Sunday, March 27, 2011

side effect of Lipozene

When come to body fat, many of us will think of diet pill products. Am I right? However nowadays there are too many brands of diet pill products in the market now how are you going to certify which brand is the safest and effective? Some of it may have side effects though. If you wish to check out the lipozene side effects, you may go the site of Lipozene to find out more. The best is read the consumer reviews before confirming your decision and choice.

billiards supplies

Nowadays youngsters like to go to billiards accessories shop to look for billiards supplies. Only this group of people likes to play such games. Previously they will buy from online shops coz hardly find physical shops here. However due to the popularity of billiards, now you can easily get your billiards supplies at anytime and anywhere provided you know how to shop.


My eldest girl do no have hearing problem, however each time when I call her, she will only reply me after few calls from me. Many times I have to go to in front of her and tell her what I want from her. My hubby told me that this girl lack concentration type, so I have to call her come to me, and I have to talk to her face to face. Sometimes I wonder shall I get her an audiometer to hear how well she can hears. LOL

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridesmaid dress

In my wardrobe, there are 2 sets of bridesmaid dresses for little girls sizes. It was given by my ex-colleague some times ago. She knew I have 2 girls, so I might need to let them become bridesmaid one day; therefore the dresses were passing to me since then. The dresses are still over size to my girls; need to wait for another 2-3 years then only my girls can fit nicely. By that time, don’t know who want to look for my girls as bridesmaids. LOL

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Columbos jobs

Few weeks ago, while I do my baby clothing shopping at Jusco, stumped upon a lady who work in Cambodia. She is local Chinese but work as expatriate in Cambodia. She had been there for 7 years and already gets used to the environment there too. However lately she returns to Malaysia for good coz she need to settle down her 2 sons here. Long term staying outside is not a good choice for small kids; therefore she decided to come back for good. Besides working at Cambodia, she also ever worked in Columbus and do columbus jobs. Wow, I was so envy her life when she is single. So many challenges and new culture to adapt with. These experiences you will never get with money though!

Friday, March 04, 2011


Each time when come to celebration date like Mother’s day or Valentine’s Day, I am sure you will try to look for nice flower bouquet for your love one. If you wish to find a nice flower bouquet with reasonable price, perhaps you can Find ProFlowers on LinkedIn. The site has variety choice of flower bouquet for you to select. Most of the time it will offer some discount coupon too for return customers. Their packing is nice and looks elegant too. You should try to use their service one day, and then only you will find out how they will satisfy your needs.