Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fire hose

My factory is a rubber hose manufacturer and our main market is oversea, especially Europe and USA. Some of the hoses ranges are heater hose, fuel hose, fire hose, and moulded parts too.

However due to currency depreciation in EURO, as a result we loss some of the margine now. We are trying to adjust the price by increasing 10% from existing price. Lucky some of the customer under the situation and accept our new price. Else we will loss even more money at currency again.

Feng Sui

Do you believe in feng sui? My boss recently invite one master of feng sui to office, ask him check the feng sui of our coming new factory. This master came from Ipoh and he has a personal driver to send him here too. Of course, afford to hire driver la, since one time he came can earn so much money. His price package is RM1888 for a house and RM2888 for a factory. Don’t you think this amount is a lot?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


There are 12 months in a week and every month will be represented by a birthstone. Do you know what is your birthstone? Frankly I don’t know and I need to google it to find out more now. But my friend just told me that peridot is the august birthstone since she is born in August month. And my birthstone is emerald. Peridot and emerald are green in color, quite similar color though. No wonder both of us having some similarity….LOL

Away again

This week I become shuffler for my kids again. Start my day at 6am++, make drinks and breakfast for them. Then off to school while left the Nice in the room. Of course my father in law will be at home while I am out to send them. When I come back then only his turn to go out. Usually this is my hubby’s duty and I will be still in slumber land at that time. Due to hubby is on business trip for a week, therefore I have to take up his job for this whole week.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Lately I had been helping my friend to shop for stroller for her baby girl. Earlier on I planned to hand me down my stroller to her but just realized my stroller has some minor defect. Then my hubby commented I should not give her, afraid anything happen to the baby later. Ok, fine, so I have to spend my time shop at stroller website. Hopefully I can find her an affordable stroller soon.