Friday, November 26, 2010

High gold price

My second sister and family having vacation in Genting Highlands now. They are using the voucher given by my dear friends. Although we can get FOC room using the voucher, however if you go during school holiday, then we are still subject to surcharge though. I was lucky enough coz my friend actually upgrade our room to super deluxe size and no need to wait long queue while check in too.

Before my sister confirmed to Genting, my BIL has so many concerns. He is one of the online traders of coins, notes and gold too. He worry his customers may ask for urgent delivery or send in inquiry. I told him to relax since uphill also able to go online. There is cyber cafĂ© there too. Furthermore, gold price now so high, I don’t think investor will buy gold at this period too. Just enjoy the holiday lar!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Diet plan

There is no fastest way to lose weight actually. We all have to take care proper diet plan and eat healthily plus doing more exercise constantly, then our weight will only maintain to standard weight level. If you wish to look for faster way on how to lose weight fast, perhaps you can try to search online and look for solutions. I was told now there are plenty of company selling these kind of diet pills. But you need to study carefully and properly before purchase them cos not all products suit everyone in the world.


Majority of us ever encounter problem of blackheads, especially during teenager time. However even after teenager period, some of us will still having this problem. Therefore you have to constantly check your skin if you wish to have a smooth and shining face. LOL

Now many of you will ask how to get rid of blackheads, especially stubborn blackheads? First you have to know your skin condition. People with oily skin and combination skin are more susceptible to blackheads than others. When you know your skin condition already, then only you can find way to treat and cure your blackheads problem.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When is right time to buy gold?

Gold prices turn its way down on Tuesday as the central bank of China revise the interest rate to cope inflation. The interest rate hike is expected as many developing country in Asia, especially China is pressured by the rising inflation rate.

After China, I foresee other central bank of neighboring countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia will follow the step of China to review their interest rate. This effect will further pull down the gold price.

To me, further drop of gold price is good news to me. I m now waiting for the right price to buy gold bullion. How much time should I wait?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash diets

Oh dear, I had never heard about any crash diets. Is it same as any other diet pills? Or is it a new term to replace diet pills? Do check out for more effective of crash diets that work from your search engine. I am sure you will get more details from the search result. Nowadays there are too many new terms, you have to constantly read and ask, then only you will get updated info. Tell you, today only I learn another new term about branded bag called Birkin. It is high end item just like LV, Coach, etc. Now, do you know what is Birkin? :P

Loss weight

I am sure after this third pregnancy, my weight will shoot up another few kgs. Therefore I better start looking for which diet pills work miracle to get rid of the extra weight. I know I cannot expect to loss so much weight in first few month after giving birth coz I still have to consider breast feeding the baby. I should also take into consideration of eating healthy in order to meet balance diet. Hmmm...should consult my other friends soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Business credit card

My hubby was suggesting to me to get a business credit card since my online business is getting good respond nowadays. However I quite reluctant to do it though coz the application is not easy and the bank need lot of information during application too. Furthermore they need my online store to be registered first, then only I am entitle to apply for it. Don't you think I have to do more work? I think for time being no need lar, just stick to my existing plan.

Medicare plan

I believe majority of us know the importance of Medicare plan now. If you do not own any by now, you should start searching for one. Other wise if anything happen to you or your family members, I doubt you will have sufficient fund to pay for the high medical bill nowadays. It is not cheap at all. If you are admitted, easily it will cost you over 2k.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Don't keep gold in safety box

It seem everyone is talking about buy gold bullion. Well, if you have extra cash in hand, why not try your luck into it. You can either keep physical gold or paper gold. Paper gold is in kind of saving form. If you are keeping physical gold, when you wish to trade it, the goldsmith will deduct 25% from it. So it is kind of not really worth it. Furthermore you have to think a way to keep in safely in bank or in your safety box in your house. However keeping valuable item into safety box also not safe nowadays. One of my colleague’s safety box was stolen by thief last year. The thief carried whole box away while no one in the house. She kept lot of valuable item plus cash into it. See, how unsafe it is! So better buy not physical gold to be safe.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Not much happening in FB

Lately not so active in FB. Other than internet line being cut in office, another reason is seem like not much happening in FB too. Sometimes just read other friends' status update but no desire to comment on it. I still bring my own 3G to office but just lack of mood to enjoy the fun and games in FB. Perhaps I am not a game person all these while.

Year end school break now

So fast we come to year end now, the kids going to on long long holiday too. Some parent trying to look for school holiday class for their kids too. I will do the same too but only limit to classes like drawing or computer. For book revision wise, I will take it easy, just do some exercise will do. Holiday mah...should let them enjoy!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another gold investment

Gold bullion price is very high now. Some commented that it seems crazy to buy gold at this moment. However I am sure many gold investors will tell you that Gold is always a great protection for your wealth, even if you buy it high price now and it will goes up too in near future. My hubby is one of the gold investor too. He will invest some of his extra money into it when the price had gone to his target price. And sell it even it is only up few cents. He only wishes to earn some pocket money at this moment. Hehe…he is one of the non risk taker in gold market.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Do you noticed most of the medical scrubs in Malaysia are just plain colors like white and blue (dark or light) only? I can majority are white in color, except some border are sew in contrast color. However I can see most of the medical scrubs in United States or other oversea countries, the colors are much different from us. If you google it, you will see some scrubs are in colors like pink, brown, purple, green etc. maybe our country still the traditional type, that’s why still using conservative colors like white and blue. Shall we ask for a change?