Friday, December 14, 2012

First camping

My eldest girl went to her school this morning, to start her 3D2N camping there. My hubby very confident she will adapt to the environment and start enjoys herself there. I am a bit skeptical as compare to her father lar. Of course a mom will worry this and that when her kid is not at home mah. What’s more this is her first time camping outside. Shall I visit her tonight? :P

Raining season

It's raining season again now. The weather will become cooling at night too. I have to make sure my girls wearing warm clothing before going to bed. Else they might get cold easily.

Though I love raining season but when I want to wash my blanket, I wish it is sunny day again. LOL...women, always changing mind!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Its winter time now and many places are having snow too. How nice if my country will have snow too. I am for sure will play with my kids at outdoor. Too bad, our country only has hot or rainy season most of the time.

My hubby and I plan to go Hong Kong next year. However we are still undecided to go in which month. If go by year end, then we have to prepare some winter clothing. Winter clothing is not cheap nowadays, plus it will occupy our luggage space too. If we really go by year end, I am sure will go to Madison Avenue Mall for furs. Fur is nice to wear and it is very trendy now.

X'mas tree

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This beautiful song can be hear in my house daily now. Last night the girls putting up their traditional Christmas tree. Some of the ornaments already been used for so many years, so I threw them and bought some new one for them. The baby also very happy see the tree, keep taking down the ornaments and putting up again. LOL

Friday, November 23, 2012

Software solutions

If you ask me run a small business alone, I can tell you I will fail. Simply because I don’t have a proper management skill to handle all these. I need a management person to assist me. And this person will be my hubby. He is very good at this. He indirectly me helping me setting up my online sewing business. Now I can run my business smoothly but I still need his advice from time to time. If he does not help me, then maybe I will need to find workflow software solutions to guide me already. But before using the software, I have to study first. To study whether it suitable for my small business or not.

Don't disturb me

One of my friends told me that her SIL likes to watch Youtube very much. She can watch the channel all day long. I am surprise her toddler son never disturb her while she is watching any video clip. Her son can entertain himself while the mom watches the video clip alone. How nice if my girl can behave like that too? But I am watching video lar, I am doing my sewing only.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Raining season

It had been raining almost everyday now. Morning hot like hell, come to 3-4pm, the day start grooming and will rain anytime.

You better standby bigger umbrella in your office or car because the rain is real heavy type. Sometimes I even cannot see properly when I was driving.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Penang trip

Long school breaks coming soon. We plan going to Penang during Hubby’s company shut down week. He will be very free then, so I took the chance to persuade him to go Penang. I had booked the hotel, next is to plan the itinerary. Frankly I do not know where to go yet, but definitely will meet my course mate there. Of course will not miss out to eat my favorite cendol, asam laksa, fried kuey tiaw etc….

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Window topper

One of my close friends going to move to her new house before Christmas. I am still thinking what to buy for her as housewarming gift. I have been shop online to look for suitable but till now still fail to get anything for her. But I was told she not yet done her curtains for the house, therefore I decided to sew some matching window toppers for her. Quite a good idea, right? I know I got no time to sew whole house curtain for her, so window toppers is the best choice since it is quite easy to sew it.

Long weekend

Yahooo...another 1 hour I will off from work, then going to have a long weekend too. Tomorrow is public holiday for us, my girls already off from school since today. They have early break then me....

My sister and her boys will be in town too, so we plan to go some where else. Most likely we will go to beach or pool side to enjoy the dip since weather nowadays is so hot!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nice decor of store display

Most of the time when I was in shopping mall, I would love to see their store display. If the mall hire creative display designer, I am sure they can help the mall to get more sales and customers. A creative display can draw the customer in and boost up the sales indirectly.

Nowadays many malls will present their best store display for some seasons, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Mooncake Festival, Christmas etc. We as consumers usually can just do window shopping at the shopping mall by seeing all these nice decor.

Exam week again

My girls dislike exam, their mummy also don't like. They never talk initiative to do revision one, so their mummy have to shout at her lung out to remind them to do revision. Many times the poor mummy get scolded by them too, especially from the second girl. *Sigh* not easy to become mummy I tell you. Hey, come on lar, they already not worry, why should I?

*Kiasu* mummy!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Nowadays so many SOHO group in trend, I ever wish to become one of them actually. With this kind working condition, we have to be very discipline type then only can control our working attitude, else we cannot function well too. Not efficient in other way.

Music player usually are from SOHO group, and most of them will usually own a very powerful gadget called arranger workstation. With this type of keyboard, they can do audio and recording easily. Though the price is not cheap but I think they will still own it since it is very useful.

Zero fare

Zero fare is back on 18/09. Am I able to grab some tickets for my family members? I don't know. Whenever come to this kind of event, the web is jam and congested...very hard to login and book any ticket too.

Anyway, I may try my luck too!

Sepang Gold Coast

Yeah, finally my long awaited vacation is coming soon. Although the girls have to skip class for 2 days (very reluctant though) but I know they also looking forward this vacation. Hopefully the weather is good, so that all of us can enjoy the trip fullest!!

Friday, September 07, 2012


A cigar is not a cheap stuff. I also have the thinking that only rich people afford to take cigars. Ordinary people like me will never have chance to try it. My former boss likes to have cigars and he is a very young businessman. Usually only those middle age businessman like to have cigars. Well, to be frank, I dislike the smell of cigars, same goes to cigarette smell too. But my former boss told me some cigars have nice smell too. I wonder what is the smell of baccarat cigars now.


I am envy one of my colleague now. She went to travel almost every month since 3 months ago. Though it is only short trip to nearby country but the main thing that attracted me is she able to fly with her hubby, without her kids tag along. Wow, wonder when can I have such chance??!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Debit cards for kids

Nowadays the kids are so lucky. Whatever they want, their parent will try to fulfill their wish. This is because parent nowadays are having quite good life, so they will let their kids to enjoy life as well. Many of the primary school kids owning a mobile phone too. Some even own ipad or iphone too. However my children do not have such luxury life like their peeps in school. My hubby does not want them to have such luxury gadget at such young age first. He wants them to learn to earn and buy for themselves if possible.

Lately I heard there are prepaid debit cards for kids too. So that the kids can spend using the card. Whenever the amount becomes minimum, the parent will top up for them. How lucky they are, don’t you think so? If you wish to get free prepaid debit cards for kids too, simply check it out from internet, I am sure you can get lot of information for this service.

Baju Kurung for myself

Ok, finally settle the order in hands, now I can concentrate in sewing one set of baju kurung for myself. Yeah!!

I had bought the fabric long time ago. Each time when I plan to start the sewing, I will have some orders coming in. Hopefully this time I manage to finish my own baju kurung, then only the new order the coming in lar!

For Men

Nowadays men also like to make themselves look pretty like we women. Some of them even wearing earrings or other jewelry. But my man is not one of them. he hates to wear anything onto his body. Ever since he owns a mobile, he never likes to wear his watch anymore. He treated his mobile as watch as well. Therefore I no need to buy him any jewelry as gifts. LOL

Well, if you wish to look for black diamond earrings for men, you can check out from Soicy Jewelry. I am sure you can get what you want for your men from the site.

Seri Muka

Seri Muka is one of my childhood favorite Malay kuih. I will buy it whenever I saw it in stall. Now my girls also love this kuih. They will beg me to buy for them for tea time. However not all stall’s Seri Muka are nice. Now I can get the recipe easily from internet, so one day I may try to make it myself. Hopefully the result turns out good.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hari Raya break

This year the Hari Raya festival fall within school term break. It is on 19/08 - 20/08. As usual we did not plan to go anywhere during the peak season. What's more now my hubby was in China for his business trip. But I will try my best to bring my girls to have some fun without hubby present. So that they will not just wasted their holiday for just staying home.

Wishing all my Muslims friends & colleagues have a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I think my hubby certainly does not need any ambien to help him fall asleep. Usually when both of us go to bed together, within 5 minutes I can hear him start snoring away. So you can imagine how tire he is during day time. Of course his snoring will insult me indirectly but I still did not purposely wake him up. I just let him be because he need more rest than me. Poor hubby, I know you work hard for our family. I love you!

Free Baskin Robin

Hey folks, great news here. Baskin Robin still giving away free scoop of ice cream despite our Dato LCW fail to grab GOLD in Olympics 2012. you can redeem your free ice cream by 08/08/2012, 8.00 – 10.00pm at all BR outlet, terms and conditions apply. Too bad, I could not go as dragging with 3 kids is impossible to beat the super long queue! Have fun you guys!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fire hose

My factory is a rubber hose manufacturer and our main market is oversea, especially Europe and USA. Some of the hoses ranges are heater hose, fuel hose, fire hose, and moulded parts too.

However due to currency depreciation in EURO, as a result we loss some of the margine now. We are trying to adjust the price by increasing 10% from existing price. Lucky some of the customer under the situation and accept our new price. Else we will loss even more money at currency again.

Feng Sui

Do you believe in feng sui? My boss recently invite one master of feng sui to office, ask him check the feng sui of our coming new factory. This master came from Ipoh and he has a personal driver to send him here too. Of course, afford to hire driver la, since one time he came can earn so much money. His price package is RM1888 for a house and RM2888 for a factory. Don’t you think this amount is a lot?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


There are 12 months in a week and every month will be represented by a birthstone. Do you know what is your birthstone? Frankly I don’t know and I need to google it to find out more now. But my friend just told me that peridot is the august birthstone since she is born in August month. And my birthstone is emerald. Peridot and emerald are green in color, quite similar color though. No wonder both of us having some similarity….LOL

Away again

This week I become shuffler for my kids again. Start my day at 6am++, make drinks and breakfast for them. Then off to school while left the Nice in the room. Of course my father in law will be at home while I am out to send them. When I come back then only his turn to go out. Usually this is my hubby’s duty and I will be still in slumber land at that time. Due to hubby is on business trip for a week, therefore I have to take up his job for this whole week.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Lately I had been helping my friend to shop for stroller for her baby girl. Earlier on I planned to hand me down my stroller to her but just realized my stroller has some minor defect. Then my hubby commented I should not give her, afraid anything happen to the baby later. Ok, fine, so I have to spend my time shop at stroller website. Hopefully I can find her an affordable stroller soon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

General Liability

There are plenty of providers that can provide you general liability insurance quotes nowadays. You no need to meet them personally in order to get the quotes. You can just check out the rates from their website and compare one by one too. Alternatively you also can read some consumers’ review before making any decision of your purchase. Once you have some guidelines another their calculation of insurance quotes, then only you can compare one plan with another easily.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Nowadays it is so much easier to get some structured settlement quote from those agency. We just need to click for search in internet, and then you can get lot of settlement quotes within a minute. Unlike previously we have to call the agent one by one and compare the quote one by one too. It is very time consuming during olden days too. My 3rd princess yet to purchase any insurance plans, I better stay doing the shopping now, so that to cover her education as well as health plan.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


My little princess, Nice getting very active lately. She is very busy at home now, keep walking here and there. She is also keep asking for food from her two sisters or grandmother. Other than food, her other activity is watching VCD or DVD. Her favorite DVD is Colors, Left Brain and Right Brain Learning. She loves to watch animals characters DVD too. Sooner or later I think we need to buy extra dvd cabinets for her collection already. All the DVD has to keep properly, other wise this little girl will take out and play as her toys!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wooden puzzles

If your house have small children, it is good for you to invest in buying wooden puzzles. I bought a set for my girls and they can play it more than an hour. They love to build anything using the puzzles, all sorts of funny and creative ever built by them. Once they started playing it, I can relax a bit. I can do my own things while supervise them playing the puzzles. My puzzles are in big block, so I no need to worry they will swallow it. LOL

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Frankly I really no idea what is the term name of spring pin. When the guy told me he needs it for machine tension purposes, I was blur. So I pass this job to my hubby, let him settle it with the mechanical guy.

I have no clue on how to learn mechanical and technical stuff. I tried to learn before but still fail to understand how it work. No wonder my hubby always blamed me slow in learning. LOL


My next door neighbour currently renovated their house. The house was fully demolished and rebuild now. So you can imagine how much they have to spend for it. Well, they are from wealthy family, so money is not a problem to them. it is more than 3 months already but the house still yet to complete. I was told they are going to build an outdoor fountains right in front of their car porch. Usually for Chinese, fountain is a good sign, mean to bring more wealth to them. Therefore they are willing to spend for it too. I wonder how much they are going to spend for it now.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Miss out

Recently I missed out some of the paid post, main reason was due to my laziness. I know it is free income but I just too plain lazy to login and start writing it. Hmmm...I should not behave like that, right? Since it is free income, I should appreciate it. Later part, I can use it as travel fund too!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New look

Wow, Blogger has new look now....I almost cannot find the button to start writing my blog post...LOL

Well, I still need time to get use to this new format. Hopefully I will not feel headache afterwards.


Many of the internet reviews commented that appexit is safe to consume and do not have any appexit side effects for time being. It is because Appexit are uses of all-natural ingredients and does not cause adverse side effects like others chemically derived products. Therefore you can safely consume appexit if your currently look for lose weight products that will not harm your body. However if you still unsure about the safety usage of this products, you can search for more reviews and information from internet. I am sure you able to read tons of them from internet review website.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brief case

My hubby starts flying here and there again. Almost every month he needs to go either China or Germany now. How nice if I can tag along. But I still have to take care my 3 girls, so for now it is impossible to go travel with him. I feel bad to leave them with my in law too. Ok, back to my hubby. Since he travel quite often now, so I think he needs a proper and nice looking briefcase to bring to work. Perhaps I should look for leather briefcase for men for him. I am not good at selecting all these items, so I should start shop more and do the comparison before make my purchase decision.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Some of my friends need to attend tele-conference during office hour. However if they have to deal with different time zone of customers, then they have to held their tele-conference at late night or even midnight. Some understanding customer will try to arrange audio conference when they first enter their office; at that time our Malaysia time is around 4 – 6pm, meaning that the time is still ok as compare to midnight, right?

Due to the popularity of tele-conference, nowadays you can easily get the audio conferencing services from the market. Previously the equipment and service for this technology is very high. But now it becomes affordable to every company. By using this service, it can solve your customer inquiry fast as you guys can discuss face to face to face and resolve any problem within the conference. It saves the company cost by reducing company travel expenses too!

When can go oversea again?

I had been thinking this plan since last year. In fact, we planned to go HK last year but due to hub tight schedule, the plan has to postpone. This year my hub also has very tight travel schedule, I wonder can he go with us or not? Sigh!! I can go with girls only, I need him accompany us, else I will lost in other country!!


Even though notebooks are getting very common and popular now, however many offices still purchasing < pc desktops for their staff usage. The main reason is due to budget constraint. As we are aware that pc desktops are definitely much cheaper than notebook. Don’t forget many bosses here still own traditional mindset when come to operation cost wise. My boss is one of them. :P

My office pc desktop already with me for more than 8 years. In between I can say it hardly give me any problem while I am using it. Whereas some of my colleague ever sent their pc for repair or some even change new pc. I wonder how they use or protect their pc till the pc life is so short.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wine basket

Nowadays with the advancement of high technology aka internet, our life become so much easier. We can even not to leave our comfort house a single step yet we still can shop for something for ourselves or our relatives. Come to think of it, I hardly go to shopping mall to shop for festive gifts already. I rely on online shops and I shop a lot too. hey, imagine, one day I can go to so many shops and buy so many things just in one day. If I will to go to shopping mall, I don’t think I will be that efficient. LOL

Right now, I am going to shop for wine for my father in law. His birthday is around the corner and he loves wine a lot too. Most likely I will order the wine gift basket at since the web having great sale now. If you also a wine lover, do check out the shop now!

Thursday, March 08, 2012


To be frank, so far I only buy my working clothing during sale. Yes, during sales. Meaning that during non sale period, I will only do window shopping but NEVER buy any single cloth. Therefore you can concluded that in my wardrobe all are discounted clothing including cheap womens coats.

Other than shop for sale clothing, I only once in a blue moon, I will DIY my dress or shirt. I will only DIY when I managed to steal time while all my kids are asleep. I love to sew but my concern is I don’t have sufficient time to do so. This is also one of the reason I will buy bulk during sales period.