Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of my KL friend supposed to help me sending 2 box of fabric to my KL customers. However due to her hubby's vehicle was fully loaded with luggage, hence she unable to offer a hand this round. They were spending time in hometown during Chinese New Year, I think her mom must be dotted them a lot, that why give them lot of goodies to bring back to KL. She told me in future her hub may drive back with a truck, then only can sufficiently stuff in all the luggage and bags. LOL

By then I think her hub will busy sourcing for cheap and durable truck accessories to upkeep the truck. :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Someone talk about extenze with my hubby. This is his first time hearing such term. After getting more info from internet, then only we realized the major function of extenze. Frankly I don’t think my hubby dare to try this product. LOL. To him, natural is the best. Anything that help to regulate or promote body hormone is useless. This same to apply branded skin care products. No matter how good a product is, if your skin type is not that good, then it is very hard to gain smooth and pretty skin.

Friday, February 19, 2010

anti wrinkle cream

I am seriously think of buying anti wrinkle face cream now. Many of my friends commented that at this age it is normal to have some wrinkles at face. However I don’t think so. If you take care your skin care since early, I am sure the wrinkles will be much lesser as compare to those who seldom take proper care of their skin. Am I right? Now which is the best brand of anti wrinkle face cream to use? I think no one can give you best answer coz individual skin type is different. You have to choose one that suit your skin type carefully.

Monday, February 15, 2010

diet again?

Diet need patient and best trimming diet products. Even though you are on diet, you still need to do more exercise then only can see the result within your target duration. Loosing weight in short time is not a good sign at all, probably you only losing the water in your body content instead of body fat. If you are looking for effective quick trim diet, then you better read more about the product reviews from previous consumer before buy one for own usage. Bear in mind that not all diet pill suit everyone.

Night cream

Women need skin care products to protect their face in order to stay young. Once you above 30s, wrinkle will start to appear at your face. If you still did not start apply some skin care products, I am sure you will look older than your peers. So far I am ok with any brands; however I prefer to use Cosway skin care products particularly. This is because their price is within my budget, consider affordable items to me. Although their night cream is not the best night cream in the market, but it suit my skin type effectively. I can switch brand anytime too. This is the best part for having versatile skin type.

you need more exercise?

Did you noticed that exercise equipment is not a cheap stuff nowadays? Some can goes up to over few thousand just for simple mechanism. The originator know that modern people now seldom have time to go for exercise, that why they create exercise equipments that can do daily at home instead of going to gym. For instant, myself also no time to do exercise, let alone going to gym to get rid of my extra body fat. Sometimes I ever consider to own a treadmill at home in order to force myself spend sometimes to do some sweating activities. Perhaps I should seriously think of this investment.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

fat burner

Now is the festive season of Chinese New Year for Chinese (mostly) in the world. Many of us tend to eat a lot of good food almost everyday I tell you. My MIL side did not cook much frankly but my mom is the opposite with her. My mom will cook a lot a lot of meat particularly. The rice will also prepare a lot for all of us. Sometimes I cannot take so much after seeing so many meaty on dinning table. I think I may need fat burner to get of those extra oil and fat from my body. The best fat burner will be jogging a lot…hahaha….

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bonus to pay for installment?

This year I think we might have bonus from the company. Human Resource staffs are busy preparing the yearly appraisal form now. Usually come to year end, we just fill up the appraisal form for fun. Yeah, to me, really for fun. Because every year after doing that , the company did not even bother to look into it and give us increment, let alone bonus that everyone looking forward.

If the company ever give bonus also insufficient to pay for the installment for Santa Cruz real estate loan. LOL

It is just enough for me to buy certain portion of food for this coming Chinese New Year though. Let’s hope this year will be a good bonus year!

Ang pow money for gold investment

Usually we only open the red packet (ang pow) after Day 15 of Chinese New Year. After calculating the total amount, I will do the bank in for them in their individual saving account. Frankly, how much they get equivalent to how much I spent for it in this year.Hey, the amount is not a small figure. LOL Hubby was thinking to use their saving account money to invest into gold since now is the best time to buy gold bullion due to price drop lately. Well, I am still consider his suggestion. I worried what if the price keep dropping, then wasted la!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dusty /CNY mood

oh dusty here...was busy spring cleaning the house, until neglected this blog and other blogs too. *paiseh*

ok, better write something before I go for long holiday to celebrate this great festive, Chinese New Year! As usual, not much preparation from my site since my in laws are pretty simple person. Last week, went to Jusco with the kids. In fact I had bought some CNY decor stuff from second floor.However I forgot to bring it back. Wasted. I only realized it after stepped out from the mall, which is nearly 11pm. Arghhhhhh......I think I left it at the changing room while trying the new bra.LOL