Friday, April 30, 2010

modern kitchen faucets

One of my ex-colleague just confirmed to buy a new house lately. She shared with me just now coz she is too happy for this great new. She managed to bargain till a price where she is willing to pay. I know she is desperately looking for new house recently. Also had asked me many times either to buy new house or renovate existing house. I am glad finally she makes up her mind. Now she starts to shop around, to look for carpenter to renovate her new house soon. First thing she wish to do is to do a nice landscaping for the garden. Secondly of course it is the kitchen portion coz she might stay longer hour in kitchen in future…hahaha….perhaps I shall ask her to look into Moen kitchen faucets in order to make her kitchen look more stylish and elegant. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

pill again

Anyone can recommend me the most effective diet pill in the market now? not only effective but also to make sure our weight can sustain to the desire weight in long run…hahaha…I think you are going to say I am crazy. If lack of exercise, we still will gain back our weight in short time, right? But some diet pill, once you stop taking it, you can see your weight figure shot up easily though. That’s why I still believe we should go for more exercise instead of depend on diet pill. Diet pill only help to loss weight faster but cannot sustain longer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plus size clothing

So far I had been working with 4 bosses. Among all these 4 bosses, I miss my first boss the most. She is a woman, a very generous yet open minded woman. I worked with her for almost 4 years. Throughout these 4 years, she will buy us snake, lunch, dinner most of the time. Other than that, she will buy us cake too during our birthday. Isn’t it a great boss! During secretary week, I even can eat out almost a week with her or with my suppliers. Oh no, I miss those days! If not because I have to resign due to marriage, I think I will still work with her till now. In fact she is a big size woman and need to buy plus size clothing and shoe too. In Malaysia, she hardly can buy suitable clothing shoe. That why she will buy a lot during her business trip in US or Europe. But lately I can see some boutique start selling big and tall clothing for woman. Hopefully she able to buy locally instead of going to oversea.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I brought my girls to an auntie house to do hair trimming. I love to go to her cos we no need to wait long queue. Even if we have to wait, also for a short time only. unlike some shops that requested us to wait for ½ hour or even more. Another plus point of this auntie is her price very very affordable. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty too. Imagine, 2 kids hair cut only cost me RM4.00. Now you tell me, where on earth to find such cheap rate? Her skill not bad too. too bad she no need hair rebonding due to her hand problem. If not, for sure I will go to her as well. She needs to wear work gloves when doing perming hair for her customers. Her hands allergic to those hair medicines. If no wear gloves, then her hand will be very pain once touch those hair treatment shampoos. Pity her too.

Rainy days

Since childhood, I love to see raining day. I like to hear the rain drop onto my house root and I like to see all the pails full with water and splashing out when there full. Whenever there is rainy day, my mom would take out all the pails she has and let the rain drop into the pail. She will use the water for washing floor or water her plants in next few days. See, my mom is a environmental friendly lady too. Oh ya, during raining day, I no need to go to field to help my mom. I can have a holiday. That’s why I love raining day so much.


Both my girls love to play piano when they are free. FIL had a set of piano in his room, however he not so willing to let the girls play piano chord as and when they like. I know he does not like they enter his room, simply because he scares the girls will mess up his room. LOL

However the girls’ good SIL bought them a piano 5 years ago. At that time, my elder girl only age 4 and small girl only 1yo ++. Her intention is to let the girls learn piano chords and at the same time to pass their time too. So thoughtful she is ya. By the way, the piano set was send to my house via another auntie who visits this SIL in China. The set come from far far away. LOL…anyway I really appreciate her thought. Of course, I will let the girls piano, hopefully they can develop their interest from there too. If I will to buy some piano books, I will go to as I was told this site has a complete range of piano books for all level of learners. Check it out if you one of the piano lovers!

Friday, April 23, 2010


If you wish to lose weight effectively, then you should read more about lipofuze review. Apparently there are lot of good comments and reviews about this weight loss product. It is not only effectively reducing your body weight but you can see the result in short period too. I used to skeptical about all these weight loss products but some how I was thinking we shall give it a try since there are plenty of proven results in the market now. I shall update here one day if my weight can go down to pre-pregnancy weight.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

skin care

I believe majority of women would like to keep and maintain their face in good and excellent condition, including myself. Perhaps I am a lucky one coz my skin suitable to use any brand type of eye cream as well as face cream. I think the main factors that contribute to this are I start using face cream from very young age. Many commented only teenager duration you can start taking care your skin. But I still believe starting from young is another main point too. If you wish to learn and know more about treatment of eye cream, please click here for more details.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


To my knowledge only rich people will take cigars as compare to ordinary people. The main factors that cause me think so is cigars are not a cheap stuff. Not many ordinary people afford to take it if their pockets do not have sufficient money that allows them to spend so. Some cigars’ price will go up to over thousand, no joke. So who dare to spend so much except rich level people? Frankly I will not spend like that. It is simply not worth to do so. I rather use that amount to do some charity work or good cause. Imagine, there are plenty of poor ranges of people that hunger for food, yet these people just spend the money for smoking that did not gain any good thing for them. Worst is, smoking is very bad for health some more. Hai..sometimes we really not understand how these people think…..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sales job

Last week I made a phone call about some sales job search that advertised in internet. Throughout my 14 years old working life, I never try in any sales job. I did wonder myself whether I should give it a try or not since this is very new to me. I wish to try though coz at least in my resume I can have a record that shown that I ever entered this field. But one thing I have to train myself first before I join this sales job. I have to make sure I love to drive on the road first. In sales field, we have to do lot of customer visits and follow up closely with customer too. Sometimes phone calls could not help much but personal visit can offer personal touch that most customer would love to see it.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

free textbooks

One thing about good in education in Malaysia is each student will entitle to loan textbooks from school if one of the parents is Malaysian. Some countries’ schools still request their student to buy textbooks even though they are the citizens of the county. Hey, school textbooks not cheap at all. If I will to buy my elder girl’s textbooks, I think it easily cost me above RM300 each. Imagine, if you have 3 -4 kids who is schooling, you will be spending like RM900 – 1200 every years, not including exercise books though. Bookshops who sell textbooks sure can early a lot of us already. These amounts not even enough to get deduction from tax return. Lower income family how to afford to pay for this amount? So you should appreciate that you live in Malaysia!