝表演的日子。 發生這些事的幾天後,兒子回家說,他在幼稚園裡學了寫字,從此他經常關在自己的房間裡不出來,很認真地寫字。我看到兒子這個樣子,想到妻子在天國也一定會因為看到他這樣而微笑,我就無法忍住淚水。時間很快,又過了一年,到了冬天,街頭上都在播放著聖誕節的歌曲,我的兒子卻又闖了一個禍。我正要下班的時候,接到一通社區郵局的電話,說我兒子把一綑沒有寫地址的信,惡作劇地放在郵筒裡。每年到了年底,正是郵局最忙碌的時候,所以這對他們造成很大的困擾。雖然我已決定不再打孩子,但在急忙趕回家後,叫了兒子來,我又忍不住痛打他一頓。兒子這一次只是說他做錯了,卻沒有講出任何理由。我把他推到一個角落,不管了,自個兒跑到郵局領回那一綑惡作劇的信。我把信丟到他眼前說:「你為什麼要這樣惡作劇?」兒子哭著回答說:「這些信是我要寄給媽媽的。」 當時我的眼眶紅了起來,心裡很激動,但是因為在兒子面前,所以我盡量隱忍住沒有表現出來。我接著問他:「那麼,為什麼一次寄這麼多信呢?」兒子回答說:「以前我要把信投進去的時候,因為個兒太矮,所以沒辦法投入,但是最近我再去郵筒時,已經搆得到了,所以我就把以前沒有寄的,一次全部都投進入了。」我聽了以後,心中一片茫然,不知道該對孩子說什麼話。過了不久以後,我就跟他說:「媽媽現在在天上,以後你寫完信,把信燒了,就能送到天國去。」等孩子睡著之後,我到外面燒了那些信。我很好奇到底孩子想跟媽媽說些什麼,所以讀了其中的幾封信。而當中有一封信攪動了我的心。 親愛的媽媽:我很想念你!媽媽,今天在幼稚園有才藝表演,但是因為我沒有媽媽,所以沒有去參加,我也沒有告訴爸爸,怕爸爸會想念媽媽。爸爸到處去找我,但我為了讓爸爸看到我很開心的樣子,所以故意坐在電動玩具面前,雖然爸爸罵我,但是我到最後也沒有告訴他原因。媽媽,我每天都看到爸爸因為想念媽媽而哭泣,我想爸爸也跟我一樣,很想念媽媽吧!但是,媽,我現在已經記不清楚你的臉。媽媽,請你讓我在夢中,再一次能夠看到你的臉,好嗎?聽說把想念的人的照片放在懷裡睡覺,就會夢到那個人。可是,媽媽,為什麼你沒有出現在我的夢裡呢?」




Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tutu making

Someone approached me to sew Tutu skirt for her daughter. But I never sew this type of skirt before. Shall I accept her order? Sasha told me it is simple to sew these type of skirts. I better consult my sifu - aka my MIL first before accepting her offer coz I am not afford to spoil or damage her clothing material.

Found some useful Tutu making video clips online. Looks pretty simple. Perhaps I should do a mock up and see the result first.

Airsoft accessories

If you are looking for cheap airsoft supplies, Zephy Airsoft is the right place for you. Some of the featured products that you can find here are airsoft gear, airsoft guns, airsoft batteries and charges, airsoft accessories and many more. From Spring Pistols to shotguns, beginner to expert they have it all. Zephy airsoft products not even cheap, their quality also reliable as advertised. Some of the airsoft items are on clearance sales, such as airsoft pistol, airsoft universal speed loader and airsoft gun-black. The best part shop with Zephy is you can enjoy free shipping too! Isn’t it great for you to have some saving while shopping?

36 hole Golf course

My ex-boss is a golfer. He will play golf during weekend and will bring company guests for golfing too. in fact arranging for golf is much easier than arranging nice meal for guests. As you know, different people different taste. Some dishes look nice to you but may not look nice to other. Most of time, sure got someone will commented the dish after every meal treat. Whereas it is totally different for golfing. Golfer prefer 36 hole golf course, so as long as I can place them at 36 hole golf course, then none of them will have any complaints so far. Next time I am going to book the guests to Orlando golf as I heard this Orland is the best in Orlando city.


Tony Leong & Carina Lau. Finally we can see their beautiful wedding photos all over the newspaper or internet. Carina's wedding gown is so pretty, love her white wedding ceremony. Haiz...only rich couple afford to enjoy such luxury wedding reception.

Now I know where is Bhutan located, thanks to this couple too. I learn another new vacation indirectly. It is not easy to enter Bhutan country, all need special arrangement from Bhutan site before you can proceed enter their country. Hmm...when can I visit this place ar?

All inclusive vacation

Some back packers prefer to DIY their travel itinerary during vacation. To them, they can save lot of money for DIY tour as compare to follow travel agent’s tour itinerary. Before marriage, my boyfriend (now hubby) and I love to go travel by our own too. However after arrival of the kids, now we rely on travel agent to plan the itinerary for us. Meaning that we will have to follow other group members during travel. Overall we prefer all inclusive vacation packages coz we can save lot of time too. But one thing I dislike is we have to wake up early in order to meet up with other group members. Perhaps we have to customize our trips that follow our time table in future. At least not so rush for each tour.

What's Horoscope says.....

Today Taurus horoscope says....

If you go too quickly through your day, today, you will miss out on some very fun stuff! Forces are pushing you to go at a more rapid pace than you might be comfortable with, and you need to turn to them and tell them to stop. Ask them why they think you should be in a hurry to move on when where you are right now is such a wonderful place? They won't have an answer to that! Calling their bluff will help them understand that they need you more than you need them.

....Ok, I better slow down my steps now, so that I can enjoy more fun moment with people around me....

Poem for him

Found this sweet poem moment ago. Wish to delegate it to my dear Honey. I am not good at writing poem, hence I copy from net and dedicate to him. This poem describe well my deep feeling to him.

You changed my world with a blink of an eye

That is something that I can not deny

You put my soul from worst to best

That is why I treasure you my dearest Honey

You just don't know what you have done for me

You even pushed me to the best that I can be

You really are an angel sent from above

To take care of me and shower with love

When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear

And your touch have chased away all of my fear

You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile

It is even better every time you smile

It so magical those things you've made

To bring back my faith that almost fade

Now my life is a dream come true

It all began when I was loved by you

Now I have found what I am looking for

It's you and your love and nothing more

Co'z you have given me this feeling of contentment

In my life something I've never felt

I wish I could talk 'til the end of day

But now I'm running out of things to say

So I'll end by the line you already know

"I LOVE YOU" more than what I could show


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coins collector

If there is any new dollar coin launching in the market, I am sure my brother in law will be in the queue to grab those coins. You will be surprise if I tell you how much he own those vintage coins so far. If he never shows me his collection, I still don’t think I will believe what he told me. He is really a crazy collector for coins I tell u. of course he not intend to keep them for life. He is selling them at Ebay, either locally or Ebay US. His wife does not have any interest at coins, so she feel bore whenever my BIL talking with her about coins.

Fall in love with online website

Lately I shop a lot at online store, be it US or China online websites. Look at those cute clothing, make me wanna own them I tell you. Too bad, the shipping cost for both countries are very high, else I think I will buy them very frequent.

In fact, I can tumpang some blogger who stay there but feel paiseh to ask for favour. Once a while should be ok but not all the time. Hubby's cousin also stay in China but so far yet to ask her help me buy online stuff. Should I ask her one day?

Back to natural

Finally, the bird back to his world, the natural environment.

Birds own the freedom, so we should not lock them into cage if possible. Lucky my kids allow their grandma free it after 2 weeks playing with him.

Car problem

Last month my brother in law and his family went uphill at Genting Highland. He is driving his old junk, Proton Saga with 4 of them. In fact his car not that old, just old it look old to me. Usually his car never gives him any problem while traveling. However this time they are so bad luck; his car breaks down while driving half way to Genting. His technical knowledge towards car is limited, so he is having problem troubleshoot his car this time. End up; he has to call AAA to tow his car for thorough service. Of course he has to pay quite a sum for the service since they tow from highway to their workshop. Perhaps he could try some parts from midwest auto recycling since many commented the engines from them are very reliable and long lasting.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reading is fun too!

Teaching preschool children is not a difficult job provided you know the trick on how to attract your children having fun while reading or writing. Nowadays you can find lot of useful website offer the help to guide you getting ready for kindergarten. I personally like to surf for early literacy programs from internet and learn from it, so that I can have some ideas and teach my girls slowly. One of the well known early literacy programs is Funetics where you can use it to teach your preschool children to read through engaging games, activities, songs and fun. Majority of children dislike reading, hence building a strong foundation for reading success is the single most important thing you can do for your child.

Funetics is one of the oldest phonics-based reading programs on the market. You can check out here to read what other parents who have used Funetics say. Alternatively you can read through the FAQ of the program before start using Funetics. Have fun of reading through Funetics!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free medical info @ Blackberry

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Great news for blackberry mobile user! Now you can get free medical applications for blackberry with just a click of your handheld mobile now. It is pretty simple and easy for you to look for medical information as and when you like now. The free Epocrates Rx software for BlackBerry puts continually updated peer-reviewed drug information for easy viewing. Some of the Epocrates information has been shown to improve patient care and safety, save time, reduce administrative burden and enable confident clinical decisions. Most of the health information was designed by healthcare professionals which is specifically formatted for BlackBerry devices.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shielding lotion from Gloves In A Bottle

I feel guilty now. I had received Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion many months ago. I promised to do the write up review after some testing. However now only I got the time to do it, so sorry about it, Pete.

Ok, as far as I know Gloves In A Bottle lotion very effective for enzyme cases. So I didn’t really use the lotion but use normal lotion instead. Tell you, I almost forget about this wonderful shielding lotion until my hubby commented his skin around his butt is very rough and reddish too. I give it a try and apply small portion of Gloves In A Bottle onto affected area every night before bed. Surprisingly, within a week, I can see great improvement of his skin, no rougher surface and no more reddish too. Thanks to Gloves In A Bottle. I will definitely keep a bottle at home for emergency use from now on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flash card

PC Fair very common at my place. Usually my hubby love to buy computer or digital accessories during PC fair coz he said he can enjoy some discount from most of the booth. Well, I am not so familiar with IT stuff and not bother to do the price comparison too. Lately hubby been checking prices for 32GB compact flash as current memory card is not sufficient to store all the photos during outing. I wonder how much will be spend for this item this time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zenni Optical

Have you ever heard of $8 eyeglasses which are branded and trendy? No? Then you should hop over to now and check out their Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. In the site, you will find wide selection of good quality eyeglasses and there are so cheap that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Why wait? Check out the Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni, I am sure you will grab one or two pairs!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back pain again

I am suffering from back pain again. Previously I experienced this before. It took me very long time to recover. I had tried many ways, such as using pain relief plaster, take medicine that prescribe by doctor, change my sitting position while using pc etc. But the condition still the same. Then my hubby suggests me don't sleep on the mattress that placed on the floor anymore. After some time, the pain gone without my knowledge. Since then I seldom sleep on floor. I will go to my bed after my girl fall asleep. If not, my hub will wake me up and ask me sleep on my own bed. See how thoughtful he is. Lucky I have him to remind me.

Nowadays he also keep remind me don't sleep on the floor. Wonder how come kids can tolerate sleeping on the floor? Perhaps their bones still soft. But I worry it will affect my girl, so I had changed her mattress to 5 inch height and place more rubber floor mate onto floor too. Hopefully it will give more protection to them and to me sometimes.