Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fancy ceiling fan

There are many types of fancy ceiling fans in the market. Sometimes I am so tempted to buy one and fix at my living hall. However my hubby objects my suggestion. His point is fancy ceiling fan has too many small bulbs, not easy to maintain and also high cost to maintain it. He got his point too. Unless we are very rich, then only afford to spend for such a luxury fan. Hahaha….wonder when can I become so rich ler…

Old mobile

Nowadays you can see lot of people carrying ipods in their pocket. Regardless they are old or young generation. It is a trend now. too bad, I am still not afford to own one till now. to me, spending more than 2k for a tiny mobile is not worth at all, a bit of wasting money lar. As long as the mobile can receive calls and sms, then it is more than enough for me already. So if one day you happen to bump into me and saw me still using old version of T610 Sony Ericsson, please don’t laugh at me.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

May year 2010 bring us more luck and good news! Gambateh!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday for 2 of us

Most of the tourists like to spend holiday at beautiful and sandy beaches, including myself too. Hubby ever told me that he will bring me to Hawaii one day for our honeymoon replacement as we did not anywhere when we first get married. Well, if we really will go for honeymoon, I think we will select cancun destination weddings. This is to celebrate the wedding anniversary only ya, not to mean marry again. LOL I do hope hubby will not so stingy to spend on this package since we quite sometime did not go for holiday for the 2 of us already!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday for us...when?

Can someone advice me how much it cost if I will to book any myrtle beach vacation rentals from online webs? Any website to recommend me? I am not sure how soon I can make the trip materialize but I certainly like to make the comparison now. Who know one day suddenly my hub surprise me to give me green light to book this vacation? LOL
No joke, I really dream that my hub will tell me: let’s go for beach holiday! You decide where to go! :)

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming soon and I yet to prepare any Christmas gifts for her. Opps, not her but them, my precious girls. I know they are looking forward games boy type of games. However their daddy is objected to this idea. To him, buy something educational is more important than buying those games. Now I am having headache. What should I buy? The Christmas tree is up; done it last night. Till date I also not yet go to shopping mall to see those nice Christmas décor. Really should make it one day!

Diet again

I have flabby tummy after giving birth. I don’t know how to kick away the extra fat. I had tried so many ways to keep fit and diet, yet my flabby tummy still there. Tell me how to lose belly fat with cheaper and reliable way? I ever tried exercise, diet pill, healthy drinks etc etc..yet the fat still come back once I stop doing all these. Arghhhhhhhhhh….

I am shy to try new dress or pant in shopping mall you know. I feel myself so horrible look each time trying those pretty dress in changing room. I can sew pretty dress too but with this flabby tummy, wear anything also not nice!

21 century facts

Our communication - Wireless Our phones - Cordless Our cooking - Fireless Our food - Fatless Our Sweets - Sugarless Our labour - Effortless Our relations - Fruitless Our attitude - Careless Our feelings - Heartless Our politics - Shameless Our education - Worthless Our mistakes - Countless Our arguments - Baseless Our youth - Jobless Our ladies - Topless Our boss - Brainless Our jobs - Thankless Our needs - Endless Our situation - Hopeless Our salaries - Less and less

Rental homes?

I believe some of you had planned for your Chinese New Year break.Some even already booked the flight tickets to fly back on time.:P

Now do you want to know how I spend my Chinese New Year break? Do you believe I just stay home with the kids? Yeah, we did that!! LOL

However we also went for CNY visiting together with my MIL. Strictly for relatives!. If my MIL no ask us to drive her there, I think we will just stay home throughout the break. In fact, we should plan going for vacation during this break, however due to the cost for travel during this festive freaking high, so hubby usually will not plan for any vacation. What a stingy daddy!! Don't know when will he book any charleston vacation rentals for us. Haiz...just wait and see!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


到一個朋友家去做客,出了電梯, 見門口赫然掛了一塊小木牌, 上書:「進門前,請脫去煩惱;回家時,帶快樂回來。」 進屋後,果見男女主人一團和氣,兩個孩子大方有禮,溫馨、和諧充盈著整個屋子。 我自然詢問起那塊木牌,女主人笑著望向男主人:「你說。」 男主人則溫柔地瞅向女主人:「還是你說,因為這是你的創意。」 最終,女主人輕緩地說開了:「有一回我回家,在電梯的鏡子 ? 看到一張睏倦、 灰暗的臉,一雙緊擰的眉毛,煩惱的眼睛…… 把我自己嚇了一大跳。 於是,我想, 當孩子、丈夫面對這樣愁苦陰沈的面孔時,會有什麼感覺? 假如我面對的也是這樣的面孔,又會有什麼反應? 我想到孩子在餐桌上的沈默、丈夫的冷淡…第二天我就寫了一塊方木牌釘在門上以提醒自己。 結果,提醒的不只是我而是一家人,奇蹟就這樣出現了。而且,不僅是我們一家人,到我家的客人也都變得歡歡喜喜……」 好有智慧、好可愛的女人。 天下的好與壞, 幸與不幸,快樂與痛苦,常常是一體的兩面。 一念之間的轉換,就呈現出截然不同的世界。 心若改變,態度就會改變;態度改變,習慣就會改變;習慣改變,人生就會改變。 改命改運不如改個性,個性一改 ~ 福氣自然來。

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When to take water?

Correct timing to take water, will maximize its effectiveness to Human body. Two (02) glass of water - After waking up - Helps activate internal organs One (01) glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal - Help digestion One (01) glass of water - Before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure One (01) glass of water - Before sleep - To avoid stroke or heart attack

Thursday, November 26, 2009

fat burner...anyone?

If you are currently looking for diet pills products, then it is wise for you to read more topics for fat burner reviews. All these reviews can be easily got from internet. Some consumers really send in their genuine fat burner reviews in order to share with other future users. Some of them not suitable to use these products too, so they will write based on their experience. They will not blindly promote the item if the item is not effective onto them!

*fat burner*

My pre-pregnancy weight is 45 kg. After giving birth twice, now my weight is 50kg. I know some of you might comment that increase by 5 kg is not a lot. But when you see my current body shape, then you will notice the 5 kg meant a lot to me. Perhaps it is due to my baby fat which very obvious at my cheek! Tell me, how can I shred off the extra fat from my face or my waist? I don’t like the extra 5 kg. I want back my pre-pregnancy weight! Help!....hmmmm…shall I try any fat burners to get back my dream body figure?

insurance rates

With the advancement of internet, nowadays it is so easy to get term life insurance rates. By keying in appropriate words, you will be to find tones of insurance rates from online website, regardless term life, saving, vehicle and many more other insurance types. I remember during my times, I have to call up insurance agents one by one, just to compare the rate and policy content. Now with searching engine from internet, I can save lot of talking time! LOL

barcode system

Most of the shopping malls already implemented barcode scanner when come to cashier counter. Nowadays not only big shopping malls will use barcode system, you can actually see many shops start using it too. This system very useful for them because save time on counting money as well as come to stock take during month end or year end. We can summarized the stock count at a glance easily too. Unlike olden days where people have to use manual counting that might be inaccurate!

Dental service

I don’t have pearly white teeth. I am quite hardworking in brushing my teeth start from the first day I start brushing my teeth. However my teeth still do not have pearly white look. Perhaps it is due to parent’s genes. But I was told we can actually turn our yellowish teeth in white if we seek help from Orange NJ invisalign. I wonder how much the charges will be if I will to go for their dental service?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spread the smile for RM1.00 Only

Do for good cause,come on, join this in Facebook.

We can do so much better! You don't have to pay a single sen! ING Insurance will pledge RM1 for every member of this Movement towards corrective surgeries for cleft. How much easier can it get for you to help put a smile on a child's face? Please help Spread the Smile!

Please help the cleft children gain back their smile. They need our support!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rechargeable batteries

I bought some rechargeable batteries to use for my kids' toy that need to "feed" with batteries. If I will to buy normal batteries, then I am going to broke soon. This is because the battery for toys very fast run out of energy. Before using rechargeable batteries, I have to buy batteries very often. Therefore hubby suggested me to buy rechargeable type, more economical according to him. LOL

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still looking fat?

Be careful when you look for any brand of natural appetite suppressant. Some natural appetite suppressant did contain side effects like caffeine. It is strongly recommended you to read carefully and properly about the review of the products that you are going to consume. One of the place where you can read good reviews of natural appetite suppressant is at

The site contained few genuine reviews about certain brands of such product. Do read them if you wish to buy this product in near future.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where to go during school break?

Everyone is talking about school holiday now,including myself. Why? This is because everyone of us planning for a break. Yeah, year end all of us deserve a break, right? Hehe....

Now, cracking my head to think where shall we go? Travel local or oversea? I know we owe our small girl a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Her papa suggested go next year. Hopefully he hold his promise lar. Look like he is going to postpone my orlando vacations again since he promised his boss that he will take up planning section by next month.Oh No.....

Friday, October 30, 2009



Monday, October 26, 2009

Protect your skin

I bet every single lady is acne, especially acnes at facei. Hehe…this of course ncluding myself too. I remember during teenager time, my face having some acne and caused me refuse to go out with my friends. I feel embarrassed and worry they might laugh at me. How silly I am.

However it seems very common for us to have some acne at our skin or face. If you choose the appropriate acne treatment, perhaps you can clear or eliminate those acnes easily and in shorter time too. you can check out various brands of skin product to clear acne from online stores.

Some acne products treat acne effectively and leave your skin hydrated and clear. It is the only system that treats four causes of Acne, such as infection, inflammation, excess oil production and clogged pores. Do read up more about their reviews from online website.

Minnie oh Minnie

Minnie Oh nice if I can fit into this cute dress ya! Too bad, I am too old to wear it nice if I can back to my childhood!

Tell me, does my Minnie suit can compete with those online selling wan? See below and feel free to comment!

For pricing,do check it out here:

diet topic again

If you are looking ofr a safe and reliable appetite suppressant, then you should check out To date, the site has receive no complaints about their appetite suppressant being too strong or any negative side effects.

Frankly I am quite skeptical to try out these appetite suppressant products for losing weight. I am really worried about the after used side effect. I heard some of it even cause other sickness right after the consumer stop consuming it. Sound scary ya. Wonder should I try or not?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Michelle Yeoh @ Tangkak

Michelle Yeoh was in town last night, 18/10/09. Not big town but small town at Tangkak. Surprise? Hehe...when I first time heard about this news, I thought it was a rumor! I wondering why she wants to come such a ulu place? :P

Well, people told me, every year she will flies back to Malaysia during her dad birthday. I believe she will do so for her mother's birthday as well. Such a good girl, no wonder so many fans like her very much.

If you can read Chinese, do read the write up from here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beach golf

My big boss is in holiday now. I know he went to China but not sure which part of China though since China is very big to me. However I am sure he will be playing golf there with his travel members. He likes to play golf abroad, perhaps local golf environment not up to his standard. What a good life of him ya. I wonder when will be my turn to fly here and there just to play golf or shopping? LOL
Well, I was thinking to suggest him going to Myrtle beach golf since many reviews commented this is a heaven place for golfer. I am sure my boss would love it too since once a year, he will bring his family for beach vacation. Perhaps he can try this out!

Try silver investment

Hubby start active again in gold investment. His gold account book will be forever follow him. Once he noticed the gold price is up soon or already up a little bit, he will quickly check the margin and decide want to buy more or sell off existing units. Hehe....last time crazy over share market now switch to gold!

I was wondering will he try his luck into silver? Since silver nowadays quite good profit margin too. Hmmm, I don't think I have the time checking all these all the time. Checking and replying my own personal business' emails already occupied so much time of mine. I really no time to add more work fro myself now!

Exam week soon!

Oh no, in 2 weeks time, my elder girl going to sit for her final exam for this year. This is her 3rd time sitting for the exam. She no stress at all, but the mommy is in stress stage now. I am worry this and that. Worry her BM, Eng, etc etc...

I am going to make mock paper soon. No matter how busy I am, I still have to find time to coax her study, else if she fails, then me will be in trouble I tell you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weight remain unchange

My weight still remain at old figure, although lately I sleep quite late and do lot of housework too. I wonder how come the weight did not goes up. *Sigh*/

Even my girls also commented that my hip look big. My godness, so *paiseh* Previously I sleep 7 hours a day, now 5-6 hour a day only. But the weight remain unchanged. Really feel a bit weird sometimes. During school days, exam period, my weight goes down a lot when I study till very late at midnight, so I expect the same now. Too bad, it is not. Shall I consider using weight loss pills? Should I?

Monday, October 05, 2009

new tv soon!

Finally my house TV shows her tantrum to us last night. It will automatic off while we half way watching it. At first we thought due to lighting, however after frequent happen, we know something wrong with the TV already. According to hubby, it is the on off button having problem. Poor connection. Perhaps send to workshop still can enhance some life time of the TV. However if really cannot watch anymore, we may consider to buy a brand new HDTV! Yeah!

Friday, October 02, 2009

sewing machine

My hubby chasing me to buy a brand new sewing machine again. In fact, he already given me the amount. But due to my dilly dally pattern, now the sewing machine still not in my house yet. LOL!

I think must be my hubby thought I will "eaten" his money, that why keep chasing me lar. Hehe....the main reason for my delay is I really no time to go for shopping around for the machine. How nice if the machine can just reach my house now. One more thing, right now my cash seem not enough. How am I going to buy the machine? Not sure where my money gone actually. Should I withdraw from FD or get the help from rv financing? *think*think*think*


青天有月来几时? 我今停杯一问之。

人攀明月不可得, 月行却与人相随。

皎如飞镜临丹阙。 绿烟灭尽清辉发。

但见宵从海上来, 宁知晓向云间没?

白兔捣药秋复春, 嫦娥孤栖与谁邻?

今人不见古时月, 今月曾经照古人。

古人今人若流水, 共看明月皆如此。

唯愿当歌对酒时, 月光长照金樽里。

Friday, September 25, 2009

Drug rehab

What will be your reaction if one day you discover that your kids or your family member addicted to drug or alcohol? Will you consider sending them to any drug rehab center for treatment? Or you just ignore them? I bet most parents will try to lead their kids back to normal life by sending them to drug rehab centers.

I admit that my knowledge to drug rehab is limited. However now I force myself to learn more about this since the arrival of kids. We as parent better know how to handle such problem before it happen, so that we can seek for help soonest possible.

There are so many drug rehabs center in the community now; finding one that is reputable is not an easy task too. Thanks to the advancement of internet. Now we can easily find one from online searching. See, people nowadays really depend a lot on internet. I wonder when I shall start teaching my kids go for internet. As early as possible or after they enter primary?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

diet diet diet

Lately I wrote a lot regarding weight loss diet, however myself seem never loss any weight so far..sob sob…

I know how my big tummy arrives. All because lack of exercises plus I am in sitting position most of the time…hehe..busy sewing and clearing backlog!!

Sometimes my girls will tease me. They said mummy’s tummy is round; seem like having a baby inside. Arggghhh…how I wish my tummy carrying a baby now!! Not sure when my hub will nod his head and give me the green light.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disneyland, can we go again?

I was told Disney hotel in Hong Kong is Family Friendly Hotels. No wonder during our previous trip, we are unable to book it due to fully book. That duration is not peak season, yet it is still full, so you can imagine how popular the hotel is. No choice, we have to stay hotel that further from Disneyland. Hopefully in future, we are able to book it cos inside the hotel, all corner was decorated with Disney character. I am sure my kids will fall in love with the hotel...hehehe... But lately HK disneyland is quit pack. Perhaps it is cheap, that why attracte more tourist to come. I know it is small as compare to other countries' disneyland. But to me it is just nice for a kid to walk within the distance. If too big, I don't think a kid can finish all the attraction!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost clear backlog

I am very relief now. I got helper to help me on my sewing. Though not much my helper do but at least can clear off some of my burden by now. After clear all my backlog, then I can have time to do my new development, ie patch work dress!! one potential buyer for this order, hopefully my patchwork dress or skirt can turn out nice!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Some of my blogger friends just came back from Hong Kong Disneyland. How nice ya...they can go at this critical time that H1N1 is still a hot issue in town now. Well, as long as they take care well of the cleanliness, I think should be ok to travel at this moment. Hubby plans to bring the girls to HK Disneyland again. Opps, I should say bring the small girl cos elder been there in year 2005. It is not fair if we did not bring the small girl to go, right? Now anyone can tell me where to get cheaper rate for Disney World Tickets? I was told sometimes internet will offer very competitive price for entrance ticket if we book in certain period of time. However I did not so clever in searching all these, if you happen to see such promotion, do buzz me ya.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More new dresses!

In case you forget my online store, do check it out now! I have lot of new dresses there!

This month is a very busy month for me. Many orders need to complete by this month cos customers need the dresses for early Oct wedding. Help help help, who can be my helper now? Btw, for more pictures, do hop over to my Kids Islands.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


The boys getting bored with computer games now. Now they asked for XBox from their parent. Not my boys; I am referring to my sister's boys, aged 8 & 12 this year. Previously they love to hook on computer monitor and play the games online. Now they ask for Xbox after they came back from their friend's house recently. Haha....see, kids did influence kids easily.

I think my sister getting headache now. Playing with online games already took them so many hours in a day. Now with Xbox, you think they will play till midnight?

Friday, August 28, 2009

free online auctions

Lately I am addicted to buying from online store. Tell you, I can shop crazily if no one was there to stop me or nagging at me. The items that sell online, especially kids stuff like hair pin or clips, simple lovely. Each time I will end up buying more than I expected. Hahaha...

There are few free online auctions available now. Due to high competition in internet now, therefore many offer such service, so we the consumer indirectly can benefit from it. Good idea ya. Of course, buying online is buy at our own risk too. You will have to pray hard after buying, so that the parcel will reach you safely.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lepak-ing at home

It's school holiday now. The girls are lepak-ing at home. Since we just back from Cameron a week before the school holiday, hence no more travel trip for the kids during the one week break. They did ask for outing but papa said no more outing now, better rotting at home. LOL

Well, we did assign them to do some simple homework. But they did not take our instruction seriously. I need to call them to remind them, else after back from work, I am sure the homework still is a empty page.

Well, coming long weekend will bring them hang around in town.... of course not forget to bring the mask!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby gift for her

I am real busy lately. Until I don’t know how to schedule my work and time table now. part of the reason is due to my girl was having term exam now, so I have to allocate some time for her; to do revision and go through some mock papers. I believe through doing more mock papers will help her in her studies. I confess now. I am using some of my office hour to do personal thing now. However I only do it during lunch break. Not too much, right? :)

One of hubby's colleagues going to give birth soon. I know her too. We are thinking to buy something for her. Some suggested baby sling or pouch; some suggested Baby Bedding. Well, we are not sure does she own either one of this or not. Perhaps we should ask her what she want instead of just buy something for her. This is to minimize the waste. No point buys for her something that she already own. It is better to buy something that she really needs it.

She is getting a baby girl soon, so she might be my potential buyer in near future! Hehehe...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Go green

I am a strong supporter for environmental friendly products or concept. I start bringing own Tupperware or container whenever I go to buy food or things, same as go green shopping bag. I plan to sew more fabric bag for myself to go for shopping’s grocery shopping. I should keep some in my car as well as OZ house, so that there is no reason for me not to bring them whenever I go out. :P

I sincerely hope every one of us should go for Green shopping. Try their best to help the earth if possible. There is no reason for us to burden the earth at this moment.

I for ice-cream or iguana?

Back to your olden day now. How you learn "I" last time? Is it "I" for ice-cream? Right? Ya I believe majority of us learning this way.

Surprising, kiddos nowadays aren't. They learn : "I" for Iguana instead of ice-cream!! Frankly, I don't know what is the meaning of iguana at first. I need the silent teacher to tell me....hahahaha.....

Why they want to change from ice-cream to iguana? Don't you think ice-cream is so much easier to remember? Poor kids have to learn difficult wordings at early stage!

Metal tiles

Someone send me email pertaining to metal tiles for kitchen and bathrooms. Wow, there are really nice. Wonder how much will it cost me if I will to do it for my house in future? If it is too costly, I don’t think my hubby will approve the fund. Sob sob….

Take a look at Metal Stainless Tiles website; I am sure you will fall in love with their creation too. I had forward the email to hubby, hopefully he will change his mind after seeing all these pretty tiles. LOL

Online shoes shopper

Previously I am very crazy over shoes. At one time I can own more than 4 pairs of working shoes I tell you. Until one day my hubby commented on me; he say I should not spend money like that. I told him which women do not have more than 1 pair of shoe. If yes, then she must be very conservation or stingy type…hahaha….

Even now I am still a shoe lover, just which I had minimized my purchase to only 2 pairs each time. In fact, I only buy shoes during sale period, so that I can save more. Lately one of my colleagues to buy shoe online. She told me that has wide range of women hoes. The prices quoted are affordable too. Well, I am too skeptic to buy online coz I cannot try before purchase. What if the shoe not comfortable after wearing? Will they accept return and refund? Just wonder……

Tesco & Bintang Melaka - close

Due to many H1N1 cases reported in Tesco & Bintang shopping malls, now these 2 malls had temporary closed down. *sigh*

When can all these stop???

More more rain away the crazy haze............

Also, I should stock up some face mask and hand sanitizer too! I heard that face mask price getting crazy now. These heartless seller take opportunity to earn more from us!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

shop online for weight loss products

I have one friend but not so close with her. Only ever talk with her whenever we ever meet up somewhere in town. Another friend of mine told me that she is adventurous type coz she dare to try all sort of products, just to keep her body slim. Most of the time she will check best weight loss pills in internet. If she able to order online, then for sure she will get herself one or two box. Mind you, those weight loss products not cheap at all since she has to buy from countries like US or UK. The shipping cost may kill me, that’s why I seldom buy online unless I can find a very good deal!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Preventing H1N1‏

Received this piece of information from one of the forwarded email, hope to share with you guys!

With the constant fear of H1N1 symptoms, the following measures can be practiced by one and all. This is an information which I just received from a Consultant General Surgeon & Gastoenterologist, based in India and I do hope it could be beneficial to the students and their families alike.

Tamiflu does not kill but prevents H1N1 from further proliferation till the virus limits itself in about 1-2 weeks (its natural cycle). H1N1, like other Influenza A viruses, only infects the upper respiratory tract and proliferates (only) there. The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/ throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible not coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is.

While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps - not fully highlighted in most official communications - can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):

1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).

2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or slap).

3. Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don't trust salt). H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same effect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu has on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.

4. Similar to 3 above, clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water. Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but blowing the nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population.

5. Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C (Amla and other citrus fruits). If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc/bioflavonoids to boost absorption.

6. Drink as much of warm liquids as you can. Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

All these are simple ways to prevent, within means of most households, and certainly muchless painful than to wait in long queues outside public hospitals.

I do hope, this information could be passed on to one and all, for a healthy and H1N1 free environment.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mid Term Exam

Next week (10/08) is the mid term exam for my elder girl. Time is approaching, but I yet to do revision with her. Blame on me coz I only concentrate in my backlog order. So far I only ask hubby's help to look after her homework as well as other exercise books.

Last term she is getting placement of 10/42, with average point at this term I just hope she can improve her placement in class and also get good mark in her BM subject.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Latest masterpiece

Sweet lavender umbrella dress. Cute? Check out more at my Kids Islands website.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Digimon - 数码暴龙

Both my girls hooked on Digimon VCD now. One day they can watch more than twice the VCD that given by my eldest sister. Despite our frequent nagging, they still on the VCD whenever the TV is not occupy by anybody. *sigh*

Hubby no comment on this. To him, it is alright to watch it since the movie not so violent. Ok, I just close one eye. But once a while, I will still nag them. LOL

Vacation planning

What is your main criteria when come to planning for family vacation for your family member?

Usually we only book our vacation packages after we browse through the net or from advertisement in newspaper. Those packages are fixed, we just book, pay, pack thing and go for vacation. My hubby prefers tour with tour guide. I bet some of you may not like this idea? He prefers everything is fix and confirm, so we just have to follow him. How bore ya! No choice, I have to listen to him cos I am still not adventurous enough at this moment.

Of course, most of the time he will select 5 star Service Company to assist him in the trip arrangement. So that everyone can enjoy the trip without any hassle!

Busy with order backlog again

Pardon me, lately I am really busy with my sewing order. Seem like many couple getting marry in next 2 months. Most of the customers order flower girl dress for their princess. Good for me too coz can get more sales. Also motivate me to sew more now.

Too bad, I cannot put all my time into sewing. My elder girl going to sit for her next term exam, I need to do revision with her from now on. Hubby will help too since he saw me quite busy. But I feel guilty, so most of the time, I will be with her in her study room.

Good luck, girl. Your BM is poor, really put more effort!

Patchwork dress/skirt

Have you ever seen before patchwork dress or skirt? It is using lot of small pieces of fabric and combine together. It needs lot of work and time consuming too. I saw some of the crafters already start doing it. I am so tempted to try one too. Well, I already add it into my to-do list. I will make one for my little girl first. If time permit, I may do more and list at Kids Islands for sale. :)

Options trading

Many of my friends asked: will I do investment into share market? My answer is NO. I never thought of putting my extra cash into share market. Not that I no trust this kind of games but I got no interest at all. If no interest, how am I going to involve myself into it? Right? But my hubby really has lot of interest in share market as well as options trading. He has better knowledge than me. He can talk non stop about them and never feel tire. Oh ya, usually I try to avoid this kind of topic with him coz I really don’t know what is he is trying to tell me. LOL

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Some of my friends recommended me to try apidexin as diet pills. However till date I yet to try it out. First, I need to read the reviews and comment from the users first. This is very important. Not all products suit all of us, so better read more about them before start consuming them. Other wise, it may cause side effect to your health.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Help to improve company cash flow

We have 3 sales personnel in the office right now. Each personnel in charge for different section, such as export, OEM and REM sales segment. Among these 3, OEM section’s debt collection performance very poor. The main reason is the personnel did not give full force to his job responsibility. Many times, my boss have to chase him personally, then only he will move a bit and go to customer‘s place and ask for payment that are long over due. I feel sad for my boss sometimes. He is his superior; he has full power to push him work actually. However he did not do so. He just nags at him each time see the sales personnel in the office. Sigh!! I really cannot accept such work performance. How to improve, you tell me??

We as employee very much depend on debt collection to survive. Without proper cash flow, how the company going to issue salary to us punctually? Especially now is the bad crisis time. Sales personnel need to work hard to get back the debt for the company. They will also earn the commission if the collection performance is excellent! Hey, those are money you know? Why the OEM sales people never bother the money? I think he must be very rich now, that why not so worry about company’s cash flow problem!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rare coin as pendant

I have a pendant that gave by my MIL during my wedding reception. It is one kind of gold rare coin. To me, it is very unique coz I never saw this kind of pendant before. The rare coin contained 99.9% of gold, meaning it is much more expensive than gold 916. Later found out from my hubby that his parent likes to buy gold coin when they have extra cash. Wow, old folks also know how to invest at that time. They sell off many coins when the price getting higher and higher. However they did keep some and make it as pendant and pass on to us.

I am going to keep well my gold coin pendant. I will definitely pass on to my girls when they grow up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Read more reviews

There are plenty of diet pill reviews in internet nowadays. With just a click using your mouse, you will get tons of reviews. Now, how are you going to select the best review and read? Usually I will use the most frequent visit reviews and use it as a example. Of course I will read other reviews too even though it is not so popular.

The more reviews you read, the more benefit you will gain. Frankly speaking, it is wise to read more and know more about one particular diet pills before you confirm buying and using it. Not all diet pills suit everyone though.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Give away from Nice Craft

While blog hop, I saw this give away campaign from Nice Craft. So tempted to own the personalized towel, so here I go. Who know? I may have the luck to own it, right? :)

Nice craft going to give away one set of personalized towels with embroidery for the winner. It consists of 1 bath towel and 2 face towels. Only one winner wor! Hurry up, if you wish to be one of them!

Hop over to her blog and read more about the give away now!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Swine flu (H1N1)

I blog about this topic at my other blog too!

Melaka finally break the record, for having H1N1 case now. Now Melaka no longer a safe place. Till date, lot of cases of H1N1 were reported over the broadcast. Guess what? The first case was from Ozana, my housing area. Gosh! I dare not inform my MIL, else I am sure she will stop us from going to Oz again over the weekend.

Seem like no prevention can be done. Just have to take extra caution. Stay clean all the time! Take care, folks! Hopefully we can win this battle!

Friday, July 03, 2009

reduce my weight

My current weight is 51++kg. This week had been with me for more than a year. I had been trying to get rid of at least 2kg, however till now my mission still unsuccessful. I wonder whether any best fat burners work for me or not. There are so many type of fat burners can be found in the market now. At times, I am so tempted to try one of them. But my hubby stops me from taking them. To him, exercises are the best ways to reduce extra fat, other than control our food intake. Again, it is easy said than action.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win a LV bag

ShoppingLifestyle Magazine Readers' Contest: Win A Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

Never own a LV Bag before? Now, it is the time to try your luck. Click the banner and answer 3 super simple question, then you will stand a chance to win a LV bag soon! Good luck, folks......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Am I?

Some of my friends asked me: how on earth I can find time to do my sewing, besides taking care my 2 active toddler girls, plus never ending house chores? of them even commented I am a perfect example of good mama, good wife & career women...WOW WOW ...this is a bit over praise quote to me though. To me, I am still a very simple and normal mummy like all of you!

Again, my usual quote: time management is very important. "No time" is just a very lame excuse to me. Hey, I even can do baking while I am cooking you know! How to do it? Just figure it yourself. Sometimes things like this no need people to teach you or learn from book from good writer, you just have to crack your head, try your way and find it your way! Right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Read more

If you are looking for best diet pills, do check it out at Pricesexposed. net. From this web, you can find out what is the top 10 best diet pills in the market, plus you can read individual reviews as well. Sometimes it is wise to read lot of product reviews up front before finalized your decision. Some products suit others but might not suit you though. Personally I like to know more about certain products from my friends who ever tried before. At least show me the proven testimonials to convince me to buy. Promoters and salesperson tend to tell you good points but will never let you know any side effects if any. so it is better to read and know more before purchase.

KFC @ Giant

Today hubby having lunch at KFC @ Giant Melaka. Something strange happen. He order a set that contained a plate of nasi beriani, fried chicken and drink. Ya, he can't live without rice, that why he need rice every meal.

Ok, while he brought back his set to his seat and start eating the rice, the Manager quickly to him and want to take back his rice. Hubby is stunt there and don't know what happen. The manager quickly told him that the rice is not fresh, and offer him snack plate instead. Hubby is ok with the exchange. In fact he feel that this manager offer good customer service to his customer. He did not wait till customer complaint then only entertain them. He rather fix the problem at the first place.

Now, tell me, any company can offer such service to their customer? least I know my company is not one of them. They will wait for customer complaint then only willing to clean their butt! Sad ?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Insurance protection

Nowadays you can notice most of the insurance policy will cover disability insurance. 3 of my insurance policies did include this clause too. it seem like this had been enforced in every insurance company policy. We will never know what will happen next, therefore it is wise to include this premium into our policy.

If you are not sure about disability insurance, you can check it out at Allsup. Allsup has a 98% success rate for those who complete the SSDI process with them. it is a leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare related services to people with disabilities. Spare some time browse through Allsup website; I am sure you can find more information from there.

School holiday is fun

Why I said fun? Simply because I can sleep in late and wake up very late too. I ever wake up at 8am I tell you! Don't worry, even I wake up late, I still will not late to work. My office hour start at almost 9am, then I still got plenty of time to prepare myself if I wake up at 8am. LOL

Now I worry, I could not drag myself out from bed when the school reopen. Oh No!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuxedo suit

Have you ever seen any kids wearing tuxedo suit during big function like wedding or dinner reception? Usually I only can seen in internet fashion website, however lately I have a chance to view them personally during one of the fashion show in The Curve. Those little boy models are simply cute and adorable! How nice if I have a boy too, I am sure will let my boy try on them as well.

I don't think myself can sew nice tuxedo suit unlike princess gown that I still able to sew. Well, if you ever shop in internet, then you will notice one complete of tuxedo suit is not cheap at all. But then, some customers are willing to pay for it since to them those suit are cute and worth to let their children wear them!

Tutu dress

I had done a new version of tutu lately. Added a satin waist with elastic. Usually I just did tie type of tutu. However this customer request to have presentable waist pattern, therefore am trying this for her. End result not bad to me, hopefully my customer will like it too! You can view the picture here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Surprisingly not many people are keen into buying insurance, either term life or education insurance. Read from an article, majority of Malay races do not have the interest in insurance. Maybe they have other government body to secure them in term of medical bill. Well, I am not sure about this.

Buying insurance is like buying a security to me and it is a must investment item in my list too. We wouldn’t know what will happen in future, so for safeguard purposes, we put our attention into insurance. In case anything happen (*touch wood*), we still have money from insurance to cover the cost or lost.

There are lots of insurance companies offering term life quote online which can ease our life when we want to compare the premium from one company to another. is one of the insurance companies that offer various types of insurance plans in market now. Do check out their site if you wish to know more about insurance policy as well as the quote.

Messenger problem

Don't know what's wrong with MSN nowadays. The line very unstable. It will disconnect suddenly while we are happily chatting with others. At first we thought it is the line problem, later only found out it is Messenger itself giving us trouble.

I am so geram!

At last, I sign in using!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

There are many online college available on internet now. Previously our concept is have to go to school or college or university to pursue our study, however now with the advancement of internet, we even can further our studies without entering those places. We can study at our comfort house, stay away from traffic jam plus other inconvenience issue. How nice if this already happen during my college life.

Well, you have to choose carefully your prefer online college before your payment. First thing to ensure is the certificate from the college must be recognized by our Ministry of Education, meaning that the college must have a valid operation license. Other wise it will be a waste if your certificate is not valid after you had spend lot of money and time in that college!

Sewing tool - binding tute

Came across this sewing gadget while surfing internet just now. I think I should get some for my sewing box. It is very useful when come to binding, either for straight or bias tape binding. Picture source.

Previously I have to cut and following by ironing before the sewing part. However with this gadget, I think I can save lot of time on ironing since it will pre-fold the line for me. Must try to get one asap, hopefully can get it from Ebay.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sd card

My current digital camera had been with me for more than 3 years already. It is still very useful for me at this moment. Well, hubby said he wish to buy extra micro sd as he foresee the existing card may not long lasting. It is his perception actually. to him, any electrical item that had more than 3 years shelf life, then we got to be well prepare that it may gone damage or spoil anytime. He added that it is better to keep extra micro Sd. Now instead of waiting for it spoil already, and then only look for new one. Moreover the card is having promotion now. It is a good buy for him!

Craft blog

There are so many handmade craft can be found over the net. Some of the links I really fall in love with them. Now I am start doing shoulder bag and tote bag, will surely post my end result once there are done!

Some of the links I love to hang around are :

Side income

One of my brother in law has interest in collecting coins. He has lots of collection of coins from different countries that he bought from shop or online store. Sometimes I saw he bid those coins from Ebay and he even willing to pay with expensive price just to own one particular country’s coin. The main reason he do so is he will resell the coins online and earn a decent income from this transaction.

He told me that those rare coin will have value in near future, if he keep for certain period and resell them, then he able to make money from it too! Lately he told me that he has other interest besides coin. He wish to try his luck in gold and silver investment. This is because this item have great historical significance besides and he foresee its value will shoot up after few years. He is ready to buy some and keep for him. Well, I dare not ti try since I don't know much about gold or coins!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bathing together

I love to take bath together with my girls sometimes. First, I can save time coz both of us can settle the bathing at same time. secondly both of us will not occupy the bathroom for longer time and other family member can take bath immediately rather than have to wait for us take turn.

One day while bathing together with the small girl, she teased me for having big b*that. Oh my, I am so upset. She even told me to start doing exercise in order to shed off some fat. Sob sob….wonder what type of diet pills that work miracle and can shed off some kgs from my body!


If you still have the budget and you wish to drive bigger with cheaper price, then you should choose Exora. Malaysia first MPV. The price is affordable plus the model is not bad looking too. Well, the car still new and we wouldn't know any problem will occur or not while it is on the road. Of course Proton will run thorough checking before the launching. But you will never know whether their checking is 100% accurate or not! LOL So it is still advisable to wait for another month before your purchase.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabric Flower & Fabric Yo-Yo

I blog about this topic at my kid's blog. Cos I worry I may lost the link in future. LOL

I am happy cos I managed to find out fabric flower and fabric yo-yo tutorial from creative blogger out there. I had been searching high and low for this kind of tutorial.

I need to learn this skill coz I wish to add the little flower onto my Kids Islands clothing.

If you wonder what I am talking about now, do check out talented Heather Bailey's Yo-Yo art tutorial. I am sure you will find it is pretty easy to do it!

Or check out how Cindy do the fabric flower within a short time.

Both of them show very clear step-by-step photos. Have fun!

Breaking news

Finally it is here.....

Malaysia first H1N1 flu case, happened in May 13. News from

"I can confirm (that it) is the first case in Malaysia," Health Director General Ismail Merican told AFP. His confirmation followed a statement from the health ministry giving details of the country's first case.

"The patient is a 21-year-old male student who had just returned from the United States on May 13, 2009 and who was down with fever, sore throat and body aches on May 14," it said.

"This is the first A (H1N1) flu case found in Malaysia," the statement added.

So, how are we going to protect ourself now? Time to wear mask? *Sigh*

Take care, folks!


I am not sure how to choose a better accommodation in oversea countries. I think this is common for everyone, right? Unless you do lot of homework before the trip and choose the best hotel from those review travel sites. Well, I am lazy type and I am very much depend on other people’s comments instead of myself go and search from internet. I was told Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Orlando has many good reviews from tourist that we can read from their website. I will take some time to read through since hubby is planning to have an oversea trip next year. I never been to US so far, hopefully this trip will materialized.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Celebration

The first Earth Day celebration was held on April 22, 1970, in San Francisco and was subsequently declared an annual event by the United Nations.

Today is the day, therefore many local communities and NGOs organise all sorts of green activities to commemorate the annual event as part of their commit­ment to promote the preservation and maintenance of Mother Earth.

If you love your country, please do support it. Help the earth, to give your next generation a better environment to live it!

Career woman

My 2nd sister is a career woman before marriage and her pay is quite high. However after her second baby arrival, she is force to leave her career and become a stay-at-home mummy. Her hubby refuses to let babysister take care both his boys, so he ask the wife to resign and stay at home taking care of them. I am surprise when my sister told me she is resign soon. To me, she is a career woman and has good future in her company. It will be a waste if she just resigns like that. Well, that is up to her decision, outsider like us cannot change her mind. Perhaps when her boys become older a bit, she can get another admin careers to work with too. am I right?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not my "cake" day!

I venture into baking chiffon and Iris fruit cake on last weekend. However both cake were fail miserably. Outlook very ugly too. Still can eat but taste like eating kuih! LOL

Will I give up? No No No.....i will try again. 不到黄河不死心啊!

Wish me luck!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The winner of Berlin short film festival

I got this from a forwarded email. Just wish to share it with everyone.

Don't waste Food!

Truly heart breaking....may we always count our blessings and also remember to be a blessing to others. Please watch this short film with your family member, especially your children!

Friday, April 10, 2009


People nowadays prefer simple yet memorable wedding reception. If situation allow, I think majority of them will kick out traditional wedding way such as having dinner or lunch function or follow old folks’ old thinking. If you will follow old folks’ way, then you got to do lot of things cum preparation, not to forget the money too!

If time can turn back, I think hubby and I will opt for Cancun Destination Wedding after the marriage registration; instead of doing all of troublesome things for our Chinese reception ceremony. At that time, I have to listen to my mom. However I did slash out lot of listed things from her list. Lucky finally she accept my suggestion, so less argument too when come to function date.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Crispy Roasted Pork

Whole blog hop, found this crispy roasted pork recipe. This dish is the favorite dish for most Chinese, including my family members too.

Here is the recipe and methods that I copied from Mommy Moon:

Ingredients :

-Pork belly with skin

-White rice vinegar


-five spice powder

Method :

1. Wash the pork belly and pat very dry.

2. Poke holes on the skin with a sharp rod, I don't have any rods so I did it with a fork but make sure it can poke through the skin. This is to release the oil when heating the meat.

3. Rub the whole pork with salt, then follow by five spice powder.

4. Brush vinegar on the skin ( only for the skin )

5. Put the pork on a plate ( uncovered the pork) and place it in the fridge, not freezer.

6. Let the pork marinate for 3 days. Repeat step 4 every morning and at night through out this 3 days.

7. On the forth day, it is the time to roast the pork. Preheat your oven at 200 degree Celsius and roast 15 minutes. Then turn the meat and roast for another 15 minutes.

From the way she describe, seem it is pretty simple ya. Shall try it one day!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. Frankly I am not really understood this medical term. Thanks to search engine from internet, I got to know more about it now. I came to know that we can actually increase the levels of HGH in our bodies. However it must be done carefully, and under medical supervision. HGH replacement should begin at about the age of 30 years, but HGH replacement can be beneficial at any age above 30.

Some of the HGH therapy includes:

- reduce excess body fat

- increase muscles mass

- reduce skin aging and wrinkles

- increase bone density

- Strengthen the immune system and many more.

If you wish to know more about HGH releasers, do search from internet now.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New kipnap way

Yesterday my SIL told me a very new way of kidnapping case that happened in Serum, Muar now. Shock to hear that though.

Kidnapper will just snatch kids who hang around at road side, then call the family to pay them money. The money is not a huge amount, about RM10K ++. They know this amount easily can get, either from their bank or borrow from relative or friends instead of big figure like RM50K-RM100K. Kidnappers want easy and fast money and one day they can kidnap 1-2 kids. My goodness!! Scary man!

Right now, it had 4 similar cases happen in Serum now.

Becareful folks…..and watch out your children when they playing at car porch or outside the house. You will never know who is watching you.

Sales strategy

I have a good business partner for my online store, Kids Islands. He is none other than my dear hubby. No double he own lot of experience in terms of sales and marketing. I still have to learn from him from time to time. in fact, his 6sigma theory very good to apply onto my online business. I can save the money to attend those sales training but just learn from him when it is necessary. After all it is free!!

One of my blogger even requests him to write more article on sales and marketing strategy at his 6sigma blog. Look like his theory really caught lot of reader.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids Islands already 1 year annivesary!

Hey, only today I realized that my Kids Islands, online homemade clothing store had entered 1 year old already!

Yahoooooooooo......I am so happy and excited now! Did not know that my "baby" is one year old by now.

A big Thank You to all my dear readers and customers, without your strong support, my homemade store will not sustain till now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nanyang Kopitiam @ Tangkak

I know there is a Nanyang Kopitiam near my area but yet to try it out. This morning saw the leaflet of this so call high class kopitiam, so decided to give it a try. I have to go alone coz hubby already off to work early morning.

Now they have a promo package at RM2.50 for one plate of nasi lemak/fried meehoon/mee with a cup of white coffee or milk tea. For RM2.50 I can get both food and drink, not bad deal ya. So this morning after sending my girl to kindy, I straight drive to this kopitiam. Opps, this area need to put parking coupon. I better put one, else I may get summon though.

This kopitiam near Tangkak bus station, quite good area coz passenger can take a cup of drink while waiting for bus, express bus or taxi. LOL

There are 2 partitions here, one open air and the other one is aircond room. Since no one smoking at that time, so I sit at open air area. After place my order, I start snapping photo. I noticed some of the guests there looking at me with weird eyes! Hahaha……not many of them know about blogging at this small town!

This is my breakfast. Nasi lemak + white coffee

outdoor furniture for my new house

My new house has a not-so-big compound in front and side area. I like those areas and wish to do some minor gardening when I am free in future. Right now, hubby and I planted carpet grass onto the field. Now the grasses grow very well and you can see a nice green sea at a glance too. Near the tile area, I planted some small flower plantation that has lots of color, such as red, pink, yellow, orange etc. it is a serenely scene when you wake up in the morning time. No wonder hubby just love to overnight there during weekend.

Next, we are going to invest in outdoor furniture and place them at one of the corner of the compound. So that, we can have a cup of coffee during evening time. Perfect, right?

Insurance is important

Life is unpredictable. It is a wise decision for you to invest in life insurance lead in case any emergency case happen to you or your love one. With the protection from life insurance policy, if anything happen to you, then you will have some money to cover your medical fee. Mind you, medical fee nowadays is not cheap at all. Once admitted to hospital, easily you will need few thousand to cover the cost. No wonder many people said if you are poor, then you better don’t fall sick, else General hospital will be your choice.

Due to this reason, I had also invested life/education insurance leads for my 2 girls. It is not a waste of money when you put in your money for insurance. Just treat it as saving account in long run.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Take care the cash properly.

I never work as cashier before. To me, this job need big responsibility. Why I said so? This is because you are the one who in charge of the cash drawer during working hour, if anything goes wrong with the total amount after office hour, then you have to pay full responsibility of it. Either dig out where is the short fall or pay it with your own pocket money. No joke. However as I know, cashier pay is quite hight as compare to other department's staff. Frankly I prefer to work as normal staff instead of taking care the money. :P

Monday, March 09, 2009

Gardenia butterscotch

While blog hopping, noticed some of the bloggers commenting on Gardenia butterscotch. Tempted me to buy one loaf and try it myself.

One day evening after work, while accompany my girls playing at compound, noticed the "roti car" coming soon. So I try my luck to ask for the bread. Immediately the seller gave me one loaf and I passed him RM4.00. Yeah, RM4.00 for one loaf and inside I was told contained only 12-14 slices of bread. Never mind, let me try whether it is really that nice or not.

Open the pack and try one slice, give some to my girls, both commented so so only. Er, how come? Many said nice wor, how come they said so so only ar? I try it myself. Hmmmm....not bad lar...not taste as heaven like what commented by other blogger. Anyway, still one good choice to eat as breakfast if I got nothing to eat sometimes.

Online website

My hubby started my online store many months ago. He is using free hosting to do the setup for me. To him, using blogspot service is the easiest way coz he is familiar with blogpsot configuration as compare to shopping cart software or wordpress.

Well, after the blogspot website being nicely set up and launched, I got many feedback from my fellow blogger friends. They commented why not using shopping cart service since this service allow the customer to use credit card as payment instead of using cash all the time. Frankly, I did not know that shopping cart service could use credit card as a mode of payment. More ever I never think of my website will be a hot place to place order in future. Hehe….all these while I was thinking if I can get few customer from online, then I will be happy already. Now my website could be consider success now coz I managed to grab few orders from new and repeat customer from to time. However so far most of them never ask for credit card payment but online transfer only. Never mind, if I ever receive any comment about credit card, maybe I will hire manhattan it services to do me a shopping cart for my website.

No keep no explode!

Both my kids love to do sketching since young. Of course at early stage, we don’t know what they draw. But we can see lots of lines and circle. Slowly those circles and lines can see some object. First it is the human object, then bird, dog or cow etc. their masterpiece is amazing sometimes. I did keep some of them for my blogging purposes. Some of my bloggers suggested framing them up and hanging onto wall. Though I wish to do that but right now my house do not have a nice location to do it.

However recently we just empty the second room and turn it to elder girl’s bedroom. When time permit, we will repaint the room and change some study table for her. After that, we may hang some of her masterpieces in her room too. I did not keep all of her work coz my space is limited. Most of them are scanned copy and store properly in my computer. If I will to keep all her hard copy, then I may need an Art Storage company to help me store them! LOL!

Psst..psst..the main reason that I did not keep all my kids’ masterpieces are due to my hubby. He is the one object I keep coz to him, lean management is important in daily life too. No keep no explode!

Gift's choice

Whenever I buy present for birthday person, my gift’s choice will be based on their gender. By thinking this way, I will have fewer headaches to decide the item. For girls, I will look for cute hair accessory or dresses; for boys, usually sports gifts or car will be my first priority. However many of my friends to buy stationery or books most of the time. to them, kids should develop reading since young. Hey, I know reading is essential, however they also need fun in between reading and homework, right? Haha…as such, most children are thrill to get present from me as they know I will buy them something really special every year!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Handmade movie

Have you ever heard of handmade movie? Let me show you the short clip that I found while blog hop.....lately I am super free, so have plenty of time blog hopping....bad time, nothing much to do in office now!

Originator is Coraline, check out the web for more great shows!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Need a holiday!

Economic so bad now, till my hubby dare not promise any vacation plan to me. Not even a cheap and near place. He said better save the money for emergency now since now he has to take unpaid leave every month, sort of cost down activity for the company. Not only his company affected by economic crisis, my company slowly implement cut cost exercise too.

However I still told my hubby that we don’t need any luxury hotel rooms for the trip, as long as the hotel room is comfortable, then it is more than enough already. I just wish my girls to enjoy the trip since it is very long time we did not go for holiday!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Honeymoon with him

Many blogger mummies commented that they hardly have chance to have ahoneymoon vacation with their spouse since baby arrival. This statement including myself too. most of the time, if we wish to travel far, we have to think of the kids first. However most of the time I will bring them along. This is because I will feel guilty for putting them at home while we enjoy the tour.

So far, I only did it one time whereby hubby and I go to Europe for a 15days trip. Of course I miss my girl dearly throughout the 15 days. I actually spend a lot of money into buying things for her, just to cover my guilty. Since then, I told hubby will try to include them for every honey vacations in future, if any.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kitaro - greatest musician that I ever know!

I love Kitaro! Hehehe...not because of his long misai or hair!! But his great songs...yes, all his songs!

I listen to his music sing secondary school, about 1987 if not mistaken. At that time, me not afford to buy his original cassette. During that time, no CD, only cassette! So whenever my classmate (who is rich) bought his new album, I will ask her to copy on cassette for me. She is my best friend actually, so she allow to do that for me without making noise. How lucky I am ya.

Till now, I still listen to Kitaro songs. Those are evergreen songs to me.

My favorite song - Matsuri.

You can find lots of Kitaro songs from youtube. Check it out!

Health equipments

People nowadays very concern about their health condition, including my parent in law. My MIL will go for check up every month. She had high cholesterol and high blood pressure history, so the clinic need close supervision on her. Lucky my MIL very concern about her health condition, so she will go for check up diligently every month. However my father in law is opposite with her. He has health problem history like the wife too but he too lazy to follow up on his medical check up. He will try to avoid medicines too. *sigh*

Though he lazy to go clinic for check up but he bought few medical equipment to self examine his blood pressure as well as his heart rate. Therefore in his room, you can find the high blood pressure monitor as well as the heart rate monitor. Due to this, we always warn the kids don’t play with those stuff, else the grandfather sure will scold them no ending.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gold investment

I am not a jewelry person like my mom, that’s why I seldom use my extra money to buy any jewelry for myself. However my elder sister is opposite with me. she will go to bank or jewelry to use her money for gold investment. By the way, she only play with gold that printed on book but not physical gold though. Get what I mean?

Nowadays, playing with gold is very common. It is not so risky than share market. This is because gold price will increase value every value but not value depreciation. Of course you need close supervision for gold market before investing your money into it. Once it is up price, then you should sell it, so that only you can enjoy the profit. Other wise, just keep for few months or few years. I am sure you can gain back extra money from it. at that time, I am also sure you can buy more expensive Designer Jewelry to show off with your friends.

Chinese blogs

Lately I fall in love in reading Chinese blogs. The first blog that I will not never miss in a day is Twinsmum's blog. Her humor writing always can make my day. From her blog, I will blog hop to others' Chinese blogs. I am so enjoy reading their blogs, funny, humors, so real and many more. I wish I can write as good as them. Too bad, I cannot.

There are plenty of good Chinese blogs out there, I will explode one by one whenever I am free.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls, dun sick again hor!

I think I need break now. It's my time to rest. The girls had recovered from sick but yesterday the younger girl has high fever suddenly. Scare me. I quickly feed her fever medicine and sponge her at the same time. The fever went down after a while. After 3 hours no show of high fever again....phew...what a relief! How come suddenly got fever ar. Lucky I did keep some fever medicine at my fridge. If visit doctor again, I am sure he will say: hey, cutie, you come again ar! LOL

Girls ar girls, dun sick again lor, else don't know when only we can have our Orlando vacations! Papa said now cannot go for holiday coz bad time now, but he promised will bring us once economic become better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

wedding ideas

If you are going to have wedding ceremony soon, I am sure you will feel very excited. Am I right? I had gone through this phase before. However due to first time doing this kind of big job, I feel lost at beginning stage. I don’t know where to start!!!

Lucky I have few best friends who got married earlier than me. So I have chance to ask them from now and then. But you don’t have any friends to refer, also don’t get panic. You can also get tons of Wedding Ideas from internet. Those ideas are proven to help helpful and resourceful for new bridal like you. Alternatively you can hire their helper to assist you in your wedding planning. Find out more information from Wedding Channel today!

*sore throat*

Hopefully it is only sore throat, but not other sickness.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to celebrate Valentine's Day?

*Sigh* Both my princess are down with diarrhea, vomiting and fever. One after another I tell you. The very first one who got this germ is my SIL’s son. After that he spread the germ to my younger girl when he is here. When my younger girl almost recovers, the germs go to my elder girl now. Poor mummy, had been sleep deprive for more than a week now. During mid-night, they will vomit or diarrhea few times, so this poor mummy got to busy clean up the messy plus feed them medicine on time coz they are having fever too.

In fact, hubby had planed for some outing during weekend last week and this week. However due to all not feeling well, make me no mood to go out too. looks like our Valentine’s dinner at New York Restaurants got to cancel too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding preparation

The moment when you plan to tie the knot with your love one, what is the first thing come to your mind? I think most likely is to choose which bridal house, right? It is very important to select best customer service bridal house. Other wise you might complaint a lot if their service level is poor. Other than selecting nice wedding gown, you also have to headache on what type of wedding favors are the best choice for your guest. Most bridal house will include wedding favors for their customer to select. Of course, you have to compare the price first before finalizing your choice.

Alternatively you can do the price comparison from internet since nowadays you can get lot of bridal house who do their business online!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alarm clock

Both my girls start schooling now. Every morning their daddy will wake them up. Of course their daddy need alarm clock to wake him up first before he come and wake us up! LOL

My body alarm all these while is set at 7.00 - 7.10am. I will wake up automatically without anyone wake me up. However my elder is in primary school now, and her session start at 7.10am. Therefore she need to wake up by 6.10am latest, else she might be late. So we need daddy's help as he is always wake up at 6.00am before off to work. However the elder girl ask for an alarm clock now. She claimed that she need a personal alarm clock, so that we don't need to wake her up daily. Good idea? Now her daddy crack his head now, to think what type of clock to buy for her. Or shall he just buy her Polar watches that come with alarm function? How much will it cost? Time to do shopping now!

New dresses

After CNY festive, I am quite relax a bit coz not much sewing order in hand now. Which mean I have lot of time to develop some new dresses design that I got from internet. Currently I have few design on hand, so will try out one by one slowly. I did not buy new fabric for time being too coz I have to finish in hand fabric first before spend more on fabric. Else I may use up lot of capital which is not a wise decision especially crisis time now.

Haiz...better less talk about crisis time now, it will spoil my mood!

Let's see some of my latest dress collection:

Click to enlarge

Monday, February 09, 2009

Invest in coins

I think my BIL#2 can become a coin dealer now. The reason I said so is he has lots of coins from different countries. He will upload the coin at Ebay international and sell online. Mind you, the price that he listed is not cheap at all. I wonder why all these people willing to pay such high price just to keep the coin? Are those coins really worth that much? I doubt. Holding too many coins in hand also no good. This is because I see my BIL always carry the coin bag wherever he goes. He worries his bag missing, so always bring it along whenever he goes out. So stress ya. When he drive back to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur, he will bring along his bag too. *shake head*!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Garden wall fountain

I like to see fountains, especially listen to the water running down sound. It's so comforting. I wish to have wall fountains at my garden in future too. Existing no place for me to fix this accessory coz my garden look lousy in another word. LOL

If possible, I want wall fountain like this:

When you look at it, you will have a feeling of old Roman Times. Don't you? It is so perfect for any outdoor garden setting or indoor environment too. The more I look at it, I more possession to wish to own it! :)

Diet and sick

Anyone can tell me where I can get diet pill that works right now? I had been eating a lot during Chinese New Year festive for the past 2 weeks. Lots of meat and junk cookies...until I am having sore throat and fever!!

Lucky I did not spread the germ to my girls, else I will be guilty as charged. However they still have cough, I think must be due to too much soft drink and keropok! Sigh...sien...usually festive season we happy and enjoy first, later part only suffer the pain!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Make you more prettier

I went to do facial wash at a hair saloon shop 2 months ago. Once a while should pamper myself, right? This saloon shop did provide facial wash service and their price is much cheaper than beauty house too. That’s why I afford to pay for it! LOL

Anyway, I was told learning to do facial wash or skin treatment is very popular nowadays. Many graduates after graduating from main course, they will take up a short course just to learn skin care or beauty knowledge. So that when they enter working life, they know how to treat their skin and face nicely. In fact, I regret I did not do that. As a result, I don’t know how to make myself look more elegant when come to office wear or make up! I wonder now beauty school houston will still accept me as their student or not!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lazy bug attacked me now!

CNY festive is over. Many commented we have 15 days to celebrate this festive, however to me, once I back to work, mean this festive is over. LOL

Back to reality now. After 1 week of break, now I feel so lazy to stay in office. Had been eat and sleep throughout the whole week, suppose rejuvenate enough and more aggressive in work. But I just don't have the mood to work now. to find back my mood and work hard on my e-website now!

Hey, feel free to visit my homemade clothing website whenever you are free. I also welcome your comments, be it positive or negative comments. Just shoot me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enjoy first, diet later

Chinese New Year is just not even 1 week time. Everyone is busy do the last minute preparation now, including my family too. Love to celebrate Chinese New Year festive but not my hubby. To him, CNY is the time to spend spend spend lotsa money. LOL...yeah, you can say he is a stingy man!

During this festive, I can enjoy eating my mom's best dishes. We seldom eat out during this festive too. First outside food is pricey, secondly not so nice, thirdly not healthy. My mom's dishes will never miss out any meat. Majority of her meals sure include 2 - 3 types of meat I tell you. I think I will need to take Lipovox after eating all the good food at my mom's house! LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time is priceless

Sometimes I dislike to call toll free number of some companies. The main reason the customer services personnel will put me on hold forever. I am not bluffing, I bet some of you ever encounter this matter too.

If they put me on hold and get my thing settle, then I don't mind to wait a while. However sometimes even after on hold for more than 15 minutes, they still unable to help and solve my problem. That's the most headache part. This act will not only waste my time, also wasting my money too. Hey, don't you know that time is money too? Money cannot buy back your time!!

It's so crowded in shopping mall now

Blame to myself now. Regret I did not do my CNY shopping 2-3 weeks before. Now I have to be sardin fish with others to grab the food and drinks for this festive.

This year, me really busy with my sewing order until no time do the shopping. Last Sat and Sunday is the last weekend for me to do so. So no matter how busy I am, I still have to drag myself go to shopping mall to buy something. Previously my MIL will bought, but lately she seem lazy to shop for them. So me took over the job and buy something for the festive.

It is so crowded in Tesco, until my trolley cannot move smoothly. I afraid other trolley will hit and hurt my kids, so I put them in trolley instead of letting them go wild. But I will let them run about in clothing or shoes dept, less crowded there. Due to too crowded in food and drinks area, end up I did not buy as per my list. I just do simple shopping, told hubby let's go some where else. I rather pay more instead of being sardin fish here. LOL

Note to myself: next time better shop early no matter how busy I am!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New furniture

Our new house slowly can see some furniture by now. We did not buy in bulk first coz we need to budget our financial first. If we will to spend too much at one time, then we might face financial tight for that particular month. Hubby is a rational consumer. He will never do this. He will feel very pressure if he know his pocket had burnt a big hole and cannot last till month end. LOL

Most of the rooms have occupied with some mattress, including the bed sheet. So anyone of my relative or friends want to come over and stay, they can have a peaceful night too. Too bad, my kitchen still look very empty by now. no thanks to hubby. He is not willing to spend money for kitchen renovation yet. His commented that we seldom stay there, less cooking. So no need to spend a bomb for kitchen first. If I really want to put the oven or rice cooker in kitchen, then he will find some DIY table or racks for me for time being first. Aiyo, the house so nice but the table and racks will spoil my kitchen look. No choice, he is a very practical man. To him, he will only spend for kitchen once we move in officially. I think he going to hire boston moving company to move in those DIY tables and racks from his friend’s shop.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hair salon

I redo hair re-bonding on Monday. I did it once a year. Last time it took me 4 hour plus to complete the whole session of re-bonding. This year the saloon girls also took almost 5 hour to complete it. so you can imagine my tiredness and I also feel hungry when it is nearly 6pm. Lucky one of them make Milo drink for me, else I think I will fainted and no energy to drive my car back.

This salon has very good business. Throughout the few hours while I was there, I can see lot of customer walk in or call in to make appointment. I also make appointment coz I worry too many people there and have to wait longer hour. I think the shop must be making lot of money though they are very tire too since have to stand in longer hour too. How nice if I have the interest in hair beauty, then I think I also can make big money now. Too bad, my parent did not aware about beauty school last time. Other wise I will ask them let me enter the school and learn the skill.

Schooling days start again

This year both my girls will go to school. Elder girl in primary 1 and youngest girl in Kindy. Elder girl shouldn't have any problem since she is quite an independent girl. I only worry my youngest girl. True enough, she cry in first day, second and third day. least I have to bid bye-bye with her and let the teacher handle her.

I cannot always accompany her. If I do so, mean forever I have to be with her. Experienced parent me must learn how to LET GO!! I love you so much Lyon, but this time mummy have to be more hard hearten, else you will forever be my baby!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Hubby's friend from Penang came over our new house to stay during Christmas week. His's sons having fun time with my girls, all of them play non stop although they just meet for the first time. easy to make friends ya!

My new house's not yet fully furnish but I can say already 70-80% furnish for time being. Just that we yet to fix a water heater for time being. If they want to bath with warm water, then have to use kettle to boil some hot water. It's troublesome but they don't mind. Other than looking for water heater, I may need some nice and affordable faucet for my bathroom and kitchen! Wonder how much should I budget for it?