Friday, August 19, 2011

ps3 controller

My sister’s sons so addicted to gadgets like ps2 & 3, handphone games and online games. Before my sister set the rules, they can play from morning till bedtime. Imagine how crazy they are. Later part, only my sister set strict rules to them, ie they only can play games during weekend and school break. Lucky my girls are not so crazy like them, all these due to their father strict discipline. I remember last time my sister even hide her son’s ps3 controllers and tell them the controllers is missing. Too bad, their father spoil the sons and bought a new one for them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Family insurance plans

All my family members have insurance coverage, except my 3rd baby. My 3rd baby is 4 months plus old now. It’s time to look for suitable insurance plan for her now. If we can’t find a better plan, then we might pick the same package that same with her sisters. I know there are many new insurance plans out there, but I am just plain lazy to compare one by one. However I was told that we actually can compare insurance plans online via Wholesale Insurance. The site will provide detail comparison, pro and cons of certain policy etc. It also able to compare life insurance quotes and term life insurance rates from ALL top life insurance companies. Better check it out before my baby turn 1year old.