Monday, January 31, 2011


My small girl talks quite soft in school. Sometimes I wonder did her friends can listen what she said or not. I guess she also talk softly to her teachers too. Therefore I remind her constantly to talk louder a bit in school coz at home her voice is very loud. But she replied me that her teacher will angry if she talks louder in class. I think this is just an excuse for her. I told her if everyone cannot hear what you said, next time they may ask you use a microphone to speak to them!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Side effects of the pills

If you ask me want to try out any brand of weight loss pill, my answer is I don’t think I will try. The main reason is I not so trust all these drugs based pills. No matter how great the product to you, it may not suit other person, including myself. Moreover some of the pills have side effects too. The side effects may not come out so early; it may take few months later or longer period to show the side effect. Have you ever heard of phentermine weight loss products? I came to know this product were well tolerated but the potential side effects of phentermine including diarrhea, restlessness, and sexual problems. If you wish to know more about this product, do check out the side for more details.

Appetite suppressant pills

Everyone talk about baking cookies and dishes to prepare for this coming Chinese New Year. As we all know, this festive we will eat a lot of high calorie cookies and food, therefore our stomach will be full most of the days throughout the festive. LOL

It is not surprise if we gain 1 – 2 kg of weight. If you are at my mom’s house, you will see meaty dishes mostly instead of vegetables. At times I will eat till I feel puke. Whereas in my PIL house, they are totally opposite. My MIL will still cook meaty dishes but she more on green leafy dishes though. Whatever it is, I will get ready some appetite suppressant pills for this coming festive coz most of the times I will be at my mom’s house. :)

Security Cameras

If you are looking for gadgets items like security cameras, surveillance cameras, wireless cameras & equipments, camera mounts & accessories etc, PolarisUSA is the best place for you. PolarisUSA also offers wireless outdoor security cameras with infrared, wireless color cameras and etc. perhaps I should also recommend this site to my uncle since currently he is looking for a reliable brand of wireless security camera for his new home soon. He is surveying prices in the market now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Chinese New Year is approaching; I am going to standby some effective weight loss pill. This is because I know I am going to have good food while at my mom’s house. my mom use to cook a lot of dishes every year. Her rice cooker never empty one. To her, we cannot eat till rice cooker become empty, else no wealth already. Yeah, she is that superstitious type women! Back to weight loss pill, now I have to find out what is the best weight loss pill in the market now. trying to search some details from internet soon.

Hostgator review

Some of my bloggers already changed/tried other web hosting; I am still using my very first one web hosting even after so many years of using them. I ever think of to change web hosting but when think about reconfiguration and setting, I gave up! I am not IT savvy person; I need others’ help if changing web hosting. So I better stick to current one since they seldom gave me problem too. Someone introduced me about Hostgator lately. I am yet to find out more information about this new web hosting. They advice me to read on hostgator review first before changing to new hosting.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Modern sofa

My current house’s sofa set look like old fashion now. I wish to change for new and modern sofa for this coming Chinese New Year. I am still contemplating which model and brand to choose. However yesterday my washing machine gave me problem, it does not move smoothly as usual. Hmmm…it is time to change for a new machine. Hubby said change new washing machine first, sofa set only consider buying it after Chinese New Year. Cannot buy both at same time due to budget constraint!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Acne problem

When you go to skin care specialist boutique, I am sure the attendants there will introduce you many type of acne products if you are having acne problem. Sometimes you might be able to get confuse by all the brand names that displayed in the boutique. The best is let them do skin analysis for you first before decided your choice of acne products. I believe professional there will be willing to share with you their experience too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Chinese New Year is approaching, I am sure my dear mum will prepare a lot of good food and waiting for us to come back to have reunion dinner. Even though I can cook but my cooking skill still way below my mum. I still need lot of time to practice my cooking skill though. Compare with my MIL, I still find my mum cook nicer dishes than her. LOL

During CNY, not only can eat my mum’s food, I also have some gathering event with my friends and colleagues therefore will be eating a lot too. I think after the CNY festive, most likely I will need to take l-dopa as my dietary supplement, so that I can control my diet effectively. At the same time also can get rid some of the fat accumulated during CNY.

Best method

There are so many brands of anti aging products in the market. I believe sometimes we will get confuse when come to which brand to select. This always happen to me when I go to cosmetic or skin care counters; I really don’t know how to select best anti aging product that suit for my skin type. Many of my friends advice me to read from reviews first decide my decision. However I still find it is clueless to do so. I would prefer consumers that ever used it to advice me though.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Most of the people when move to new house, they will look for modern furniture to beautify their new home. You will be surprise to see some of them really can spend. They ever swipe their credit cards for big lump sum, then pay by installment slowly. Hmmm..come to think of it, I will not simply spend if I know my cash flow is not that smooth. I will only buy and change furniture when needed. Money is small now, better save more for emergency use.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garmin GPS

Garmin gps navigator is a very common gadget in Malaysia now. I believe most of the Malaysian who like to travel will buy one and install in their cars. All garmin nuvi gps products are preloaded with Malaysia map and Singapore map. If you wish to bring it for overseas usage, then you have to do some downloading and install appropriate maps accordingly. My hubby still quite reluctant to buy one gps coz to him the price still at high side. Moreover he can check relevant maps from Google maps easily too. Well, that is my hubby, dependent on internet but not other device. LOL

Retails work

Working hours for retail jobs is long, consider similar to working in shopping malls. One time I ever called in an office to ask for a Branch Executive job, after some clarification, only find out it is a under retail job scope. The person who interview me straight forward told me that I am not suitable for this field since all these while I am only working as an employee in 9-5 office hour. He highlighted that I may not suit to work for longer hours. Ya, he is correct though.