Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Early childhood program

Today received one big envelop postage from my ex-colleague. The content was some copy of the SEE’s method on early childhood program and some photocopy of the flash card; all in mandarin. Appreciate her effort for cutting the card into small piece & staple it together, seem like a small booklet though. My this ex-colleague very emphasized on her kids edu, she attended many courses so far, she make use of what she learnt from the course and apply onto her kids edu. Of course she also shares with me all the time. She will be talking non-stop when we chat on kids’ edu. I can say she is expert now and can open a nursery and do teaching liao! Wien can read some of the card that she sent. The card only has one subject with one word at the early stage, later with 2 words, etc…then form a short sentence. So when Wien look at the subject (picture), then she can recognized the wording. Everyday repeat the same then slowly they can remember the words. I am going to teach Wien using this method whenever I got the time. Would like to share this with you guys…. “不要让孩子输在起跑点” 是怕输的家长 和不健康的幼教工匠常说的话。 事实上,告诉孩子如何去和别人相处 比优胜劣败的竞技更重要。 如果真的非争不可,也要赢在终点, 而不要赢在“阿Q”的起点。 Basically it means : “dun let your kids loss at the beginning stage” some kiasu parents & unhealthy early childhood program teachers like to say this to the kids. In actual, should guide & tell your kids how to mix around with other people, this will be more important than letting them fighting each other over the win & loss. If really want to fight for win, then please win at the ending stage, but not win at the beginning “Ah Q” stage. Unquote: sorry, I do direct translate ya as my English grammar not so good!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Wien first time on stage..

Wien went to Sunday school every Sunday morning from 9am – 10.30am, we are neither Christian nor catholic, but Buddhist. Many will ask why send her to this school, especially those aunties. In fact no specific reason, just that we want her to mix around with other kids before entering her into nursery when she is 4-5 years old. She likes to go to this school. Since she is the youngest there, so those big sisters like her very much, when saw her reach school, they will come and hold her hand and bring her enter the church. She will happily follow them. At first I thought she will cry when see them because as I know this girl afraid of stranger and will cry too! Surprisingly she is not…..but but she not allow us to go back, must accompany her till end class! Normally daddy will accompany her as I need to take care Lyon and do some housework at home. After some weeks accompany her, daddy decide to let her stay alone in school, so he told Wien that he is going to buy newspaper, after that will back to school again. She said ok and asks daddy quickly come back ya…so daddy go home and only return to school before class end. When he reached school he saw she happily plays with other kids in the playground! Teacher allows them to play after the class. The church having a function for Mother’s Day. They need them singing on stage but they need a kid to sing solo on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, later one group of them will sing together after the solo. The teacher want to select one of them to sing solo, but most of them cannot sing properly the whole song, except Wien! The teacher was so happy, pass to daddy the song cassette, ask us to train her to sing more properly while on stage! The daddy asked the teacher are you sure want to select her to sing solo? Later if she lau kai and refuse to go to stage, then you better dun blame us le!! Haha…we know so well of Wien behavior, of course she can sing in front of those kids la because she meet them quite some time ma…singing on stage will be a lot strangers and people unknown to her seeing her singing song, we cannot guaranteed she will not cry le! But the teacher say never mind just train her, because other kids pronunciation not as good as Wien, that’s why she being selected! Hehe , we are so happy when hear the teacher this! So after that we train her sing la, guide her when to start singing, after the music intro. While training her , she did sing wrongly until I ask the daddy better ask the teacher to change other kid la, what if she sing wrongly then pai se la! My MIL even makes a very pretty dress for her for her first presentation on stage le! Ok…here come the day; we brought her to church on 8th May. The function start at 7.30pm, we are late in fact, the teacher call to our house to confirm our attendance, as he scare we last minutes cancel our mind….haha…in fact this morning they also have a final rehearsal, I went to school together with Lyon also, to see her presentation. Well, she sings quite loud and well. I hope tonight she also can sing at this standard too! Before her singing turn, she keeps playing with those big sisters at the corridor, not scare at all! When come to their turn, the teacher lead them walk to stage and line up properly, I was so nervous under the stage, too kiasu maybe! Yes, she can sing well on the stage, we are so proud of her! But I feel she sing better during rehearsal rather than on stage, maybe she a bit nervous too!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


姐姐,让我看你有几颗牙齿? 妹,你看我的牙啦! 姐姐,靠近一点给我看! 哇!姐姐,姐姐,你有很多牙齿,我帮你拔,好吗?

mommy, 妹妹有拔我的牙吗?

Yeah, 妹妹没有把我的牙齿拔掉!我们两姐妹相亲相爱。。 One day, these 2 girls sitting near the door & play, I saw Lyon keep touching Wien mouth, seem like want to see her teeth, so quickly took out camera and snap down these cute photos..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yeah..Lyon holding bottle by herself..

Yes...Lyon can hold bottle by herself & finished all the milk...yeah, we no need hold for her any more....yahooooooo!!

Milk she will finished all but as for water, she will play with the bottle or shake it & let the water split onto her face! Then she will look at me see whether I will scold her not, if I pretend scolding her then she will repeat again, and laugh at me...I like to see her play with me like cute!
When Wien saw sister Lyon lying down & drink milk by herself , she will also follow, by lying beside her & compete with bad, Wien till now still using bottle for her milk, she refuse to use cup, no matter how we pursuade her.
Lyon is 10 months old by now. Already has 4 teeth on top & 2 at the bottom, another 2 going to pop up soon at the bottom! So total 8...
No doubt Lyon progress is faster than Wien. ...Lyon start teething at month 4 whereas Wien only has teeth by month 9. We tend to worry at that time why her teeth never come out! Those bb that same age with her already have at least 2 teeth at the bottom....first time parent ma ...a bit kiasu la!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hong Kong Disneyland

Yes, we plan to go Hong Kong Disneyland this year…will bring Wien along. As we think she is able to enjoy the place by now! She love Disneyland cartoon such as Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, piglet, goofy, Pluto, etc... Wien knew that we are going to bring her to Mickey Mouse house soon(in her mind, Disneyland mean Mickey Mouse’s house), she is very excited; always mentioned it in front of us….she awaiting this day… After the HK Disneyland open ceremony on 9/12, all local newspaper did advertised the photo gallery of the places and some photo of those cute cartoons, Wien just like it and keep showing us the photo! She also keep the paper in her bags. We had booked the package during recent Matta Fair, had paid for the deposit as well..if book in other date, the package will be RM200 higher per pax. In other words, I had save RM600..hehe.. Not going to bring Lyon along, as she is too small, after all also troublesome as have to carry her all the time..cannot enjoy the bad mommy ya..

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mosquito bites…

The insect I hate the most is mosquito. Especially they fly around your ear while you sound asleep! That sound really make me angry & will make me awake too.. Before my girls sleep at night, I will make check the room & make sure no mosquito in the room, but some how those mosquitos still manage "stay" in the room! Last night while Lyon sleep, noticed she keep rolling here and there, thought she is going to wake up asking for milk but it only 2am now, this is not the time she suppose to have her milk…saw her eyes still closed so I just pat her a while ,then she stop rolling. The next morning when we wake up, alamak! Noticed her face being bite by the mosquito, few bites le.. pity her.. Then only I realised why she keep rolling last night, itchy ma.. As u can see (not so clear) from the photo, those love bites given by the mosquito..hehe

Friday, September 16, 2005


Hubby recently introduced 算盘(suan pan )to Wien, teach her some simple mathematic calculation. Ever heard of this? I dunno what it call in English, but this was used in the old time. But as you can see from the photo, this is new version算盘; of course there is another type which use in school… Wien can counts using算盘, I can say she did very well…credit goes to hubby for spending time to teach her on this…we are proud to her progress though she still yet to enter any school.


Merdeka, Merdeka...whenever we say this, Lyon put her hands up & her mouth seem saying something too, we never teach her this...she learn from Wien in fact.... During Aug month & National Day itself, TV keep showing people saying Merdeka with their hands up, Wien also follow & shouting as well....we never noticed at the same time sister Lyon also learn from cute!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Remote control car..

Last weekend get a remote control car for Wien, thru Cosway redemption.... She is so excited when play with the car, then the sister Lyon le get frightened pulak when she saw the small car moving around her..Quickly she crawl towards me, asking me for pau pau! In fact, Wien had beg us so long to buy her remote control car. Whenever she saw in shopping mall that people do for demo, then she will request the guy to let her play....finally I decided to get one for her! Wien is a girl yet she like boy's games, such as lion head, remote control car....She doesn't like Hello Kitty, teddy bear..those soft toy ...she only play with soft toy for a very short time, then she will look for her lion head...funny ya...I hv a collection of Hello Kitty, thought can keep for my girl but she dun want..never mind, can keep for Lyon... Wien is lucky, she has been played with real rabbit so far, as well as ducks, chickens, puppy & cat! All these small pets were brought back by her grandma, one pet in one time la, if not my house become zoo already! Except rabbit & chicken, the rest had been given away after few days adoption by Wien...of course all these pets had been given a bath b4 Wien play with them! We will also make sure she wash & clean her hands thoroughly using dettol after playing with those pets!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


OMG....Lyon was naked & lying on the floor...& crying....what happend to her??
I was in the kictchen this morning, washing my girls bottle...suddenly I heard Lyon was crying in my room..I rush to see her then I saw she was naked..only with her diaper..Wien also in the room, asking her what she did to her sister. She told me weather so hot, she want to change Lyon sleep wear to short pant & short sleeve shirt. So she just take off her shirt la...but she difficult to wear them on as the bb too mobile! Then she leave her on the floor crying..haha, so cute! I should take the photo on the spot..but saw Lyon was crying so kesian, just pick her up & soother her...
Wien will change her sleep wear after she wake up so she expect the same from her sister la...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wien & lion dance

My elder girl, Wien, love lion dance very very much...MIL even bought her a small lion head during 2005 Chinese New Year..cost her RM50 but she said worth it as my girl play with it almost everyday.... Here are some of the photo taken during CNY....