Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My hubby is skinny type, sometimes I teased him that he should look for something like muscle builder, so that he can look more strong and tough. LOL. However his comment is he does not need all these, as long as his body is healthy and I got no complaint about, then it is more than enough already. Ya, healthy body is good enough at this moment. His family all are skinny type too, so i don't think he will have muscle one day too.

Directory service

There are a lot of directory submission service where you can find from internet. With search engine's help, I am sure you can tones of those services being listed in internet. That's the biggest advantage for having internet nowadays, am I right? In directory services, you can find any information needed easily; such as fashion, e-commerce, service and marketing etc. If you wish to submit your business link also can, just to pay a small amount of fee will do. Check out the site for more info.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Although I eat everything but sometimes I feel that my body did not adsorb enough nutrition. Some how I feel my body need some multivitamins. But I not sure which brand of multivitamins is good for me. Perhaps I should consult my family doctor first before consume it. Some told me to take Excel products but this brand of stuff is freaking expensive. I need to think twice before purchase it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How you treat your acne problem? Have you ever heard of epiduo? Epiduo is a new acne treatment used to treat mild to moderate acne. If you wish to find out how is Epiduo used, perhaps you can find it from some of the online stores that carry such brand. By the way, before taking Epiduo, it is wise to check out any side effects of Epiduo to your body or not. it is better safe than sorry ya.

weight loss topic

Although there are quite a number of weight loss pills in the market now, but I still believe there is no weight loss pills that work fantastically for everyone. Different body has different body structure; therefore I don’t think one particular weight loss pills are suiting all of us. You still have to try your luck in those pills, and find out the best that suit your body structure.

Strong haze

My area covers with strong haze again lately. The smell is horrible. I am sure many of us going to fall sick soon due to the bad haze condition. Really cannot understand our neighbor country’s attitude!! Each year they like to create such problem to us and also nearby countries. Don’t they feel shame with their act? Those hazes are hazardous towards our body, especially to those who has low immune body system. Now we are hoping for heavy rain, at least can swipe away those smelly haze and heat too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buying gold

Buy gold, buy gold. It seems everyone is talking about buying gold now. Gold price is going up beautifully lately. The happiest person is none other than my dear hubby. He likes to invest into gold other than share market. Whenever he had earned a decent income out of it, he will quickly sell it and restock again when the price goes down. He will not wait for big earning amount then only sell off. He will be satisfy if he enough to earn some pocket money out of it. Sometimes his peers will jealous of his side income though.

Prawn Fritters

This is my both girls favorite dish. They love to request me to cook for them during weekend. If I managed to buy fresh prawn from wet market, for sure I will fry this to them. In fact, the recipe is very simple, just mix the flour and add some seasoning will do.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The result is out

My elder girl's result are out. She had taken back all her papers by now. Majority of the subject mark are ok except BM & English. These 2 subject average is 70++. Not getting A but B. If you ask me satisfy or not, my answer is NO. This term I spend quite some time to do revision on these 2 subject, I expect her to get at least 80. Never mind, I will spend more time for her now, brush up her language subject!

Gold for wedding

Bullion price is too high now. I dare not invest my money into it at this moment, only my hubby will. He is very good in investing gold. His prediction quite accurate too. Chinese definitely will buy some bullion when come to wedding function. To them, wearing gold during the event will represent their status. Most of the time, they willing to spend a bomb for gold collection. sometimes I feel pity for them though. Before of to protect their face and status, they even willing to loan from bank, just to buy those gold chain, bracelet, rings etc etc.

Monday, October 11, 2010


My girls are still small but they already start fancy hp that comes with touch pad. Of course we did not buy for them since they are still in young stage. However lately my sister in law brought over 2 hp for them to play the games. See, how my SIL dotted them! since then, both of them will play the games after finish their homework. I will got mad if they play it when the homework is untouched in their school bag. I guess if they had been introduced to ipod, I am sure they will 7x24 hook onto it and forget about their homework. In fact, myself also wish to own an ipod but stingy me, till now yet to purchase it. Main reason is I don’t have much time to listen songs, including radio songs. I was told Apple ipod brand very famous in the market now. Hmmmm, wonder when I will own an ipod or ipad!! - Show quoted text -

Friday, October 08, 2010

Hot & spicy food

Due to hormone changes (I think la), I like to eat hot and spicy food lately. If only plain rice with normal dishes, I will still eat but reluctantly. While eating hot and spicy food, I also pray hard so that I wouldn’t get any acne problem. Else I might need to look for best acne treatment. Many of us know that to avoid having acne is to avoid eating too much fried and spicy stuff. Looks like I have to control a bit my dietary now. If not, when I really have acne, I will cry for help!