Friday, November 23, 2012

Software solutions

If you ask me run a small business alone, I can tell you I will fail. Simply because I don’t have a proper management skill to handle all these. I need a management person to assist me. And this person will be my hubby. He is very good at this. He indirectly me helping me setting up my online sewing business. Now I can run my business smoothly but I still need his advice from time to time. If he does not help me, then maybe I will need to find workflow software solutions to guide me already. But before using the software, I have to study first. To study whether it suitable for my small business or not.

Don't disturb me

One of my friends told me that her SIL likes to watch Youtube very much. She can watch the channel all day long. I am surprise her toddler son never disturb her while she is watching any video clip. Her son can entertain himself while the mom watches the video clip alone. How nice if my girl can behave like that too? But I am watching video lar, I am doing my sewing only.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Raining season

It had been raining almost everyday now. Morning hot like hell, come to 3-4pm, the day start grooming and will rain anytime.

You better standby bigger umbrella in your office or car because the rain is real heavy type. Sometimes I even cannot see properly when I was driving.