Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Penang trip

Long school breaks coming soon. We plan going to Penang during Hubby’s company shut down week. He will be very free then, so I took the chance to persuade him to go Penang. I had booked the hotel, next is to plan the itinerary. Frankly I do not know where to go yet, but definitely will meet my course mate there. Of course will not miss out to eat my favorite cendol, asam laksa, fried kuey tiaw etc….

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Window topper

One of my close friends going to move to her new house before Christmas. I am still thinking what to buy for her as housewarming gift. I have been shop online to look for suitable but till now still fail to get anything for her. But I was told she not yet done her curtains for the house, therefore I decided to sew some matching window toppers for her. Quite a good idea, right? I know I got no time to sew whole house curtain for her, so window toppers is the best choice since it is quite easy to sew it.

Long weekend

Yahooo...another 1 hour I will off from work, then going to have a long weekend too. Tomorrow is public holiday for us, my girls already off from school since today. They have early break then me....

My sister and her boys will be in town too, so we plan to go some where else. Most likely we will go to beach or pool side to enjoy the dip since weather nowadays is so hot!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nice decor of store display

Most of the time when I was in shopping mall, I would love to see their store display. If the mall hire creative display designer, I am sure they can help the mall to get more sales and customers. A creative display can draw the customer in and boost up the sales indirectly.

Nowadays many malls will present their best store display for some seasons, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Mooncake Festival, Christmas etc. We as consumers usually can just do window shopping at the shopping mall by seeing all these nice decor.

Exam week again

My girls dislike exam, their mummy also don't like. They never talk initiative to do revision one, so their mummy have to shout at her lung out to remind them to do revision. Many times the poor mummy get scolded by them too, especially from the second girl. *Sigh* not easy to become mummy I tell you. Hey, come on lar, they already not worry, why should I?

*Kiasu* mummy!