Friday, July 31, 2009

Latest masterpiece

Sweet lavender umbrella dress. Cute? Check out more at my Kids Islands website.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Digimon - 数码暴龙

Both my girls hooked on Digimon VCD now. One day they can watch more than twice the VCD that given by my eldest sister. Despite our frequent nagging, they still on the VCD whenever the TV is not occupy by anybody. *sigh*

Hubby no comment on this. To him, it is alright to watch it since the movie not so violent. Ok, I just close one eye. But once a while, I will still nag them. LOL

Vacation planning

What is your main criteria when come to planning for family vacation for your family member?

Usually we only book our vacation packages after we browse through the net or from advertisement in newspaper. Those packages are fixed, we just book, pay, pack thing and go for vacation. My hubby prefers tour with tour guide. I bet some of you may not like this idea? He prefers everything is fix and confirm, so we just have to follow him. How bore ya! No choice, I have to listen to him cos I am still not adventurous enough at this moment.

Of course, most of the time he will select 5 star Service Company to assist him in the trip arrangement. So that everyone can enjoy the trip without any hassle!

Busy with order backlog again

Pardon me, lately I am really busy with my sewing order. Seem like many couple getting marry in next 2 months. Most of the customers order flower girl dress for their princess. Good for me too coz can get more sales. Also motivate me to sew more now.

Too bad, I cannot put all my time into sewing. My elder girl going to sit for her next term exam, I need to do revision with her from now on. Hubby will help too since he saw me quite busy. But I feel guilty, so most of the time, I will be with her in her study room.

Good luck, girl. Your BM is poor, really put more effort!

Patchwork dress/skirt

Have you ever seen before patchwork dress or skirt? It is using lot of small pieces of fabric and combine together. It needs lot of work and time consuming too. I saw some of the crafters already start doing it. I am so tempted to try one too. Well, I already add it into my to-do list. I will make one for my little girl first. If time permit, I may do more and list at Kids Islands for sale. :)

Options trading

Many of my friends asked: will I do investment into share market? My answer is NO. I never thought of putting my extra cash into share market. Not that I no trust this kind of games but I got no interest at all. If no interest, how am I going to involve myself into it? Right? But my hubby really has lot of interest in share market as well as options trading. He has better knowledge than me. He can talk non stop about them and never feel tire. Oh ya, usually I try to avoid this kind of topic with him coz I really don’t know what is he is trying to tell me. LOL

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Some of my friends recommended me to try apidexin as diet pills. However till date I yet to try it out. First, I need to read the reviews and comment from the users first. This is very important. Not all products suit all of us, so better read more about them before start consuming them. Other wise, it may cause side effect to your health.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Help to improve company cash flow

We have 3 sales personnel in the office right now. Each personnel in charge for different section, such as export, OEM and REM sales segment. Among these 3, OEM section’s debt collection performance very poor. The main reason is the personnel did not give full force to his job responsibility. Many times, my boss have to chase him personally, then only he will move a bit and go to customer‘s place and ask for payment that are long over due. I feel sad for my boss sometimes. He is his superior; he has full power to push him work actually. However he did not do so. He just nags at him each time see the sales personnel in the office. Sigh!! I really cannot accept such work performance. How to improve, you tell me??

We as employee very much depend on debt collection to survive. Without proper cash flow, how the company going to issue salary to us punctually? Especially now is the bad crisis time. Sales personnel need to work hard to get back the debt for the company. They will also earn the commission if the collection performance is excellent! Hey, those are money you know? Why the OEM sales people never bother the money? I think he must be very rich now, that why not so worry about company’s cash flow problem!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rare coin as pendant

I have a pendant that gave by my MIL during my wedding reception. It is one kind of gold rare coin. To me, it is very unique coz I never saw this kind of pendant before. The rare coin contained 99.9% of gold, meaning it is much more expensive than gold 916. Later found out from my hubby that his parent likes to buy gold coin when they have extra cash. Wow, old folks also know how to invest at that time. They sell off many coins when the price getting higher and higher. However they did keep some and make it as pendant and pass on to us.

I am going to keep well my gold coin pendant. I will definitely pass on to my girls when they grow up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Read more reviews

There are plenty of diet pill reviews in internet nowadays. With just a click using your mouse, you will get tons of reviews. Now, how are you going to select the best review and read? Usually I will use the most frequent visit reviews and use it as a example. Of course I will read other reviews too even though it is not so popular.

The more reviews you read, the more benefit you will gain. Frankly speaking, it is wise to read more and know more about one particular diet pills before you confirm buying and using it. Not all diet pills suit everyone though.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Give away from Nice Craft

While blog hop, I saw this give away campaign from Nice Craft. So tempted to own the personalized towel, so here I go. Who know? I may have the luck to own it, right? :)

Nice craft going to give away one set of personalized towels with embroidery for the winner. It consists of 1 bath towel and 2 face towels. Only one winner wor! Hurry up, if you wish to be one of them!

Hop over to her blog and read more about the give away now!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Swine flu (H1N1)

I blog about this topic at my other blog too!

Melaka finally break the record, for having H1N1 case now. Now Melaka no longer a safe place. Till date, lot of cases of H1N1 were reported over the broadcast. Guess what? The first case was from Ozana, my housing area. Gosh! I dare not inform my MIL, else I am sure she will stop us from going to Oz again over the weekend.

Seem like no prevention can be done. Just have to take extra caution. Stay clean all the time! Take care, folks! Hopefully we can win this battle!

Friday, July 03, 2009

reduce my weight

My current weight is 51++kg. This week had been with me for more than a year. I had been trying to get rid of at least 2kg, however till now my mission still unsuccessful. I wonder whether any best fat burners work for me or not. There are so many type of fat burners can be found in the market now. At times, I am so tempted to try one of them. But my hubby stops me from taking them. To him, exercises are the best ways to reduce extra fat, other than control our food intake. Again, it is easy said than action.