Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cheap health insurance for yourself

I own my first health insurance policy when I work in my first employment 10 years ago. I know how important it is to own a health insurance for myself as I worry what if one day I suffer any severe illness or accident that me alone not afford to pay for the medical fee. At least with my health insurance policy, I can go to any hospital to seek for specialist without any worry about the huge medical fee.

Well, you can look for cheap health insurance first if you think you are not afford to buy full coverage of health insurance policy. There are many online insurance companies that allow you to search for cheap health insurance quote via their online quotes. One of them is QuoteSphere, where you only need to key in your choice of insurance type, then the tool will show you the best health insurance options available anywhere. Thus, from there, you can find an inexpensive health insurance for yourself.

Quality teak garden furniture

As I said before, sometimes I am envy those rich family that they able to enjoy luxury life and afford to buy luxury items. I wonder when I can reach my first one million, so that my family also can enjoy such life. Each time my boss invites us to go over his place for any party function or celebration, I will keep eyeing at his teak garden furniture, there are so elegant and classic when place at his big garden. Those garden furniture are bought by his wife from Teak Wood Patio Furniture, a company that specialized for luxurious, long lasting teak wood furniture in U.S.

Surprisingly he told us that the price for his teak benches and teak chairs are not expensive at all even he purposely imported from U.S. He added this company offers superior quality designs at low prices, that’s why he feel that it is worth to buy them for his big garden.

Frankly the set of teak garden furniture really good enough to inspire envy for all of us. I told my hubby I wish to own them one day when I have enough money.

Think twice before you spend

Hubby’s colleague wants to borrow money from him again few days ago. Why I say again? Coz this is not the first time he is requesting money from my hubby. His monthly is $7K, yet he still short of money each month. You must be asking me why now. Let me tell you why he has so much debt in hand now.

He owns a big bungalow and spends lots of money for the bungalow renovation last year. He also spend huge amount to buy luxury furniture and decoration items for the house. He did not getting any loan to support all these expenses but use his credit cards to swipe and pay for it. End up he landed himself into debt situation and now he only managed to pay for the interests instead of the amount he had spent. Can you believe how much he spent for the house? Even $7K per month also cannot pay off the debt?

To me, he did not spend his money rationally. He just spends when he feels he like it. Now he is looking for ways to get Debt Relief, hoping to reduce his debts as soon as possible. One of the best way is to look for Credit Card Consolidation where he can replace his multiple loads with a single loan. Also to reduce to a lower monthly payment for a longer repayment period. By using this method, then he no need to use up all his monthly salary just for the loan repayment. Perhaps he still has some balance for his other personal usages. Then he no longer will look for my hubby to ask for money again.

Out to Pasar Malam again

There is a Pasar Malam (night market) every Saturday night that not far from my housing area. I love to go there to look for fresh vegetables and sea food coz I will cook during Sunday most of the time. After seeing so many kids kidnapped case, I hardly bring my girls along now. I don’t want this happen to me.

In Pasar Malam, I can see few handicap people begging for money. I feel pity to them and usually I’ll give them little bit of money. However I will not give if he is not handicap, to me, he still can work, why he is here to ask for money? Perhaps you will tell maybe he is having health problem that cause him cannot work. Hard to judge by his outlook, as long as he has two hands, two legs, then he should able to work, probably he can work those light weight work.

I’ll feel uneasy each time I saw those handicap people are there to beg for money. Why? Why? Why? Why no one send them to government community center to learn skill and earn a living? Where are their family members then? Too many questions in my mind, I better stop thinking about them and enjoy my shopping at Pasar Malam.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Make me happy only... :(

I have lots of spam mail in my yahoo mailbox, everyday I have to clear almost 20 of them. Most of the spam mail I received all related to Disney ticket give away, free hotel voucher (in oversea countries ler), free samples etc etc. I know must be due to I writing too many of bayar posts, resulting me have to receive all these spam mails. Lucky all these mails in go to my spam holder instead of going to the inbox.

Shall I try Ashop ecommerce software?

Did I ever mention here that I wish to own an online store to sell my homemade clothing? If you follow my blog closely, then you will know I had been selling some of my homemade products like kids pants, dresses, tops and many more via online Ebay. However it did not last long as I found the system in Ebay is not user friendly, sometimes I encounter problem in loading my photo images as well as dealing with my customers.

Someone encourages me to look for web based online store that use reliable shopping cart software from Ashop as Ashop Commerce is a leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software. The best of all is it has thousand of easy to use features and fully customizable design. No installation is required and we can just start configuring the design, inventory, payment and more that suited your business needs.

Ok, let me try out their 10 day free trial first before selecting it as my shopping cart software!

Shop for baby stuff

My SIL#3 has a baby boy aged 4 months by now. She wishes to shop for baby stuff for her son, thus seek my advice for any good recommendation of online stores. The reason why she looks for me is due to I love to shop online, so she knows I’ve many favorite online stores in hands.

Since she only wish to shop for baby stuff, I think ShopWiki should be her first choice as the site has all the baby clothes, accessories, toys, kids books, baby proofing stuff, bedding and linens for kids and many more. Most of the products in ShopWiki are in good quality and best price from seller’s store.

When her son is on solid, she might needs to look for high chair to seat her son while feeding. ShopWiki acts a shopping directory where it will list out all the brand type of high chair from different stores for you to choose from. It also has lots of useful articles for you to read before you finalized your purchase. Don’t you think it is a great site to do your online shopping!

Get Advance Cash Online

One of my friend’s cars badly bangs by a big lorry lately and she had spent a lot of money for the repair and services of her car. Bad thing do come in pair according to Chinese believe. Her notebook keeps giving her problem and cause her cannot do her paper work smoothly. Her worry is she might not able to rush out her MBA assignment within this week. She wishes to change to a new notebook but now she is short of money. She needs to wait for her next payday then only she has sufficient money to pay for the notebook.

Now with cash advance from CashAdvance1500, she can get cash advance payday loans at anytime that will credit into her checking account safely. Payday loans are short-term, small, unsecured consumer loans that we can apply online and NO credit checks are required.

The application for this payday loans via online is done securely and anonymously from your comfort house with a click of your mouse only. Once approved, the loan will automatically send overnight via wire into your checking or savings account.

Lovely costumes for my girls

My 2 girls hear too much of Cinderella story from me during bed time, until they want me to organize a fancy dresses party for them. Wien even suggested having this kind of party for Lyon’s coming birthday which is fall on November. They must be fascinated over the pretty and fancy dresses that wear by those characters in Cinderella. Hahaha…

Tell you, not only they like this kind of party, I would welcome it too. My only concern is where shall I get or buy those creative yet unique costumes? Even I can sew but I don’t think my design will be as creative as those advertised in internet. I think I better do more searching in internet now, hopefully I can find one online store that able to offer great deals for the fancy costumes.

While browsing through the internet, I chanced upon Moon Costumes, an online store that specialized in Halloween costumes, cosplay, Halloween props, magic and clown supplies, wigs, masks, decorations and more. Their kids costumes have lots of selection, including animal costumes, fairies costumes, Disney costumes, witches and monsters and many more. All of them look so lovely to me, and the prices offer are affordable to me too! Ok, I had decided to spare some money to get those lovely kids costumes for my girls and let them have a memorable party in coming November.

This post is brought to your by

Coconut herbal soup

I saw Sasha blog about boiling some Chinese herbs in coconut, tempted me to do this delicious soup for myself too. I had took this kind of soup many times before marry coz my mom loves to cook it for us. The steps is pretty simple, just stuff everything into the coconut and double boil it. For more detail steps instruction, you can hop over to Sasha's blog and learn from this expert & hot mama! :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

I want this bed!

Tell me, where can I find this kind of bed? I want to buy and fix it in my room. Then I can sleep like a baby too! Its looks so comfy, I want to swing like a baby lar! LOL

Or I can hang it at my garden too, but existing longan tree cannot support adult tree ler. It only can support my girls weight and there is a hammock attached with it now.

Ok lar, I better fix in my room then. By looking at this picture, make me want to jump into the bed lar!

Find the best credit card for yourself

Tell me how many credit cards you have in your wallet now? 1? 2 or 3? Don’t be surprise if you see some people own more than 2 cards in their wallet now coz credit cards are the basic item for our life now. Almost every business transaction will accept credit card as a mode of payment now.

However you have to be careful when you do the applications for any credit card. You have to ensure your card have the basic features like low interest rate, 0% purchase and 0% of balance transfer. Other than that, some credit cards do have the features like cash reward or point redemption program, do check out first before send in your application.

One of the well known banks that offer various types of credit card in UK is The Co-operative Bank. Example of the credit cards offers by them are clear credit card, advantage cards, flat rate platinum, travel credit card, holiday discounts cards and many more. There are lots of credit cards promotions going on in The Co-operative Bank, do hop over to the site now and find more information about it!

Get ready your baseball equipment?

I am quite active in sports during school time. Some of my favorite sport activities are volleyball, baseball, basketball and ping pong. I ever won few prizes from all these sport activities too. If you ever visit my mom’s house, you able to see many of my victory trophy that are well kept at the cabinet. But I think there are colleting dusts now; I should spend some time to clean them one day! Hehehe….

By the way, my hubby is a sport person too. His is very good at playing baseball and volleyball too. Since we share the same interest and hobby, so we spend most of our weekend playing all these games instead of going to shopping mall to spend money. If we are playing baseball, then we’ll need to get ready Baseball Equipment like baseball gloves, baseball balls and others. The best place to source for great quality and value baseball equipment will be at Kidsportsinc, where the choice of brand is Franklin Sports. This company has been in business for over 50 years and they have a very good repudiation in sport community now.

FYI, Franklin Sports youth baseball gloves are very popular among kids and teen baseball players. Besides excellent quality of their baseball gloves, it is also come with a microbial bacterial protection to prevent sweat problems with sweaty hands, so that the kids will feel more comfortable catching fly balls or grounders.

Do check out today if you wish to own quality baseball equipment.

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Play baseball with my girls

If you ask me what my favorite game is during school time, my answer is BASEBALL. YES, baseball. Sometimes after school, I love to stay in school and play this game with my school buddy. Hehe…I ever represent my school to join baseball competition for national stage too and we had won few prizes too! Well, though my body size is small but don’t be surprise when you see me running here and there at field catching the baseball!

I still have one pair of baseball gloves which is well kept in my wardrobe. I wish to take it out one day and play with my kids during weekend. However they are still small now, still not the right time to introduce this game to them yet.

When my kids start playing baseball, I got to buy them Kids Baseball Glove and I found a very good place to shop for it, The site offers variety of design for youth Baseball Gloves and it come with various sizes too.

I prefer this yellow color design, 4632TN Right Handed Thrower Youth Baseball Glove Ready to Play Pigskin Series 9" by Franklin Sports. It cost me $24.99 for one pair and I need to buy two pairs since I have 2 girls now. Their gloves designs are using leather construction and able to give protection to kids’ hand, thus it is suitable for kids use. Now I just have to wait my girls grow older a bit, then we can go to field to play this game!

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My simple lunch

During fasting month, our canteen still in operation but fewer dishes will be serving during our lunch time. If I am lazy to go out, I will order food from them. you know, canteen of course will not serve variety dishes for you, after 1- 2 days eating at canteen, I am sure you will try to out source your food. Same apply to me too. But I am lazy bump, still lazy to go out, so I will get the canteen owner to fry something for me, be it noodle or fried rice.

Frankly, their fried noodle and fried rice not bad can compete with outside food stall. Just that a bit salty, so each time I have to remind them: less salt, please!

This is my fried noodle + cool Pepsi! Yummy yummy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I still eating mooncakes today!

Mid Autumn Festive is over but I still received 2 packets of moon cakes today. There are sent by Equatorial Hotel, one for my boss, one for myself. Usually I did not bring back stuff given by suppliers or hotels, I will share with my colleagues, unless got extra. But I will keep the nice packaging. :)

The mooncakes have 4 different flavors, like red bean, pure lotus, gingko lotus with egg yolk and raspberry cheese. Among all these flavors, I prefer Raspberry cheese coz this is new to me, first time eating it too!

I love cookies!

I am not a cookies monster but I love cookies very much! I can take cookies as my lunch too! So in order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I will bake my favorite cookies during weekend or whenever I am free at home. By the way, I have 2 little helper who can assist me while I do the baking. Besides surfing for dessert recipes, I would love to search for cookie recipes from internet. I found a very simple chocolate chip cookie recipe from internet which is very easy to find the ingredients. Now I got to search for Christmas cookie recipes since this festive is around the corner now.

Who want yummy cookies from me? Just drop me an email then!

Go shopping now!

Hey, if you are a shopholic like me, then you should bookmark Coupon Chief now. It is a place where you can find lots of discounted coupon codes from different merchants. Now you no need to wait for sale only go for shopping, you can just grab your coupon code from your favorite merchants and shop immediately with great price!

Some of my favorite merchants that I use to visit are Gap, BabyCenter, Amazon, Wal Mart and many more. Sometimes these merchants will offer up to 75%! Wow, that is a huge saving for me you know!

Btw, it’s nearly spring time now; you can shop for quality plants from Michigan Bulb with low prices to beautify your garden and has a fresh look. Check out the coupon codes from CouponChief now, you might end up getting them with a great price!

Kill the virus

Last week is the torture week for me as well as other staff in office coz our networking having problem and we cannot access our database system. Other than that, we also cannot connect with internet throughout the whole week. Mind you, how are we going to work without networking and internet connection? All of us only can do work like filing and cleaning and clearing our office desk. When all these been done, we went to pantry have a cup of coffee and chit chatting most of the time.

By the way, the culprit that cause us cannot work is our computer system been attacked by unknown virus. Our IT guys work for it whereas other staffs like us happily enjoy the happy hour.

Do you like this kind of office life? I bet sure you want to join us. But our nightmare comes after our system back to normal coz we have lots of pending works that waiting for us now. Good thing is, we can now online as usual. Luckily our IT guys are smart enough to install the NOD32 Anti Virus solutions to solve the unknown virus from our networking.

Shop for bedding

I am the type who quite particular about my kids’ bedding quality as well as for myself. This is due to we need a good night sleep, so that we can have enough rest then only we able to perform well the next day. We want the best for our kids, and I am sure most parents out there have the same mind as me.

Usually I will shop for soft and soothing color for my kids bedding. The fabrication for bedding is a top issue for me when come to selecting type of bedding for them. I will opt for 100% cotton fabrication which is soft and cool to touch. Though the price is a bit pricy but it is worth it when they have a good night sleep. Tell you, I love to shop for bed linen whenever there is sale going on, unless my hubby hinted me to stop buying…hehehe….by the way , I have to keep extra set in case my kids accidentally pee or dirty the bedding, so that I can change it immediately.

If you are currently looking for stylish yet quality bedding set, you can pay a visit to Terry Fabric where you can find lots of beautiful designs of bedding and covers in their website. When I browse through their website moment ago, I am so tempted to place an online with them. Let me check out whether there is any sale in Terry Fabrics or not!

Easy to Book

My boss is a frequent flyer. He needs to fly to all over the world to meet his customer throughout the year; it could be in Europe, Asia, United States, Middle East and other countries. Being his secretary, usually I am the one who help him to do all the hotels and flights booking. So far in my records, he ever stays in New York hotels and London hotels when we are having Trade Fair in those places.

I had been tried many hotel booking websites for my boss hotel accommodation booking, I found EasyToBook is the best sites I ever use. They have an easy and friendly searching tool and EasyMap Search where you can just search by online, and then they will show you the best available deals for the destination that you selected.

There are many other hotels that you can book with EasyToBook, including Barcelona hotels, Prague hotels, Dublin hotels, Rome hotels and many more. Do check out the site now to look for great deals or bookmark it for your future reference!

Promote your website

If you are dealing with online business, I am sure you would love to see your website being ranked on top in Google searching engine page. Some of the online business companies willing to spend more money for their web site marketing if they want their products and services getting more exposure from online consumers.

However, nowadays there are plenty of website optimization firm where you can get easily over the internet. You have to choose the right and good reputable SEO firm to promote and growth your company website only can achieve your target.

USWeb is one of the top Search Engine Marketing companies that able to help you do the SEO job for your website. They are the expert for this field, and they able to help you generate revenue for your company. Don’t worry, the money you spend for SEO definitely is value for money.

Despatch Wrongly

Last month, I arranged 3 customers cargo to send out via same vessel. At my part, I do pretty careful as I don't want to mix up my document for those customers. As you know, different customer has different pricing, if I send wrong document, then they will know each other price which is not good to my company.

But today early morning, received an email from one customer, mentioned that they received different cargo from their agent. They suspect we ship wrongly.

Since the cargo already reached destination, this is pretty sure it is the warehouse who did the mistake by depatching wrong cargo to wrong consignee. So this is the counter part agent's fault, not our fault. *sigh* This is the risk of shipping many customer in same vessel. It really happen.

菱角(Water chestnut)

If you are Chinese, I am sure you ever seen this before. It is call water chestnut in english or 菱角(ling jiao) in Chinese. You can read in wikepedia if you want.

Usually you will see it in supermarket or wet market during Mid Autumn Festival. I only come to know about it when my friends intro to me few years ago. Before this I really no idea what is items use for. This year I bought some coz my kids hardly have chance to eat them or seen them too. So, I just buy some just to show them & teach them to learn this new thing.

Relax and Get Away

It's now easier than ever to get a Caribbean vacation rental thanks to CVOA. Why not take a relaxing vacation in one of their St. Thomas villas, or at one of their scenic Cayman villas? With the vacation season on us there's no reason not to take some time for yourself and your family and relax on a beautiful tropical island. Just remember who gave you the advice when you're soaking up the rays on the beach.

Apartment in Seattle

I remember I have a hard time searching for a place to stay during college time. Due to late in receiving of registration letter from my college, I got no place to stay during first 2 weeks. I have to share a room with my classmate until my senior able to find one apartment for me which is nearer to my college and no transport require.

However if you study or work in Seattle, you can have to assist you in finding Apartments for rent. You can just sit at home, click your mouse and find the Seattle Apartments that come with photos, tours, floor plans and more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Natural remedy for PMS

I had heard a lot about progesterone cream and its usefulness towards therapy for PMS syndrome and for women with infertility or frequent pregnancy loss. As we know, lower progesterone level in women body will cause cramps and hot flashes during PMS period, so they have to apply progesterone cream to prevent it. But how are you going to choose a reputable yet reliable brand of such cream? Do check out from, to read more about the natural remedies for menopause women.

Finally he reply me.

Many days ago, I submitted a ticket to RM, telling them that I couldn’t find my offer that I grabbed. Also telling them one of my completed tasks couldn’t locate in my account too, I am wondering will they pay me or not. Till yesterday no reply from them, so last night I submitted again. Surprisingly I got their reply by this morning. In their email, they told me my opp still shown in my account, request me to check again.

Immediately I logon to my RM and check it out. Funny, now I can see clearly both are in my campaign list, but not in the latest page. Weird.

Essay writing helper

My hubby is busy doing assignment for his MBA project now. He needs to write at least 1000 of wording of essay writing for this assignment. He is only given 3 months to get ready all his assignment. Mind you, he is still working at this moment and he only able to do his essay after work. Sometimes he stays up till 12 midnight just to finish some pages of his assignment. I am wondering when he can finish all his writing. Poor him.

Well, if I am in his shoes, I think I will get help from that can provides personalized Custom Research Papers that are original and effective in content. Their writers will assure me when they can finish all my custom research papers. Good part is we also can learn from them since they will guide us in every step for the completion of my essay.

No subject post

It's month end for September now, how times fly yeah. Very soon, 2007 will gone and another year will come. My hubby likes to ask me: did you ever ask yourself, what did you do over the year? Frankly I don't know how to answer him as I am not an ambitious person. My main focus is for the kids only, as long as they are healthy, then it is sufficient for me.

That's why hubby likes to comment that I live for nothing, except the kids. But I was thinking nothing wrong to live this way, right? Money I have, career I have too, what's more I want?

Master your ping pong skill

I am a ping pong player during secondary school. I ever represent my school to join competition in national stage and ever won few trophies too. In fact, besides playing ping pong, I also love to play basket ball, tennis and volleyball. However I only can master in ping pong playing skill instead of others activities.

I remember during that time, I have a very good yet experience coach who taught me the skill of playing ping pong. He taught me how to smash, spin and defense while playing with another player. All his instruction all clear and easy to follow, that’s why I can master my game in a very short period.

Well, if you wish to master the killer smashes of ping pong game, you can sign up with, to get the tips, methods, articles and news for this game.

Stylish wine racks

My ex-boss is a wine lover. He will brought back vintage wine whenever he goes for oversea business trip. I ever went to his house during last year where he is organizing a Christmas party. I noticed he has a huge collection of vintage wine at home that he collected from all over the world during his business trip. Too bad, he only stores them at a simple Wine Rack that seem does not match to his beautiful house. Since he own a big bungalow, I think he should invest a proper design of wine rack to store his wine collection.

I’ve seen some stylish and elegant design of wine racks and wine holder from The Vine Store, an online wine rack store that has widest selection of wine racks. The store has many unique types of stylish design, ranging from metal wine racks to wood wine racks. It also has hanging wine racks, wall mounted wine rack, vertical vineyard, grapevine hanging wine holder, wine rack furniture and many more. Wow, I wish I can own one Grapevine Hanging Wine Holder at home, it looks so elegant and stylish. Too bad, I am not a wine lover.

If you’re currently looking for some wine racks and holders for your home, do visit I am sure you able to find one rack that match your house design.

Need to chase only work

Some people just do not know what the meaning of urgency is. They need others to constantly chase remind them, then only they know how to move forward one step. Sometimes I really want to shout “stupid” to them but I know this is a very rude manner. It will be not real ME if I say “stupid” in office. However I have to admit that I did say “stupid” behind them, I need to release my anger too mah!

Working needs cooperative only can carry out the task efficiently, but most of the time, I do not get the cooperative from them, I need to send spam mail to them, then only their HOD will move! Sien hor!


Our factory hires lots of foreign workers, from different countries too, such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India. Frankly I am bias against foreign worker and I will keep a distance from them ALL the time. You see, lots of crime and criminal cases had been done by them, I have no confident to be friend with them.

Ok, back to the factory workers issue. When come to advance pay or pay day, our HR will issue cash to them (I am not sure why our HR still issue cash to them, we also have bank account service for them) and they will go to one of the meeting room to collect their money. Usually they will come in big group by 5pm, after working hour. Wow, at that time, we can smell a very strong smell all over office floor. It is their sweat and body smell!! If you cannot stand, you will vomit I tell you. I will not go to toilet at that time too, coz we need to pass by that meeting room before reach our washroom.

If anyone of us wants to go toilet, then have to be patient. In fact we had told the HR why not meets them at production meeting room instead of coming to office. But that fellow refuse to listen to us, let us suffer. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chinese wedding is so bored!

Frankly I dislike to attend Chinese wedding function, its really waste my time on waiting. Looks like all of us just waiting for makan time only.

Chinese wedding full of rules and regulation, depends on what races you are. Different races different rules. I remember during my time, my mom set lots of rules for me to follow, but naughty me keep rejecting her, end up we have a quarrel over the issue. I prefer simple and easy wedding, so I try not to follow those rules which request me to buy this and that, just for the sake of “show”, means just to show to our relatives that we did follow rules. S’hit! Those items not necessary will use in future too, some of them still well in my wardrobe. I can donate to you if you are going to marry one day! LOL

Expert Headhunter

My boss is complaining that our recruitment advertising cost is too high for last month. This is due to turnover for last month is quite high too. Human Resource hired 2 executive level personnel via online recruitment advertising, however this 2 personnel did not stay long in our company coz they are not satisfy with their pay. There goes the advertising fee.

I think my company should engage services from executive search firm from A.E. Feldman to seek for qualify yet suitable candidates to fill up the position. The firm has good reputation as well as maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. They have various successful record of placement for some companies and industries which benefited the company as well as the candidates.

Let's expert do it!

Almost everyday my house will receive lots of brochures that attached together with the newspaper. Frankly I love to view through every brochure coz I am fascinated over the brochure design that are so colorful and creative. Sometimes I even keep some of them for my future reference in case I need to do any brochure designs.

I ever involved in Brochure Printing for my company’s products. Usually we’ll do it if our company has to attend any exhibitions that able to promote our products. Due to my boss wish minimize the cost to do all those printing cost, therefore he is asking us to do brochure printing in house using company printer. Our brochure designs still look presentable but not the printing quality coz our printers are not the good quality printing type. More ever, the cost of printing also very high due to expensive cartridges.

In fact, our Sales Manger had proposed to our boss to seek for brochure printing company’s service to print it out since they can offer Cheap Brochure Printing if we order in bulk quantity. Brochure printing company able to printing few colors printing in one time with minima printing cost, thus we can save some money from it too! Hopefully my boss will accept the new proposal, so that in future we can skip from doing all these tedious printing job.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Parents can be charged

Did you read latest news that parents can be charged if found leaving their kids. They are refer to below rules:

"Under Section 33 of the Act, parents or guardians found guilty of leaving their child, can be fined a maximum of RM5,000 or jailed no more than two years or both."

Wow! How they define “leaving the kids”? What fs the kids run away from house without informing the parent? So the parents are found guilty too? Come on lar, please define clearly before taking any action. Sort of unfair to Nurin’s parents if they simply use the rules to charge them. Go search out the crazy murderer lar rather than talking shit now!

Let's go holiday!

One of the reason why I am doing paid post now is I want to keep more money for my next family vacation. If solely depends only my fix income, then I got to wait for at least one year only I can manage to arrange one luxury Vermont bed and breakfast for my family members. This round I wish to bring along my 2 girls coz I don’t want to leave them alone at home while I am enjoying with my hubby. I will miss them dearly if leave them at home with MIL.

Why I buy life insurance?

One of the obvious reasons why I buy mortgage life insurance is , if I die before hubby, then he can use the money from my insurance to fund the kid’s education as well as their daily expenses. At least with that amount of money, my dear hubby no needs to work so hard to look for money. It is also one of the easiest ways that I can provide peace of mind and comfort to the lives of my family member.

In fact I have 2 policies for my life insurance, if I am long life, then perhaps I can enjoy the money after 20 years. That's the way I save money for myself too!

I still can survive in this company!

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 56%
Well, you don't have the worst job in the world, but it's not great. And don't worry, you're not the problem - your company is. Start looking around for another job, even if you're not totally fed up. Because in time, you're going to be dying to quit!

This test showed that my dissatisfation towards my current job is only 56%, which mean I still can survive in this company. In fact, I had been opened one eye and closed one eye in this company. Most of the time I try not to intervene what my colleagues or bosses did, unless they seek help from me. You know, office politic is very common in working life. I am not the type who like to kpc around (though sometimes I am! LOL), if you talk too much, people may not like it, better keep low profile.

Eh, even I got a lot of money, I also keep quiet lar, else many people will stick to you! :P

My boss is a gambler

One of my bosses loves to go Genting casino to try his luck. If he ever win some money during his trip, then he will secretly tell me and buy me food. However not all the time he’ll wins in his gaming, it really depends whether he has luck or not during the day. From his house to casino need approximately 2 hours drive and sometimes he purposely go during week day in order to avoid traffic jam. See, how crazy my boss is!

I told him why not try to play online casino since going to casino so troublesome, need traveling some more. hehe…this is the first time he ever heard of online casino from me and he thought I am the expert for online gambling! LOL

One of the well known online casino gambling guide is Online Casino Blue Book where we can find lots of online casino websites being listed in the site. I am sure my boss would love to sit in his room and busy searching for his favorite online casino from now and then. As I know his favorite game is blackjack and poker game, and now he can just enjoy online blackjack with his online buddy without the need going to casino any more!

Elegant Timber Framing

Before my dear father pass away, he is a carpenter and he is very good at using timber wood to build houses. That’s my old house is comprised with timber construction that are solely build up by my late father. Till now, our old house still in good condition and hardly need to repair here and there. By the way, my mom still stays in that house and she reluctant to move out and stay with me too!

Well, people nowadays still accept timber frame construction and you still can see lots of Construction Company offering their services to the community. If you are wish to own a Timber Frame house, you can check out with Vermont Timber. The company focuses on the timber frame and provides design, engineer, fabricate and install beautiful and unique timber frame as well as post & beam frames for residential and commercial projects including homes, hotels, churches, barns and more. Their projects all are custom designed, hand crafted and structurally engineered to meet clients’ needs.

Contact them now if you wish to have an elegant timbering frame for your cozy house.

My Embarrassment Moment

There is a tag on this topic lately, I am not sure whether I got kena tagged or not. Never mind I do mine now.

One of the weekends during secondary time, I went shopping mall with some school buddies. During that time, we got no car, so we went with public bus. After having good time of eating, shopping and chit chatting, we want to go home. On the way to bus station, I accidentally fall down, not on the road side but into a longkang (drain) which is so smelly and full with BLACK drain water. My friends pull me out from the drain and walked me to nearest food store to wash off that smelly drain water. My goodness, I am so embarrass at that time, lucky all are female buddy. I am not sure now they still can remember my embarrassment moment or not. By the way, my leg so pain and bruise at that time too!

Expensive Chinese Herb

冬蟲草 also known as Cordyceps in English. It is very famous among Chinese coz it is a precious ingredient in Chinese traditional medicines.

In recent news from Hong Kong, reported that the price for this item has increased tremendously, every 1kg of cordyceps, the price is RM10K++. Crazy or not? Will you still buy it with such a crazy price?

Well, Chinese businessmen are tricky. They know too high price, consumers will not buy, and so they look for low and cheap grade and sell to innocent consumers. You know, majority consumers do not know how to differentiate the quality of good and inferior quality for this item, so these people took this advantage to sell low grade item to them. so how to prevent from cheating? My method is buying from reliable Chinese herb shop but also have to beware, coz some middleman will play trick to those shops too! Very sad to see all these ya. Told you already, businessman especially Chinese are tricky. They willing to do anything just for the sake of money.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ditch the Clock

No matter how cliché it might be, there really is such a thing as island time. Whether you're staying in one of their Barbados villas or one of their Tortola villas, CVOA has the best selection of Caribbean villas you'll find anywhere. With a Caribbean villa rental from CVOA you can get away to the islands, relax, throw away your watch, and enjoy your vacation the way it should be done – in style. Look at their site and see why their Caribbean villas are the most sought after

Job hunting

Sometimes it’s tough to get real-world working experience in the classroom. That’s why part-time gigs make the best student jobs, whether you’re talking about high school students or college students. You can find a part-time job with the skill set to get a leg up in almost any career. For example, if you’re interested in business, a customer service job behind a cash register can give you some practical experience and building blocks. Plus, part-time jobs have flexible hours so you can tailor a job to fit your busy class schedule. Also check out their job blog.

All the Makes You Could Want Alright

I know that you're looking for the best Missouri used cars, and I know that Conklin Fangman has them. The only question I have now is…why aren't you already going there? Conklin Fangman is the Missouri car dealer you've been wanting. They've got the best selection of new and used cars in all the makes and models you could want. Whether you want something without a mile on it or a car that's been driven around a little bit, Conklin Fangman has all the Missouri used cars and new cars to meet your needs. Go check them out today and see if I'm not right.

Another Weekend

This weekend I had promised my dear mom to go home as it is my brother's eldest girl 3yo birthday. I know my mom going to cook many delicous dishes, so for sure I will not miss the chance. I will go home no matter how busy I am. But I have not decide what to buy for the birthday girl. Wien suggests to buy toys but I don't think I will buy coz as I know the girl has too many toys already. I will do a quick shoppping today after fetching the girls from Sunday school.

Quality Books

There is a public library near my area. I love to bring the girls to hang out there during weekend coz there are lots of interesting kids story books and craft books. I had registered a library card for Wien for RM5, valid till she is 12 years old. Each time we can borrow 2 books per card for 2 weeks duration. By the way, the library also has lots of books that suitable for women, such as baby magazines, women magazines, recipe books and sewing books ( my most favorite books!). hehe….now you know why I love to go this library every weekend.

Oh ya, I found 3D book for kids too. I never dare to buy such books for my girls coz too pricey for me, not that I am not afford but just feel that why should I pay so much to own the book? I know those books are imported, so the high price is due to taxes. Our government should set in low if they wish to see their people have interest in book reading.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

From 2 to 3?

Great news for small posties in 3P like me. Now we can take 3 posts per blog in a day instead of 2 previously. This is good provided 3P has lots of opp in the day lar, other wise, 2 or 3 is the same to me also. I noticed usually on Tuesday is the most offer in the week due to Tuesday 1K opp. That is the day where I can fully use the quotes for the day!

Sleepy me

I sleep late yesterday. That is my normal practice when it come to weekend. I will try to blog hop or finish some pending task by Friday night. Hubby will not disturb me coz he know that is the best time for me to do my own things without interruption from the girls. As a result, I am sleepy by 1pm. So I have a long nap together with my girls too!

My condolence to Nulin family

Our PM sad and angry over the Nurin's death. Not only he sad, as long as you have a heart, you will feel sad and angry too!

At last her dad accept her death. It is not easy for parent to accept this reality when they know their beloved kid is death. A very active toddler become cold body now, I don't think we can feel the pain that suffer by Nurin's parent. It is so cruel to accept the fact.

Deepest condolence to Nurin's family, hope our people managed to dig out the murderer and hang him/her till die.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Aretha Franklin - Killing Me Softly

This lady and this lady have their love song respectively. Frankly I don't like their song, not my taste. Different people different liking ma. You cannot force me to accept your song, right?

Anyway, compare to today trendy songs, I still prefer old time song. More meaningful and more classic. Those hip hop type, I really cannot take it. You might say I am old but I notice some youth also prefer my time songs....hehehe...

ok, one of my favorite song is Killing Me Softly by Aretha Franklin, so romance song....

Part of the lyrics can google online to listen if you want!

Struming my pain with his fingers

Singing my life with his words

killing me softy with his song

killing me softly with his song

telling my whole life

with his words

killing me softly with his song

I heard he sang a good song

I heard he had a style

and so i came to see

and listen for a while

Seek their help

My company hires lots of foreign workers from overseas countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Therefore we will have to deal with immigration law when there are any disputes between foreign workers and the company. However not all foreign workers know that they have protection under immigration law when they work in our country. Anything pertaining to their visa or employment, they can seek help from their local embassy and their embassy will seek help from immigration lawyer to help them.

Well, if you are in U.S., and your company is having problem dealing with Immigration Law Practice, then you can seek help from Root Law Group, it is exclusively practice business and family immigration law. The advance part is they able to offer state-of-the-art case management software that enables you to access and check the status of your case online. Thus this can save your time from thru and flow to lawyer firm so frequent.

Root Law Group not only serves for US citizen, their service also extend abroad. So, if you have US visa problem, do seek help from their attorney, Mr. James E. Root & Attorney Xavier Rosas.

RealReward Redemption

I don’t have any RealReward card with me. I only start using it when I pump petrol with Petronas. Previously I was using Mobil ( not sure what’s the card name) but not many points can be collected since only me alone using it. So I threw it away and use Mesra card from Petronas. One of the main reasons for the switch is the redemptions items in RealReward got lots of varieties. Tempted me to change actually.

However till now I yet to change any item from them coz too many in the catalogue until I don’t know what to choose. *slap head*

Human are greedy animal.

Louis Vuitton

I am not a handbag person. I never carry designer handbag or branded handbag like LV, Prada, Couch, and others. Most of my handbags were buy during sales, the best is after 50% discount! LOL

I treat handbag like a fashion. I will change handbag once it become obsolete or no more trendy in market. That's why I no buy branded handbag, else too much money paid for it but I no use it after a while. What a waste of money!

After I knew someone going to offer me a LV handbag, I start feeling uneasy coz I dislike LV color, looks like old lady color. Pardon me, don't shoot me if you are LV fans. Their "I am Not A Plastic Bag" still ok since the color is cream, looks younger to me too! But again, I am not a handbag person and I don't need them at all. After think carefully, both hubby and I will ask for notebook (the lightest version) for the reward.

She is dead

Latest news about Nurin, who went missing a month ago.

DNA of the dead girl stuffed in the travel bag matched with Nurin. However the parent denied it is their daughter and believed she still alive! I am sad when I first read the news in local newspaper as well as broadcast. I am all parents out there will have sad feeling as me now. No one wish to see such incident happen to human, especially a 8 years old kid.

News reported that Nurin went to night market that is nearby her house, alone. Listen carefully; she is alone at that time. This is also the best chance for murderer to kidnap her or do anything towards her. My question is why her parent allow her to go out alone, don’t they know society now is no longer safe? *sigh* really not understand some parents mind, if you want to have kids, make sure you give them full protection. YOU have the responsibility. Same as never leave your kids alone with maids. I no trust any maid too!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Luggage lost

When my hubby is on business trip to oversea countries like Europe or United States, he only worries about his luggage during transit. He has phobia for it coz the airline ever lost his luggage one time. No matter how he complaint and yell to airline staff, they still unable to find out his luggage. Mind you, his business luggage is not cheap coz it is a travelpro luggage which he bought from LuggageSource. Also the luggage cost him nearly $100 and the quality is superb, that’s why he feel sad when it is lost during transit.

Save your time via internet fax

Each time my boss goes for business trip; I will be the busiest person in office. He’ll constantly call me from oversea to check for his fax, either relates to company or his personal faxes. I feel tire coz I need to walk to upstairs to check for him as our fax machine located at second floor of the building. At time he’ll requests me to fax some documents on his behalf. This is ok as long as the fax line is smooth and will not jammed half way while I do the faxing.

I was thinking to suggest internet based fax service to my boss. So that he can send and receive his fax documents easily from anywhere as long as his notebook is connected to internet. Alternatively he can authorize this job to me as well, then I can check for him while he is away for business trip.

The Internet fax services very simple to use and you can receive your faxes via email over the internet without the need to wait at fax machine all the time. More ever the setup is easy too as no further hardware or software is required. All fax communications are easily backed up and stored for future reference.

If you wish to try out this hassle free internet fax service, do check it out from It is a proven leader in providing fast, secure and reliable Internet & email fax solutions for their client.

Keep your promise

Now I am keep yawning in office. Lack of sleep last night. Rushing for some pending posts and only went to bed by almost 2am. This morning, not even 6.30am, Wien entered my room and request me to on kids games for her. She already requested from me last night but I no say ok. Haiyo, of course I no wake up and I ask her to give me sleep some more.

About 7.10am only I wake up and I noticed she already fall asleep again. Wake her up and get ready to school. She almost want to cry and scold me for not allowing to play the pc. I feel bad for her, so let her play a while then. Must keep my promise too!

Never block the way!

I hate to see inconsiderate people park their car and block our way. They want the convenience, refuse to walk more distance and wait in the car while waiting for the seller to pass them the food or stuff. This kind of scene you can see everywhere in our country, it could be any races too!

For instance, this morning I encountered one incident too. The aunty sit in her car, lower down her window, and told the vegetable seller to pack some vegetable for her. She stopped her car in the middle of the road and my car was behind her car. the seller saw me ( she is my neighbour) and waive to me asking me to wait for a while. I am ok coz I was thinking it wouldn’t take long time. But I was wrong, after the seller passed her one plastic bag, I saw the car owner point to another type of vegetable, I think she wants to buy more. Then the seller went back to her car and pack for her again. *sigh* see, this kind of people also got! Hey, my car is behind your car ler, why not you park properly and go down to buy your vegetable? I so tempted to press my honk but I no do that coz my neighbour is the vegetable seller; I respect her, but not her customer.

I curse the aunty like hell in my heart! LOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why they cannot do?

Not only him, she also likes to ask me type letter that draft by my boss. She is the one should prepare it since it is pertaining to her section but I don’t understand why she keep coming to me. Most of the time she will bring a piece of paper to me, telling me that: your boss want this letter, can you help to draft it out? Then she will bla bla bla what is the points that she wish to put in.

While she is talking, I was talking in my mind: come on la, why don’t you just type it out since you know what you want already? Too bad, I cannot comment anything; her position is higher than me.

Worst thing is, when she need to do small changes or amendment, she will come to me too! to me, all these all small matter but when I am not free, I will be very piss off! T*lan lar!

Personalized Photo Gifts

I love to shop for gifts for my beloved kids and friends when come to festive like Christmas, Anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduations, and others. Though I have to spend money for those lovely gifts but I am ok with it coz I know they will be very happy after receiving my gifts. By the way, they will send me lovely presents in return too!

If you are looking for personalized gifts, you should visit the website of VisionBedding where you can put a picture on a blanket and used it as an unique personalized photo gift to your friends and relatives. Photo gifts getting popular nowadays coz you can print it anywhere you like, such as onto your pillows, bedding set, and other.

Looking at the samples listed in VisionBedding, make me want to make one for my kids too! It is simply lovely!

More profit from selling sunglasses

I ever blog about my good online buddy, Eric no longer work as an employee now. In fact, he is a boss now though he is only a small shareholder. To me, it is good enough, at least when you become a boss, your working hour is flexible and you can delegate your work to your subordinate if you are not free. Cool, right?

However he has his concern too. He worry the business might not good and cannot cover the daily expenses. Also his shop is getting competition from other mini market that situated nearby. He cannot set high price coz customers might go to other shops they found out they can get better price in other shops.

I suggest to him to sell replica Sunglasses in his shop since CTS Wholesale Sunglasses is offering cheap prices for stylish and trendy sunglasses. More ever, adding more items into his item list will be attracting more sales too. Well, he said will give it a try and will check out from CTS website soon!

Goji Berry is good for health

Hey, ladies, listen carefully now! I read from GojiBerriesBlog that taking good and pure Goji Berries can control our weight as well as sex life! Wow! Sex life, did you hear that? Hehe…I am sure married couple would love to try it if they wish to maintain their good and romance marriage relationship with their spouse. Psst, psst, including myself too!

Goji Berry also known as wolfberry and grown in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. Besides controlling your weight and improve sex life, it also able to reach below effectiveness:

*improve eyesight

*improve fertility

*boost immune system

*improve blood circulation

*promote longevity and many more

Overall it is getting more and more popular in the world herbal healthcare market. Other than dried Goji Berry, you also can try the goji berries juice which has the same effectiveness as dried goji berries.

Goji Berries also termed as gift of life. Try it if you wish to have a healthy body!

More party favors

You are going to organize birthday party for your little girl but not sure what to give as birthday favors? Your friend’s newborn baby going to be full moon and plan to have a baby shower for the newborn but she is in dilemma one baby shower favors selection. Now let me show you one great site that offers you complete line of unique yet elegant item for any favors.

The most popular favors in All in One Fun Favors are Party Favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, birthday party favors, anniversary favors, bat mitzvah favors, bar mitzvah favors, table centerpieces, candy bar wrapper favors, personalized mint tins, tiffany blue box favors, engagement party favors and many more!

Hop over to All in One Fun Favors now, I am sure you able to find items that suit your liking!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wish to have own house

Before marriage, I ever told my hubby we form our new house and not staying with parent in law. However hubby being the only son in family, he feel bad if we move out right after marriage. So he suggests to me that we better stay together, then when have kids, his parent can help to look after them. Not a bad idea after all, so I just follow his way. But I still prefer to form a house solely for us, without having old folks with us. You know, old folks tend to nag to us once we did anything wrong.

However we still will move out one day once the kids growing up. But we will select the house that is nearby to parent in law’s house, so we still able to take care them though we had moved out. If I own a house, I am sure will do some home improvements for it, especially the kitchen portion. Most kitchen look small, only via home improvements you can make it bigger and look presentable.

Another portion that I will consider is to get double glazing for the windows as it is specifically designed never to stick, rattle or need painting. The design I like the most in AnglianHome is Sash Windows where we can tilted inwards to allow for easy cleaning. I better bookmark this site for my future reference!

Congratulations Eric!

Finally Eric's mini market is launching today! A big clap to him and also sincere congratulations from me. I hope he can do well in this business though he just a small shareholder for the mini market. Well, everything start from small, I am sure one day he able to expand his business and turn it into a hypermarket in Seremban. No joke, I meant it.

Add oil, Eric! All the best!

Tag : 2 2 2

Tag by Miche. Last we do 4 now become 2. Good, getting shorter too!

Two names you go by:

1. Jess

2. Jesslyn

Two things you are wearing right now:

1. Company Uniform

2. Long Pant

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:

1. Caring

2. Loving

Two things you like to do:

1. Finish my pending job, later blog marathon!

2. Go for breakfast

Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. Europe vacation.

2. I wish can take care my kids without MIL help

Two things you did last night:

1. Play lantern with the kids

2. Finish a dress for one blogger girl

Two things you ate today:

1. 8.43am now, not yet breakfast

2. NIL

Two people you last talked to:

1. Wien

2. Hubby over the phone

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:

1. Work

2. Blog

Two favorite days of the week:

1. Saturday

2. Sunday

Two favorite holidays:

1. Chinese New Year

2. Christmas

Two favorite beverages:

1. Nescafe

2. 100Plus

Two things about me! Things you may not have known:

1. I am selfish at time.

2. I am fierce too!

Two jobs I have had in my life:

1. Secretary

2. Shipping exe

Two movies I would watch over and over: (and do)

1. The Sound Of Music

2. Titanic

Two places I have lived:

1. Malacca

2. Johor

Two of my favorite foods:

1. Rendang Chicken

2. Sambal Prawn

Two places I’d rather be right now:

1. Shopping mall

2. Beaches

2 persons I’d like to tag:

1. Amother

2. Slavemom

Why I don't have?

Last week, one of my good online buddy telling me via sms this advertiser network keep popping out their offer. I online and check it out. However I only see only 3 in my account, for my sub-domain only. Whereas when I checked for other account, I can their have. I am not sure why this happen to me, is it they are using rating system now? But how come no announcement?

But I am ok coz it is nearly weekend and I got no time to it since need 2 filler posts for each offer too! Let's wait for next round!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Make your travel easy & smooth

When you have a baby below one year old, I am sure you will need baby gear to carry or place your kid while you drive or travel. Some parents prefer sling but not me, coz I think sling will make me feel more tire and warm too. I personally prefer baby stroller that is pretty good and convenience when we go for family outing. You can attach one stroller Tote onto your stroller and place baby bottle or other stuff into the little compartment. See, save some space for your baby bag too!

Choosing a right and good stroller is not easy if you do have any recommendation from your friends who had experience of using it. Then you have to work hard to search more information via online stores. One of the best site to look for family travel kids organizers is at It is specializes in family travel products that able to assist parents traveling with kids easily. It also contains lot of baby gear for you to choose from, including diaper back bag, Hi Chair cover, outdoor blanket, car organizer compact, coddler and many more!

Check out Family Travel Gear and make your travel smoothly!

He know how to order online!

When I fist joined this company, my boss did not know much about internet. Most of the times he will ask me send email or searching for information for him via internet. I still remember I asked him to learn coz internet will be widely use in future. If he no learns now, then he will be kicked off by the community one day.

Last week he received a parcel from United States and he told me it was the Ping Golf that he order from one online store. Wow, I am surprise! From don’t know anything about internet, now he even can order stuff online!

Cheap car accessories

One of my colleagues just tenders her resignation letter to her immediate boss. She had been with this company for more than 3 years and she felt bore towards her existing job scope. Not only her, I will also feel bore too if stay in same company for few years. Usually after 3 years, my hand will start feel itchy and start typing resume and look for new job. Before having kids, I use to change boss but after kid’s arrival, I no longer practice it. This is because current job allow some flexibility for me, at least I no need to rush to work every morning.

Back to my colleague, her new company is dealing with top quality automotive accessories and truck accessories at discount prices. I was teasing at her to give me special rate just in case I need to buy any car accessories.

NFL uniforms as Halloween costumes

When it is Halloween festive, do you dress up your kids as creative as possible? I am sure most parents would love to purchase creative yet unique Halloween Costumes for their kids, including myself too. Hey, tell me, who doesn’t want to be the outstanding one in the Halloween party? Frankly, kids nowadays are much luckier than my time as they able to enjoy Halloween celebration which I hardly get the chance during my childhood. Though it is quite hard to think of what costume to wear for the party but I bet you’ll have a fun time joining such creative and exciting party. Don’t worry about what to wear during Halloween party, you can get some ideas from many websites in internet or alternatively you can make your very own costumes using your own imagination.

Halloween costumes not necessary to be silly and funny design, any design will do as long as it is comfortable to wear. In fact, you can get a costume suit that can be wearing besides Halloween festive. For instance, if you have a boy, you can get an authentic NFL uniform set from It is an online store that offers various types of sport wear as well as sport accessories with good quality.

Check out now, and let your boy choose his favorite uniforms as his Halloween costume for this year!

Cell phone data transfer

When you buy new cell phone, you need to transfer all the data from old cell phone to new cell phone. i remember I having trouble doing all the transfer of data coz lack of such knowledge. Hubby helps me by reading the manual carefully and finally only managed to do it successfully.

I was told if we buy cell phone from cellular sales, their mobile expert will teach you to use the phone, as well as help you transfer all the contact records or email from the old device to the new set. This is one of the reason why so many customer will go to them since they provide this kind of service.

Good news for her

One of my blogger mummies is preggie now. I am very happy for her coz I know she had tried for few years to conceive this baby. Finally her dream comes true. She wishes to have a baby girl and want to pan leng leng her girl as like other mummies too. hehe..i think she must be envy me for having 2 girls and can sew pretty dresses for them.

Don’t worry; you will have one girl one day. I will pray for you ya! Anyway do pray to have a healthy and active baby first, gender not a important issue here. Am I right?

Read this if you're bored now!

I read one of the funny jokes in my forwarding email moment ago. This is something that just gives me a good laugh in this boring Monday working day.

The joke mentioned that middle ages women who had a near death experience. She saw the GOD and asks whether it is her time to be with GOD but the GOD replied her not yet, still got another 43 years etc.

She so happy and upon recovery, she went to do plastic surgery for most of her body part, including her face too. She wants to do things that she likes and enjoy her life. However after her last operation, she encountered a serious car accident and killed.

She met GOD again and asked: "I thought you said I had another 40 years?

Guess what the GOD’s reply is?










LOL, don’t you think it is so funny?

What you have learnt from this funny joke?

Don’t ever change your inner natural character, always happy with who you are now!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not scare anymore!

Almost every weekend hubby will bring us out for outdoor activity; either spends time in shopping mall or go to beaches or zoo. If not going these places, we will just spend time at my mom house coz my girls will play with neighbor kids too.

This week I plan to stay home to settle some house chore and finish my pending sewing stuff. However hubby plans to meet his friends at Ozana to discuss his project, so I also tag along together with the kids. We did not go to his friend’s house but we go to JJ instead.

As usual the kids will go to WonderLand to play. Hehe…most of the time I will allow them do so coz for RM2.00 each pax, they can happily play there at 20 min. this round I must praise Lyon coz she no cry in WonderLand and she also can mix around with kids as well. It is a big chance for her. I must slowly guide her to mix with other in future.

Save your money via reserve auction

Business market getting competitive nowadays and most business owners wish to increase their profitability in order to remain competitive in a global marketplace. This same goes to my current company where my boss is trying to cut costs in many field, just to make sure our profit able to maintain within budgeted amount in monthly basis. However lately my company profit margin showed deficit figure and this make the board of director started questioning my boss. They want a recovery plan that able to bring back the profit margin on track like previous quarter. Now my boss in big trouble coz he personally not sure what’s go wrong with the operation cost as well as the administration costs. He called up a cost effectiveness meeting, hoping that each Head of Department can tell him how to save cost in each department. Unfortunately their proposal cannot work at all and the deficit still show in the P & L in next month report.

I guess one of the reasons why my company is not making profit over the months is due to he spend a lot of money for the new factory expansion. The purchasing costs for the machinery that my boss lately invested is very high, thus resulting the company over spent over the month. He ordered few types of machineries for the factory expansion but he only seek for quotations from 2 suppliers. Thus the quotations that he is getting are not competitive enough as if you compare with more than 2 suppliers. I think if my boss is using the service of Reverse Auction, then perhaps he can save some money.

The Reverse Auctions are an ideal way for buyers to reduce purchasing costs and streamline procurement when purchasing capital equipment, raw materials as well as services from suppliers around the world. After we initiate the auction by sending out our purchasing specifications that we want; suppliers will compete against each other in Web-based, real-time auctions to win our business. Thus it will drive down the price indirectly.

It is too late for my boss to try out reserve auctions now. If there is any new factory expansion in future, I will remind him to try this service!

Colloidal silver can cure back pain?

I need help!

I had been suffered from backache for few days. I try to lying down and rest more but the pain still no go away from me. In fact, I ever suffer this back pain few months ago, until I cannot stand and took some medicine from my family doctor to cure it. I do not want to rely on medicine to cure the pain and try to adjust my sleeping position too. However it seems I still getting backache easily.

One of my colleagues suggest colloidal silver as health supplement to me as she ever tried this product and found out it is very good to build up our immune system. But I told her that colloidal silver did not help to cure or prevent backache at all, why should I consume it? She mentioned that perhaps this product will indirectly strengthened our body, thus make us healthier than before and I will not get backache easily.

Frankly I am not so sure how true it is, but I was thinking no harm to give it a try. If colloidal silver did not cure or prevent my backache, but at least it can boost up my immune system!

Lovely favors

Chinese prefer to getting marry during month August. This is because according to Chinese believe, August is the best months as compare to other months in calendar year. That’s why hubby and I received total 3 wedding invitations card during last month, one of the card belong to my cousin.

Before marry, my cousin was complaining to me that she need to do lots of things for her Wedding Planning. She even has canceled some items in her buying and to do list in order to save some time and cost. Luckily she found out some useful websites that relate to wedding preparation and she uses it as guideline. By the way, she bought some lovely bridesmaids gifts for her bridesmaid from internet too!

Did you read the news?

Today Nanyang’s headline: “政府承认北大清华中文系, 毕业生可任公务员”

This mean, our dear government finally recognized the academic status of the top university. Graduate from the university who lepak around the world are now qualified to apply job in the government agencies. In short, they are now qualified to become a government servant!

To me, this is really a great joke.

Ok, before that, do you hear of 北大 and 清华? I don’t want to talk about the history of the university here; you may check it out yourself through internet. 北大 rank world number 28 in 2006, what about University Malaya hah ???

I am laughing when I read the statement;



The academic qualification of the two universities has not been done for the past 50 years, there are two possibility, either because the academic level of the university are not able to meet the stringent “Malaysia Standard” or non of the peoples sitting in the big office are qualified to assess the academic standard of the universities.

Anyway, even you are the PhD of the university, but you didn’t have a credit in Bahasa Malaysian in your SPM examination, you are equally not qualified getting a job in the complicated government agencies.

If you are the graduate of the university, are you ever think of getting a job in the government agencies?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Special mailboxes from Gaines

Nowadays besides beautify our house with nicer decoration items, we also tend to use beautifully designed mailboxes for our house. In fact, there are lots of manufacturing invest in this field coz they can see the demand from the community now.

One of the manufacturing companies that produced good quality yet unique design of mailboxes is Gaines Manufacturing. Some of the beautiful designed of mailboxes from Gaines Manufacturing are Keystone Mailboxes, Keystone Mailboxes, Signature Keystone Mailbox, Gaines Classic Mailbox, Gaines Pedestal Mailbox and many more. Check out the site at, and also view the pictures that listed in the site.

By the way, they offer Free shipping for today online order, hurry up place your order now!

What is my blog color should be.

Your Blog Should Be Blue
Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere. You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant. From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

I love to do testing sometimes. Probably I don't know how to judge myself, so hoping that can know myself better through taking these kind of test. But not all tests are accurate though, I would still prefer my close friends commented about me rather than listening to the test result.

Your close friends must be genuine enough to tell you what they think about you. I know some people rather make friends than enemy, so they tend to tell you your good part but totally hide the bad part from you. Luckily friends around me very honest to me, so far they hardly or never tell lies to me, except white lies lar!

More Poker websites

If you are the fans of online poker games, I am sure you will have a long list of online games websites being bookmark into your favorite list. Have you left out It is the world’s only free online poker statistics site.

The site covers most of the largest online poker rooms and also giving detailed reviews, hottest tables and the latest news about poker games. If you couldn’t find the latest poker games and tournament, just do a quick search via their searching tool. The site will constantly update their tournament stats data.

There are few reviews that you can find in website, including PokerStars, Paradise Poker, Pacific Poker and others. Do check out the reviews and get to know more about those poker sites, then only you’ll have betting understanding about the rules to play poker games online.

Have fun!

Life enhancing products

If you are currently looking for life enhancing products, do pay a visit to Allegro Medical coz the site provide their customers with the distinct advantage of unparalleled product selection, competitive prices and the convenience of speedy home delivery. Allegro showcases thousands of life-enhancing products to consumers & businesses from various web-based storefronts, including

Some of the innovative yet creative products that offer in the site are children/pediatric, daily living aids, diabetic supplies, emergency preparation, exercise/fitness, hospital discharge favorites, maternity care, defibrillator , sexual well-being and many more.

Besides shop for categories, you also can shop by brand if you fond with particular brand of products. Some of the features brands are 3M, Bard, Mentor, Kendall, Pediasure, Johnson & Johnson and many more. Do check out the site now!

I can be a boss too!

Again, I want to rant about my eBay business here. I feel guilty now coz I had totally neglected my eBay business lately. I still have few stocks like kids clothing and hair accessory that well keep in my wardrobe. I should take them out and re-list in my eBay account however I am plain lazy to touch and doing all these stuff.

I think one of the main reasons is due to the profit margin for my previous stuff is not attractive enough. You see, I have to spend time to do the sewing for kids clothing and the return is not high. I cannot charge high coz I noticed once my price is a bit pricy, and then my clothing hardly or even cannot sell out within a period of time. hey, sometimes my selling price is a little bit higher than my cost price only, yet I still unable to get sales. Sigh…see, I got no motivation to sell my own stuff now.

One of my best friends suggest me to sell Sunglasses since the demand for this item is very good. The best is to get Wholesale Replica Sunglasses from CTS Wholesale where we can get vastly lower prices than the real branded ones. Their sunglasses look alike original brand but at cheaper price. Thus we can make the sales easily and allow us to make large profit on our turnover. Hey, CTS Wholesale able to offers Wholesale replica sunglasses for as low as $10 per dozen, a very dirt wholesale price to me. I will consider investing this business since the capital not so high for me too! Alternatively I also can list some of the sunglasses into my Ebay account.

Wish me luck then!

Earth Quake

The source of earth quake is getting nearer to Peninsular. What will happen to the high rise building especially KL if the rock really happens at our land one day? How many of them ready to withstand the rock?

If you are planning to won a high rise apartment, you better consider this point. Otherwise look at the case of Highland Tower, then you will know what I am trying to tell here.

Goji Berries, anyone?

I ever heard of Goji Berries from my friends who stay in United States and they told me it is the best nutritious food source on the earth. They claimed the if we eat it in daily basis, then we are rarely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, or many other diseases that are commonly affecting people nowadays.Besides eating Goji Berries in raw, we also can eat dried Goji Berries or drink Goji Berry Juice. You able to purchase both types of Goji Berries from, the best source for authentic Himalayan Goji Berries because they directly import from the region the authentic Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum. Since they purchase Goji Berries in large quantity, thus they able to offer customer with the most competitive price.

If I could find Goji Berries at my nearest store, I am sure will get one and try it out. My family members all are fruit lovers, I am sure they will fall in love with Goji Berries too!