Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our Simple X'mas Tree

Before having Wien, we never celebrating Merry X'mas. We only make use of this public holiday to go for vacation or just relax at home. After having Wien, only we start treat it as a special day for her! All because due to Wien like Santa Claus very much as well as the X'mas gift! Year 2002 - She was only 8 mth + during her 1st X'mas , so she dunno much on this date yet. We brought her to shopping mall to see those pretty X'mas tree with light up. Year 2003 - As for her 2nd X'mas, she is 1 year 8 mth, but mummy & daddy did not celebrate this date with her, we go for our Europe trip instead!! We are celebrating our white X'mas there. Mummy felt guity, so bought many many gifts & souvenirs for her. Year 2004 - Come to her 3rd X'mas( which is last year), during X'mas day, we brought her to shopping mall to look for Santa Claus. At that time, I just gave birth to Lyon, she is only 1 month 3 days old, so did not bring her out, just leave her at home with my MIL. Wien so happy when she saw the Santa Claus, she quickly run towards him. The Santa carry her, surprisingly Wien did not cry although at first I thot she will cry. As for this year, mummy & daddy promised that her will up a X'mas tree for her if she behave as good girl. So last weekend, we go & shop for some X'mas decoration things. But we did not buy the tree, we use real plant! Daddy said no need to keep it after used which occupy some space! Err..mummy feel the tree not look like x'mas tree lor, but Wien is happy with it, ok la, never mind, as long as she is happy! All the things are hang by Wien herself, she refuse us to help her, she want to DIY ! So we just let her do it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Wien is my good helper nowadays! She will offer her help to me when she see me busy. She will help me do below things:

  • hang/fold the laundry ( hers & Lyon's only)
  • wash plate (but I only allow her to wash her own plate under my supervision!)
  • carry out the high chair for Lyon while feeding time (she prefer to put her head under the chair while carrying!)
  • arrange her CD in a proper place, no sepah-sepah after watching. If not, daddy will threw away all her favourite CD!
  • pass me wet tissue while Lyon poo poo.
  • put in the detergent into the washing machine, etc etc...

Though not many things she can help out but at least she did give me a helping hand while I am busy! I love you, Wien!

Monday, November 28, 2005

SIL Wedding on 26/11/2005

Youngest SIL getting marry on 26/11/2005. Wien is happy as she has been waiting for this date very long time liao, but at the same time, she also feel sad as she knew her 小姑(SIL) going to leave her & stay with her hubby. Here are some photos taken during the great day. Lovely couple with the 4 little pretty child brides... As norm, Chinese wedding ceremony got lots of pantang-larang, if you are superstitious enough, then you have to follow all the rules and regulations. At for my MIL side , she does not follow much those rules, as they are quite open-minded. But for SIL’s hubby side, they have lots of thing to do & to follow, until my SIL beh tahan. But what to do, as her future MIL already remind her to follow. So my MIL no choice , got to do also! As she dun want her daughter kena “bom” at the other side! In fact, all those rules are “aim” to get first baby boy! OMG, why at this generation, still got this kind of thinking?? Really no further comment on this! Frankly speaking, until now I still not really understand our Chinese culture, until when their mind will be changed? I do believe most of you that already married had gone through this stage, including myself! OK, lets wish this couple : 百年好和, 幸福美满,早生贵子,子孙满堂!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Sunflower Baby

Daddy seem like nothing to do yesterday & today, he modified Wien & Lyon photos into the sunflower & sent to me moment ago. I saw the modified photo so cute, so put in here la; also dun want to waste daddy's 一片苦心! In fact, the photos still need some touch up, daddy ask mummy to do but mummy dunno how to do just let it be...

Clinic/Height Chart

This morning, I went to see doctor, as I was having coughing few days liao. Cough until throat also pain. If I still no cure, afraid will spread the germ to my girls, then more worst! Better cure it before my girls suffer. Reach the clinic, while waiting for the doctor, I saw something that attract me, is a height chart! So far I never see this clinic hang the chart before. I have been searching for this very long time. I want to measure my girls’ height from time to time. I have one in my house; it was given by a very kind mummy. She took all the trouble and posted to me! You must be wondering why not I buy it from book store or shopping mall. In fact, I have been many bookstores before, even in MPH or Popular, I also couldn’t get it. They told me nowadays they seldom sell this stuff; suggest me to ask from clinic. I asked the counter girl how they get it ( in fact, I knew la must be the salesman give them one). Ya, it was given by Anmum Essential salesman. She saw me so keen to have it, then she go to store search for it in case they have any extra. I happily wait for her. After few minutes, she came out and told me no more liao, as they threw it because they never it. Aiyah, why not keep it and give to mummies le (such as me!). But she promised to keep one for me in case they have it in future!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Dunno since when Wien like to say " 我不要"(I dun want), whenver we asked her do something. Even during meal time, she also would say like this : I dun want this vege, I dun want fish etc etc...make us angry sometimes! Daddy want her stop talking like that, so he will talk like her too if she request him to do something. Such as... Wien : 爸爸,我要玩电脑。(Papa, I want to play computer) Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Wien : 爸爸,我要去”咚将”家。(Papa, I want to go lion dance house) Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Wien : 爸爸,我要去Jusco. Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Whenever daddy reply her I DUN WANT, she will come to me and beg me to bring her to those places. If I also reject her, then she either will cry or manja manja with daddy, hopefully daddy will kesian her. But daddy insist his I DUN WANT. He follow Wien tone as well when he say that. Even though daddy has been few times talked to her like that, yet she still no change. Last Sunday, as usual, she attend the Sunday School. When come to games session, she refuse to join them, no matter how other kids had came and pursuade her. She just stand aside and see them play. Later the teacher asked all the kids to sit in group, as she want to tell story. But Wien said she dun want to sit with them, she sit quite a distance from them. Daddy was there with her, he go near to her and get her to join them, but she just refuse to do so. Daddy feel no point she was there if she behave like that, so ask her to go home even though the class not end yet. While driving back to home, Wien told daddy that she want to see goats, daddy said I DUN WANT. Daddy want to give her a lesson, he told her that he dun want to go home, want to go some where else. But Wien said she want to go home liao, dun want "kai kai" with daddy. Daddy just ignore her, he drove to pump petrol. Opps, Shell too many cars, so he drove to Petronas. Wien keep telling daddy that she wanna go home, daddy said I DUN WANT. Then Wien start crying liao. Daddy still ignore her, keep on driving around the town. She cry louder and louder. Until she tell daddy that: 爸爸,我以后不敢了。(Papa, I will not do it again!). Daddy ask her are you sure you will not say I DUN WANT anymore? Then she promised, then only he drove her back! Since that incident, she seldom say the 3 words. If she say again, then daddy or mummy will say the same thing to her if she has any request from us! Daddy advise mummy dun always fulfill kids' need and dun everytime listen to them. If everytime satisfy their needs then one day if they cannot get what they want, they will threw tantrum to you easily. Maybe he is true la, but mummy very "heart soft"(心软)wan le...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

X' mas Tree

During bed time.... Mummy told Wien that mummy wish to make a X'mas tree for the coming X'mas ( after mummy read this post). She is so excited, later she said no need to buy, we can DIY. Huh? How? She said mummy stand on daddy shoulder, then she stand on mummy shoulder, lastly get Lyon stand on her shoulder, then hor all of us open our hand, then we can be the X'mas tree liao lor....haha..what a good imagination! Hubby just laugh beside us, he always teasing me that Wien is more smarter than her blur blur mummy....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lyon's Photos

Today is Lyon official birthday. Mummy wish to do this blog post officially for her. Lazy mummy go and dig out all her it goes…. Newborn baby Lyon - at day 2 Lyon at 2nd month Lyon do push up (6th month) Lyon on walker ( 6-7th month) Lyon at 8-9th month Lyon 1 year old ...but still look like a baby! Lyon so far only know stand with support, walk few "big" steps with our help. She refuse to walk sometimes, maybe due to she ever fall down last time. However Wien can walk after her 1st birthday! It's ok for us, as we know one day she will make her first step!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Lyon

Yesterday night we arrange a simple yet meaningful party for Lyon. Yes, it is Lyon’s first year old birthday party. It’s s just a small gathering for our family member as we do not invite other relatives. But sad thing is SIL’s kids do not turn up due to chicken pox. We scare it will spread to Wien & Lyon, so advise them better dun come, furthermore, youngest SIL getting marry this coming Saturday, so she lagi scare she will kena chicken pox. Of course Lyon will not know today is her great day, the one who get very excited is Wien. She keeps asking me when we can take out the cake from fridge, when we can blow the candle, bla bla bla…at that time I was in the kitchen busy fry chicken & mee hoon. I bought her a Pandan Vanilla Fruit Cake from local bakery shop. The cake looks very nice, and it tastes delicious too! I also choose 2 mini Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse to put on top of the cake as decorations. When everything ready, hubby help to take out all food and served it on the table. Lyon seem like not really attracted by those food, even when the cake on the table too! I try to get her near to the table but she just refuse to come down, insist me to carry her. Hai, this girl too clings to me. But Wien very happy when she saw the 2 mini MM, she want to take out them; lucky we manage to stop her! I did not prepare many food as not many of us, but we have some fried mee hoon, fried chicken, watermelon, vitagen for kids etc….my expert dish is fried chicken, hubby said no other food is fine but must have my fried chicken. Yeah, it simply delicious! Is time to cut birthday cake, but Lyon look blur blur, poor girl, must be thinking why so many of us surrounding her..when the candle light is there, she try to blow it, but too soft, not manage to blow off the candle; Wien want to blow for her but we stop her first, tell her let Lyon try first. After few “soft” blow, still not manage to blow off the candle, finally only get Wien to help her. Remove the candle, just let the 2 girls "play" with the cake, Lyon try to take the grape but fail, so Wien said: 妹妹拿不到,来,姐姐帮你(you canot get ha, come, I help u!) After Wien gave her one grape, Lyon start to dig others pulak..we scare the cake will 面目全非, so have to stop them liao..haha.. As usual, tonight Lyon also keep glue to me, until I cannot have a proper meal. One way to avoid her keep behaving like that is, give her food! Ya, any food will attract her one, regardless what it is...I can say she is a "wai sek mui"!! So, I gave her one watermelon, she happily sit beside me and eat it...then mummy only got time to have food! See, she eat until her mouth full full! Such a greedy girl.. After eating, MIL asked me to put some items on the floor and let Lyon choose. Old folks say what the baby choose will represent what they will become in future. Eg, if they choose abacus or calculator mean in future they will work as Accountant; choose book mean they would love reading & will be knowledgeable, bla bla bla....I do it is just for fun only, no other meaning though. First attempt....After putting stuff like ruler, handphone, abacus, fried chicken, book & a game on the floor, we try to attract Lyon to crawl towards them. But she just see see only, refuse to go there and pick. Finally, she start crawling but crawl towards ma ma (MIL) le...aiyah..poor daddy, already standby the camera. Second attemp...after 1/2 hr, mummy try again! Yes, this time she quickly crawl to get the ruler! What this mean? to become a tailor or fashion designer? No one will know, including Lyon herself! End up, she happily play with the ruler.... Happy Birthday Lyon, mummy & daddy only have one wish, to wish u have GOOD HEALTH & HAPPY all the time. We love u very much!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Dr. Azahari hometown

Yesterday while driving back from office, just after less than 5 minutes drive, I saw many cars were parked at the road side and some police cars too! I was wondering what’s happening. Kenduri? But why got police cars? Maybe politician’s gathering la. Better dun bother since nothing relate to me too… About 7.00pm ++, hubby back from office… is our conversation: Hubby : Eh, on the way back just now, did you see many cars right after the Petronas? Me : Ya, what happen ha? Hubby : That’s Azahari’s funeral la! Me : Ya ka? How you know? You stop by and ask the policeman ha? Hubby : Eh, you never read paper ka? Me : I knew he died already but dunno his hometown is in Melaka ma… Hubby : I saw yesterday paper said that he is from Chinchin, Jasin, so that’s must be his funeral. Me : oh.. This morning read TheStar from the net, got the confirmation. Hubby must be thinking I am nothing to do ka, this one also want to blog!! Ya, in fact , me really nothing to do today....

Thursday, November 17, 2005


老板和业务经理刚从美国公干回来,老板带给我的手信竟然是马航的Toiletry Set!! 我好失望啊!他竟然送我这个东西!! 通常他会给我一些手信如果他有出国的话, 我曾经拿过的东西如:巧克力,锁匙圈,笔,冰箱磁铁, 种种吃的零食等等。。 哎呀老板老板,你真的以为我会稀罕这种东西吗?你不送我东西的话,我还不那麽生气,送了这反而让我气的说不出话啦! 那,有相片为证呢。。

结果,这包包我送给了扫地的印度婆!她多麽高兴呢! 反而业务经理送我漂亮的冰箱磁铁!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

HK/Shenzhen/Guangzhou - Part V

27/10/2005 - 31/10/2005 At last I posted all my parts..hope you guys enjoy reading as well as enjoy viewing my photos ya.. ************* 27/10/2005, Thurdays morning, after checking out, we take bus to Guangzhou. It took 2 hrs. We no need to book hotel in GZ as we will stay in hubby's uncle house. Uncle’s house is a 2 room apartments, auntie reserve one room for 3 of us, then they share the room with the daughter, let's call her MJ! Uncle has 2 daughters only, another daughter stay in Hainan. Originally, uncle & auntie are from Hainan; they come to stay with MJ after she bought the apartment in GZ. They will only stay here few months, after that fly back to Hainan. Both of them are retired now, so can travel as and when they like. They are so happy when see us, me and Wien never meet them before, only ever saw their photos from email. But hubby went to their house few times during his past trips in China. That's why he can be our "half pail water" tour guide! They even prepared ang pow for me & hubby, as the belated wedding ang pow wor, then Wien & Lyon also got theirs, as the newborn greeting! How thoughtful they are!! MJ is a part time tour guide during weekend. Full time job is an editor( or writer) in a studio for Pre School Education CD. She gave Wein many CD which all done by her, all medium in Mandarin. Most of the time she is the one who brought us explore GZ. She even arranged one day local tour for us, to visit Panyu ( 番禹), places we go there are 宝墨园 ( very nice China garden style) & 广州番禹香江野生动物园(GZ Panyu’s Zoo, click here for more detail) Package price is RMB168 per pax, not including meal. Overall the tour worth it as the garden so nice and beautiful, plus the weather so cooling & windy. I like 宝墨园, quite a relaxing place, environment is good & the toilet is clean too! So far in my trip, I never come across any toilet that with half door or no door wan or just a "lokang"!! Here's toilet provide toilet paper too! I surprise too!! As far as I know, most some China toilet (except in restaurant) are either without toilet paper or no water. Therefore I did bring along my wet tissue. MJ told me there is a 5 star toilet here, so regret I never enter it & take a photo; cos when we passed by that toilet, we got no urgency to go. There are so many big fish(鲤鱼) along the park, when feed them with food (buy from there only), they will swim towards you in one big group. I believe if Wien terjatuh dalam kolam, sure kena makan by them!! That's why I hold her tight while she feed them. There is a wax museum too, displayed ancient times characters such as 包青天,皇帝, 皇后,宫女等等!Not bad though as compare to Madam Tussads! Panyu's zoo also big, cannot even finish walking all the places. The zoo has 2 sites for visiting; one site need the train ( or you can drive your own car enter this site, but must make prior arrangment first) to bring us around the zoo, where we can see those wild animals just beside us, but not allow feed them though. They call it 与兽同行!Same concept as our Safari JB, but now closed already due to poor management. Is a very good experience for Wien too, as she can see those animals clearly. Compare to Zoo Melaka, this zoo is much much interesting. The other site of the zoo need lot of walking, lot of shows too, those shows are presented by White Tiger, monkey, bear, etc. They specialty animals is White Tiger, which hardly found in other zoo. Can you see white tiger, same color with the rock la.. Orangutan with her baby asking for food from tourist.. Other places we went only more exciting for me only la I guess!! Those places are mainly for shopping purposes, such as 北京路,上下九路和天河广场。Most of the souvenirs I bought from here as it is dirt cheap as compare to HK..(so sorry as I din take photos on what I bought, and most of them already distributed out by now..)! I bought an imitake Minnie Mouse for Wien, only RBM35 for a 15" height MM. As those MM sold in HK Disneyland very expensive, HKD120 just for a 8" height, I dun think it is worth it to spend. What a stingy mummy ya...but I did buy her something from there la, a Winnie Pooh towel! She like it very much.. Wien with her China brand MM, white tiger bag & bear ( given by MJ, from her studio)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sewing Skill

My MIL has a very good sewing skill, she likes to sew many stuff since before marriage. She can sew dresses, shirts, pants, doll/toy, curtains, bedsheet, bags, sofa set, quilt etc etc...During younger time, due to come from not so rich family, plus she has the strong interest in this field, so she tend to make those stuff by her own; even most of the dresses for all of her daughters ( my SIL) are handmade. She like to make dresses for Wien & her other granddaughters, here are some of Wien's dresses that make by her. Wien's lion dance pant Wien in her butterfly suit She ever made few dresses/long pants for me too, after I described to her how the dresses look like after my window shopping in some botiques. She can made almost 90% (or exactly) as what I told her le! Before marry I always wear new dress or shirt to office, in a month I could have at least 1-2 new dress, of course la, future daughter-in-law ma! Now hardly can have new dresses from her as I already learn the sewing skill from her, so have to do by my own liao! But mummy busy taking care kids, so hardly have time to do sewing too! Anyway, I still manage to do dresses for Wien during her nap time last time! When Lyon start walking liao, I will also try to make dresses for her! Try to be fair for both of them! Dun play play hor, me also pandai sewing one, I ever sew for my wedding bedsheet ( with ruffle around the edge too!), curtain, gown (wear in during my wedding photo session too), Wien's dress & my dress..etc! My next target is to learn how to make kebaya, MIL knew it, so will learn from her too!Poor thing is I am handful with the 2 girls now. If got time, I tend to nap with them or do house chores. I am impress on this handmade dog..... Youngest SIL told me, her mum made this for her more than 20 years back; after they saw it in a shop. Due to expensive price, MIL did not buy it; but she made it instead. She still kept it nicely in cupboard, recently only taken out & let Wien & Lyon play with it. Wien called it Mok Pluto..haha..

Lyon fell down again...

As usual, mummy will do the ironing on Sunday night. Daddy & Wien watching TV and Lyon busy crawling at living room. I do the ironing in another room, couldn’t see what they do there; me very “fong sam” la since daddy will look after them. At that time, MIL having her shower. On and off I can hear chair moving sound, meaning Lyon is pushing her favourite chair again! She likes to push chair while walking, seem like one of her fun activity in the house. She also in walking learning stage now. We have walker too but she seem like not enjoy with it, so I had kept it in store room now. We purposely put 2 chairs together so that it will not so light which can cause the chair terbalik & cause Lyon fall down too! We will watch out whenever she does this, she might fall down. If fact she ever fall down too! After about 10-15 min, heard Lyon cry loudly; quickly run to see her, aiyo , poor girl fall down again. Cry until so kesian, I blamed daddy not look after her properly, as he is the nearest person who can reach her ma! Only busy watching TV…in fact, if he want to rescue her also cannot la, as it happen so sudden, unless he follow Lyon from the back all the time! Poor daddy, get scolded by mummy cos mummy very "heart pain" when saw she cry like that! Sorry dear!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

HK/Shenzhen/Guangzhou - Part IV

26/10/2005, Wesnesday Today is our last day for the trip, but we extend the return date till 31/10. as we want to go Guangzhou (GZ) by our own, to visit hubby’s uncle there. At first, plan to take train as the train station nearer to our hotel, but uncle’s house more nearer to bus station, so for their convenient, we take bus la. Before proceed to GZ, we decide to stay extra night in Shenzhen, as we I not manage to do shopping there yet. Hubby said will bring me to shop at Dongmen ( 东门), as he said come to Shenzhen, if not go to Dongmen mean never been there wor. We took MRT from HK to Shenzhen, same as we did on 23/10; we also check into the same hotel. Reach Shenzhen already noon time, we rest some time in the hotel first, to charge the energy; as need to do walking too in Dongmen. In Dongmen, many things can buy here ( provided your wallet's money allow u to do so la!!), cheap & many choice. Lucky I did not buy much in HK, as HK wan very expensive. Crowded here, too many people, scare pick pocket too; so I did not bring along any hand bag, our wallet/purse all keep in our pocket. As our uncle remind us that now near to CNY, many pick pocket around the town, have to becareful. No photo taken here, as mummy busy shopping & poor daddy busy carry Wien..

Friday, November 11, 2005

HK/Shenzhen/Guangzhou - Part III

p/s : This is my re-write posting, first posting was gone while half day loading the pictures due to power trip. Me so frust!! I spend whole morning sitting in front pc and writing, so concentrate and exciting too…as I knew this part going to finish…hai… 25/10/2005, Tuesday Today we are going to Disneyland HK. From Shenzhen back to HK again, so troublesome as need to carry the big luggage(3 of us share one luggage plus one back bag), some more have to wake up at 6.00am, as ms tan will fetch us from the hotel at 7.00am. Too early, we got no time to take breakfast, so she will ta pau breakfast from the hotel. Guess what she packed for us? Only 1 egg with 2 breads…so disappointed, see already no mood to eat. But Wien like the egg, lucky, if not she has to take biscuit again. Reach HK train station, HK tour guide already waiting there. Transfer us to Dorsett Sea View Hotel (same hotel as we stayed in 22/10). Since it is only 9.00am, cannot do the check in, so just left those luggages at the lobby and told them we will check in tonight. After settle everything, we heading to Disneyland by coach. Wien seem very excited in the coash, she keep asking whether Mok Goofy/Mok Pluto wake up already or not? Mickey and Minnie will be there or not? Noticed she called Goofy and Pluto with her surname as Mok? Cos she like them very much! Kids are kids la…never except she will say that too.. Reach there exactly at 10.00am, the time when the park open for us to go in. toddler less than 2 years old is FOC! Wien already 3 years plus, so she will has the entrance ticket as us too!! Tour guide told us they will check on individual bag during the entry, to make sure we did not bring in any food into the park. If they manage to find it in the bag, they will get you finish the food before entering the place. Sure ka? Sound not friendly at all ya. I recall during my trip to Disneyland Paris 2 years back, they never check on bag, although there is a signboard stated that no food is allow to bring in. Any how, to avoid the embarrassment, I insert Wien’s waffle biscuit, mini cake into my pocket. Those are her favorite; sure she will ask for it when hungry. But when we are inside the park, I can see people eating Potatoes chip, bread and other food that not sell inside the park too! I wonder how they bring in ha?? There are many Disney carton celebrities in the American Street for us to take photo with. But need to queue long time la. Wien was so happy when she saw Goofy and Pluto running along the street, she quickly run towards them, me too follow her. Mummy also excited ma. I did not know that need to queue up at the first place, when we closer to them, then the staff there come and told us to queue up, me so pai sei le… At least need to queue up ½ hr before we manage to take pictures with them, quite tiring too standing there, but the weather is good, not so hot, and windy too. The longest queue I can see is the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I think at least has to wait for 1 hour. I dun want to waste time on that, so redirected Wien attention to other places. We go for rides first. The park not so crowded today, many tourist from mainland and local people too! We manage to play most of the rides and see the shows presented in each land. If you follow clearly the map, sure will not miss out anyone of it. After some rides/walking, feel hungry; look for food first, if not, no energy to walk liao. Not cheap eating in Disneyland, one meal either rice or noodles at least cost you HKD40 minimum; but the serving quite big, I couldn’t finish the whole plate. After lunch, we continue our journey in the land. As usual, Wien need daddy carry her as she claim she is too tired, next time we would consider to bring buggy for her instead of carrying her, so tiring, poor daddy!! Wien suddenly shouted Mickey Mickey, then only we noticed MM, Pooh, Mulan were at the garden for photo session. So we queue up la like this morning, just to satisfy Wien curiousity to have picture with them. In fact, mummy also wish to since not many chance to have pictures with this kind of cute celebrities ma!! Wien bully Donald Duck le, she bite her mouth when reach her turn to take photo, maybe due to too excited kua! Then DD pretend very painful, Wien just laugh happily when see that! The staff come forward & told her cannot bully her wor...haha! About 4.00pm, Wien feel sleepy and tired, she wants to sleep. We look for a nice place for her to have her short nap; if not sure later she will lau kai. In fact, quite tiring bring her along for the trip, but overall she behave quite well except feeding time as she quite choosy in eating. At 4.50pm, daddy wake her up, if not we will short of time to finish all the land. But she need daddy to carry her as she seem half wake half sleep..poor girl! 7.00pm Disneyland will close. Before the closing, there is a fireworks presentation at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, it took abt 10 min. Great fireworks, everyone seem enjoy it, including us! Main Entrance Wien with Micky Mouse Our family photo with Mok Goofy & Mok Pluto, how nice if Lyon also with us. Wien manja mania with Donald Duck... Wien with ?? ( suddenly cannot recall the name pulak..!!) Very pretty Beauty. Wien with Minnie Pooh & Tiger( HK Pooh seem like not chubby enough le) Wien with Mickey Wien napping in the park...too tired walking! Fireworks After Disney, transfer back to Dorset Sea View Hotel. We are not happy with the extra bed given by them. Imagine, they just put the mattress on the floor, instead of giving us the bed with mattress; seem like sleeping on the floor. First day we check in, there are 3 beds there, so no problem. This you can see from below photo! Hubby not satisfy with it , so called the receiption to change room or at least give proper bed, rather than sleeping on the floor! At first, they claimed no more room, we have to accept that room. Hubby angry with the answer, as we already paid for the extra bed charge for the package, and this is the service we get!! He asked them what will you do if you are in this situation? Will you accept to sleep on the floor if you already paid for the bed charges? They couldn't answer...ask us to wait another 10-15 min. After that, give us another room with one queen size bed & one extra bed for Wien. Now only we satisfy..if not insist our request, sure they will not entertain us wan..