Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pamper myself

I think I deserve a break from working life. I had been worked for 10 years since graduated from college but so far I yet to take any long break to relax myself. Most of the time when I tender resignation letter, I told myself must let myself relax and enjoy at least 2 weeks before I start the new employment but so far I never make it. Each time I will immediately start work once resign from old employment.

For next employment ( if any lar), I must practice this, have to make a big remark in my daily to remind myself then. If possible, I would plan for myself a Hawaii Travel and enjoy the luxury and comfort condos from Maui vacation home rentals. Tell you, for sure I will feel so much refresh after return from the trip.

Imagine this, in Hawaii, I could enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the beautiful sandy beaches, at the same time enjoy the cooling coconut juice, who say not good wor!

Or, do you think should I take one of the online degree programs to occupy my time?

Being rich is good!

Sometimes I very jealous over those rich families who can go for luxury vacation, like Europe tour, Hawaii, Maldives etc. they can go as and when they like or just select any vacation package as their wedding anniversary activity. I don’t know when I will have such good life like them. I have to hardworking and earn the hard money only can go for those vacations to pamper myself. So far I had been to Europe once, that’s also my not so easy earned money together with hubby.

Lately my boss ask me to book him Hawaii home rentals from Hawaiian Beach Rentals. he plans to give his wife a surprise and bring her there for second honeymoon. See, rich people really can spend money easily without thinking twice like us!

Never mind, I will put more effort to write more paid post, hopefully my dream to Hawaii won’t be too far too! Wish me luck.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Control your debt

I bet not many people like to bear loans in hand, including myself too. However with limited monthly income, I have to take up some loans to pay off my housing loan as well as my car loan. Some of my close friends even bear loans for their credit card company coz they over spent during shopping and never consider how much they need to spare by end of the month. If they continuing their spending like that, later they might have problem getting new loan application due to bad credit.

I was thinking it is essential for them to learn bad credit debt consolidation, so that they no need to keep track of their monthly payment at all. Loan consolidation able to cut down their credit card cost and also giving tips on how to control our spending. They need to find solution to raise their credit scores as well as improving their financial situation. Only by this way, they able to free from free.

Free Pet ecards

Great news for pet lovers! Big Paw Designs offers free E-cards for you to send to your pet loving friends. You can select from their pet categories like funny pets, breed specific and rescued pets, or alternatively send in your pet photos to print on it!

All you have to do is just email your pet photo to, but please take note that not all will be selected. However once yours be selected, you will get a special coupon code to shop at

Why wait? Send in your pet photo today. Good luck to you!

Insured your car

Have you ever think of to drive while your vacation in Mexico? If yes, then you better obtain the auto insurance for Mexico in order to eligible yourself to do driving in the city of Mexico! Other wise if accidents happen, their authorities will hold you until full payment for damages you are deemed responsible had been paid to the injured party. Alternatively you also can settle by cash but if it involves a big sum, then where are you going to find those cash?

You can get your Mexican Auto Insurance online at Mexican Insurance Store. Before buying, you can compare the rates from different insurance companies, get the instant quotes and find the most affordable plan that suits you. After that enter your vehicle information and pay via credit card online. When everything is done, you just print out your policy from your own computer. Very easy and convenient, right?

There is no NO additional middleman fee or other paper generated policies. All you need to do is just compare and customize the packages for your travel needs. As easy as it is! So check out the site and order your Mexican Auto Insurance if you plan to go Mexico soon.

Search for credit cards

Previously I used to own many credit cards in my wallet, be is Master Card or Visa Card from different banks. However I had to cancel some of them when there are too many laying in my wallet and some I even never use them for months.

No doubt application for credit cards is very easy and simple now. You even no need to show your monthly salary, you also able to get one easily. There are many online websites which can assist you to get your credit cards online without hassle. is one of the Internet’s longest running sites for online credit card comparison. You can search, compare and apply for all types of credit card offers by the site and apply one that suits your needs.

If I will to apply for new credit card, I will look for low interest as well as more reward card types. More rewards mean that I can use the rewards points to redeem for the items I prefer. I bet many of you will be same as me!

I join Bloggerware!

Finally I join the boat of Bloggerwave after I had confirmed many of my blogger friends had get paid by them. I hope I am not too late joining it since many bloggers had taken up many post from them. Praying hard Bloggerwave will has more opportunities for us to write, so that we can earn more pocket money now!

Join Bloggerwave now if you have not sign up with them! Act quick, it is another making money site for bloggers!

Don’t throw away over-ripe banana!

Do you threw your over-ripe banana? Don't threw, you can whip it up into a batch of mouth-watering pancakes for breakfast!

The steps very simple only:

* In a bowl, mash 1 ripe banana with a fork.

* Mix in ½ cup pancake pre-mix.

* Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water. Stir well till get a smooth batter of dropping consistency.

* Heat ½ teaspoon oil in a non-stick fry pan, over a slow fire. Spoon batter into fry pan. Turn pancakes over and cook until golden brown.

* Cool and serve.

psst...psst...actually I got this recipe from Youngnutrition.

Honeymoon @ Hawaii

My cousin getting marry next month. Currently he is busy preparing his wedding reception. After that he needs to look for ideal places for his honeymoon vacation. He plans to go Europe to see beautiful and gorgeous building like churches however his wife prefer sandy beaches like Hawaii and Maldives. Now he is in dilemma on which place to go, and he cannot go for both places due to budget constraints.

I try to suggest to him to go Hawaii first since he will has chance to go for business trip to Europe country from time to time. Perhaps he could tag his wife along during his business trip, and then can save one pax package since his package will be under company account. Later I show him some beautiful and sandy beaches photos as shown in Hawaiian Beach RentalsHawaiian Beach Rentals website, immediately he fall in love with the places. He only noticed the accommodation provided by Hawaiian Beach Rentals look luxury and comfortable. Other than that it also has large collection of Kauai vacation rentals that he can choose from for his Hawaiian vacation.

My cousin seem like Hawaiian very much, he quickly called his wife and agreed to go for this place for their honeymoon!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My canvas is on the way! :)

Last 2 weeks, received email from payu2blog, asking us whether want to participate their special assignment. Without thinking twice, I just send in my email to agree for the assignment. I even not sure what is the post going to ask me write too. After that I tried to ask around, who had joined the fun. None, except Comtech.

Last week, the special assignment reached my mail box. Asking us to post a short post about their product, Canvas. This is pretty easy. After posted, they gave me a coupon code to purchase my canvas online. The coupon code cost $89.00 and for free shipping too. I am so happy, coz I can send in my girls’ photo to print onto the canvas, plus it is all FREE! Hey tell me who doesn’t like freebie!

However while fill in my particular, I have to stop when they ask for USA address for delivery. Adoi, this web only accept order from USA lar. How? No choice. Put it aside…..thinking to cancel this assignment but feel not happy coz payu2blog never mention non USA resident cannot take part mah. So I write an email to Heath, ask for clarification. The next day, I got the reply from him. A very surprise email to me. He ask me to fill in payu2blog USA address, when the canvas reach their office, he will ship to my Malaysia address. Wow, don’t you think this is very good news to me! Well, I do hope Heath did not bluff me. If he did not send me the canvas….i will cekik him I tell you!

Stay tune, I will post up my canvas once it reach my hand! Let ‘s hope next week I can get it!

Learn Martial Arts

Have you ever think of to learn some martial arts to protect yourself from robbery or raping case? Frankly I did think about it, especially nowadays robbery and rapping cases so severe now. Well, if I have the chance, I think I shall learn boxing or karate! Don’t tell me only men can learn this art, ladies also can! As a lady, we should learn some martial arts to protect ourselves in emergency case; give the robber or rapist a good and hard punch if they ever bully we ladies! LOL

If really plan to learn martial arts, and then we have to look for martial arts products. I was told Global Sports Warehouse is an online Martial Arts Supplies Store. They offer good quality and great prices on many martial arts products from around the Globe. Some of the features products are boxing equipment, boxing gloves, martial arts equipment, kick boxing equipment, martial arts weapons, Kali Escrima Sticks Rattan Kamagong , Kendo & many more.

Global Sports Warehouse emphasized on Security, Service & Quality, so be confident when you place your order with them. They accept payment in the form of paypal or credit card.

Washing Machine

My current washing machine had been with us for more than 8 years now. Sometimes the speed very slow and occasionally it will stop washing half way. I will feel very frustrated whenever it behave like that, meaning that I have to hand wash my laundry afterwards and I’ll be very tired then.

In fact, we had sent this washing machine for repair few times; I think it’s time to replace with a new washing machine. But what’s the best brand recommended by public? I need to do little bit of study first before finalized my decision on which brand. At the same time I also need to spare my budget too.

I was told Bosch Washing Machines is a reliable home appliances as well as energy saving product. The most important part is Bosch is dedicated to making family's life better in every way possible with their line of eco-friendly premium appliances. The features that attract me is Bosch machines are so advanced, they only use 76% less water and almost 72% less energy than conventional models, with more gentle fabric care, superior cleaning results and quieter operation. I shall order one unit and try it out!

Insured yourself while on vacation

Medical travel insurance is essential when you arrange for any vacation. You will never know what will happen during the trip. At least with the insurance in hand, if anything happen to you or your family member, you still have money to cover the lost or cost.

Cover My Travels offer one of the widest ranges of travel insurance policies, with a market leading claims service and exceptional customer care. The good part with them is their policies go the extra mile, with travel insurance for many medical conditions that are often refused by other insurance companies. Some of the benefit cover under the insurance plan are :.

Up to 92 days cover on Annual Multi Trip policies

Competitive level of cover.

Low Excesses (with the excess waiver option)

Many hazardous activities included at no extra cost

Dedicated 24 hour medical emergency service

Check out Cover My Travels insurance policies if you plan to go for vacation soon!

Assist Business Network

Do you wish to get more traffic for your blog or your website for your products or services? If yes, perhaps you should join Assist Business Network, an Internet Advertising Co-Op program where thousands of members join together to network, make friends; make referrals, and cross-promote the business interests of each other.

It is very easy to join Assist, register yourself as a member first and get added to their member database. After you become the member, you will have the privilege to access their forum, sign up for free blog, get listed in directory, or promote your products by adding coupons and include information about your special offers and you business opportunity. Assist make your advertising easy and less hassle!

Hurry, register as a member to Assist today and enjoy the world's largest business marketing network!

Luxury treatment @ Cliffside

I am sure most parents will be very upset if their kids addicted to drug or alcohol. Even though my kids still small now but I already start feel worry what if one day they addicted to drug and what should I do? Shall I send them to drug rehab or just ignore them? Before all these happen, I should read more information on drug rehab centers as well as drug treatment provided by them. At least if anything happen to my kids or my friends, I can direct them to one of the drug rehab.

Cliffside Malibu is one of the residential drug rehab which provides individual treatment for individual addictions to cure the addictions. It offers treatment for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, or even Prescription Drug Addiction.

Cliffside is a luxury drug treatment center and it makes to make everything else as comfortable as possible. Drug addicts are not being punished for their addictions, and are treated with the respect and luxury that they deserve. Some of the recreational activities provided are hiking and beach walks, spa treatments such as facials and manicure/pedicures are made available. All these comfort goes a long way on the path to recovery.

So, if you know someone who need drug rehab assistance, please refer them to Cliffside or call 800-501-1988 at any time. Their drug rehab professional will be there to assist you.


Hey, ladies! If you are the one who always look up latest fashion styles, spa, and hair styles or like to try out latest restaurant or bar, perhaps you should visit It is the latest social book marking community for young urban hip and trendy women who are interested in those fields.

In, you also able to find the latest relationship/dating advise newest music/concerts, spa, bar, salon, beauty and health tips and others. The site also allows you to contribute or voice your opinions as well as vote on the content you like or dislike. It is a great place for you to discover the latest finds or hotspot first everyone else.

They have latest newly open restaurant information which allows me to try out their menu, I like it the most coz sometimes during weekend I really short of idea where to bring my family to eat out.

I like coz it helps us find the best in shopping and eat out via the network of friends.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Little Joke

Got this joke through email, just want to share with u guys. How true ya!

Woman has Man in it;

Mrs. has Mr . in it;

Female has Male in it;

She has He in it;

Madam has Adam in it;

No wonder men always want to be inside women!


Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their

Life and time trying to go back between the legs of a woman...... Why?


Enjoy my vacation @ Hawaii

Look at my working table, so messy, so many papers lying around, so many files stacking on it too! Am I really busy? Why can’t those files or papers just disappear from my table? It seem like 8 hours of working hours is not enough for me. I don’t want to work over time too coz I need to rush back to take care my daughters, so that my MIL can cook in peace!

Boss! I need a break! Can I take 2 weeks annual leave and go for vacation? I need to relax and rejoice myself first before I back to the stressful work station. If possible I want to enjoy the bright sunshine and beautiful beaches at Hawaii. I should pamper myself to join some luxury vacation organized by Hawaiian Beach Rentals. I was told Hawaiian Beach Rentals has thousands of Hawaii vacation rentals, vacation homes, villas, condos, hotels, resorts, cottages, apartments and bed and breakfasts on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

If given the chance to go Hawaii, for sure I will try out Kihei homes coz from the internet, I saw the room is so spacious and luxury. The most important part is the package price is within my budget.

Hawaii , wait for me, I shall visit you one day!

Can I study again?

When I feel stress at work, I really think of to quit my job on the spot. Too bad, I have financial commitment in hand, else I really can just pack thing and leave the company anytime. Hubby told me that perhaps I should consider to further my study till MBA level, so that can get a better job with better pay. Alternatively I also can take online MBA from capella university, an accredited online education institution. However after think twice, I don’t think I can take MBA by part time basic. I have 2 little girls at home and most of the time after work; they will cling and stick to me. How am I going to do my revision or do my assignment if I will to take MBA course at home? By the time they fall asleep at night, I also doze off together with them lor!

Lovely jewelry

If you ask me what is the next skill I want to learn, my answer is jewelry making. I am envy those mummy blogger who able to DIY jewelry and sell online. They can quit job anytime and earn income via their jewelry selling online.

Nowadays we can find lots of jewelry site offer lovely and nice jewelry online, each time when I browse through the site, temp me to order some for myself. Lallette is one of the online webs which sell a unique selection of beads and charms for your jewelry projects. It also has jewelry making kits which include all the beads, findings and colour instructions you need to complete the jewelry projects. With all these equipments in hand, perhaps I can learn how to do beading myself.

Other than that, Lallette's jewellery making pages has lots of new ideas, inspiration and encourages me to experiment with texture, colour and detail. I think very soon I will be able to master the skill of jewelry making.

Improve couple relationship

No doubt good marriage relationship sometimes is depending on intimacy sex life, I am sure many of you know about this fact. If you’re having sex problem with your partner or lack of sex that create a problem in your relationship, perhaps you should consider San Diego sex therapist by Lily Kotila. She is an expert in specializes marriage family therapy and practices in San Diego, California, also able to help you work through issues that are getting in the way of the sexual relationship you want.

Lily Kotila has helped many couples rejuvenate their sex life, thus helping them improve their relationship. She able to repair your relationship and bring back intimacy. She also is gaining recognition as a San Diego Sex Therapist from a guest appearance on KUSI San Diego morning news. Besides providing counseling services for different sex couple, Lily Kotila also offers therapeutic services for gay or lesbian relationship.

Tag : FTWM or SAHM

Tag, tag, tag.....Not sure I owe how many of you the tags, until I lost count now! This one tag by Miche.

Since this one very simple, I will do it now.

Before marriage

At this stage, I never think of to become SAHM. I was thinking if I will to become a SAHM, then I better stop study and look for husband. :P My mom not encourage me become SAHM too, her opinion is : I send you study till tertiary education level, and now you want to stay home and take care kids. If I know earlier, i will stop supporting you to study in KL. ...hehehe....

After Marriage

After Wien's arrival, I still no think of to resign and be a SAHM. During weekend, I feel myself more tire than stay in office. So I know I am not a SAHM material. But after Lyon's arrival, I keep thinking this question coz at this time hubby income enough to cover the expenses. At time I nearly quit my job after some argument with my MIL. Well, if you ask me now, my answer is I WANT TO BECOME A SAHM! :)


Here’s how it works:

1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.

2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,

3. Tag another three mommies List:

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM

2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.

3. Jess prefers to be SAHM!

The tags goes to…

1. Xilly

2. Becky's mum

3. Sue

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Luxury drug rehabs

What will you do if one day you discover that your kids addicted to drug or alcohol? Will you consider sending them to any Drug Rehabs center for recovery? Or you just ignore them? I bet most parents will try to lead their kids back to normal life by sending them to drug rehab centers.

However there are so many drug rehabs center in the community now, finding one that is reputable is not an easy task too. CliffsideMalibu is one of the luxury type drug rehab in Los Angeles. It provides individual treatment for individual addictions. This drug treatment center emphasis the important of comfortability for the drug addict and they makes special effort to make everything else as comfortable as possible. The most interesting part is they provide recreational activities to the addicts, such as hiking and beach walks; spa treatments such as facials and manicure/pedicures are also available. Wow, it seem a high class place to me! LOL

Well, if you know someone who needs the drug treatment, please refer them to CliffsideMalibu or call their hotline at 800-501-1988 any time.

Enjoy my holiday @ Hawaii

My purpose of writing paid post is to earn more extra money, so that I can go for travel anytime as and when I like. Hubby and I prefer spend holiday in oversea country like Europe, United States, Australia, Italy and etc. however going to these countries need lot of money, else we only can go for domestic places.

Now with the arrival of 2 girls, we need to save more money only can afford to pay for travel fee for 4 of us. Therefore I need to write more paid post in order to cover expenses for all of us.

Everyone knows that Hawaii is best place to spend holiday, there got beautiful beaches and nice sun rise and sunset. I ever told hubby we shall visit this place one day. I was told that Maui condos offer by Hawaiian Beach Rentals is a best place to stay while you are in Hawaii. The condos is luxury and comfortable. Other than locating the perfect maui condos, they also offer wonderful trip to the clients. They will tell you where the best place for dining or for outdoor activities is.

Besides Maui vacation, Hawaiian Beach Rentals also offer information on Kauai Travel Info to you. Check out the site now if you wish to visit Hawaii in near future.

Smorty - email alert

Lately Smorty has new feature for their system. They will send we posties email on any any new campaign going. Whoever that act fast, then they can get the offer. I personally welcome the system coz can save our time on keep checking the account to look for any new offer from them.

With email notification, we can login once receive the email. Oh ya, really have to act fast too, else very fast the offer will finish! Too many posties now! :P

Moving house again?

I hate moving house I tell you. So far, I only experience one time of moving house and it is a horror story too. The moving company broke my some of my kitchenware like porcelain cups and plates. I felt so heart pain when I saw the broken cups and plates coz those are my lovely collection.

Lately one of my friends told me that Service Network able to provide quick and easy moving company matching system. It has set up a network of moving companies that go through a strict application process to ensure a quality moving company. Majority of their movers in their network have to be licensed and insured.

Well, in case in future I need to move house to another state again, I shall look up the Long Distance Moving Companies from Service Network to help me do the moving. There are few testimonial being posted in the web, I bet their service should be ok.

Learning violin

During my childhood time, I do not have chance to learn music instrument like violin, guitar or piano. This is because I came from a medium family and my parent not affords to pay for the musical class. Plus the price for a musical instrument is so costly. Therefore I am quite envy that my other classmates able to attend musical classes after school.

Well, since I already start working and have fix income now, perhaps I should consider attending musical class and learn one music instrument during my free time. Among the music instrument, I love violin the most. This is due to violin sound is so soft and soothing to me whenever I heard violin player play with it.

Before I start attending the class, I shall buy one unit of violin for myself first. So I do the searching in all Violin Store via internet, hoping to get a good deal from it. I came across that Whitehorse Music is an online store which offers all kinds of musical instruments like violin, viola, cello, baton and others. It is also a supplier of fine string instruments and accessories to schools, students, parents and teachers in Australia. The best part is they provide excellent quality of violins which have been picked by Violinists and Violin Teachers.

If you are currently looking for violin or viola, please look up Whitehorse Music, I am sure you’ll find your instrument there!

I so addicted to internet! :P

Yeah, my hubby start complaining now. I got to minimize my time on blogging from today onwards. Else my backache will never cure!

You Are 82% Addicted to the Internet
The internet is your life - seriously. You spend so much time online, you should be a dot com millionaire!

Enjoy your vacation

Do you ever buy trip insurance when you planning to go for any vacations? Frankly, I did but not for all vacations. I only will buy if I go for oversea countries like Europe, USA, Australia, China and other oversea countries.

The reason for buying trip insurance is to safeguard your trip coz you will never know what will happen next, before departure of our trip. Trip insurance is to safeguard you some of the unforeseen circumstances like trip cancellation, interruption, travel delay, lost baggage, worldwide health & medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation (hospital of choice), hurricane protection, terrorism and more. Thus with a trip insurance plan in hand, incase anything happen to you, you still have money to pay for your cost and lost.

Spoil my plan

Currently I am staying together with my parent in law. I always want to have own house and hubby knew about it too. However due to hubby is the only son in the family, hence the responsibility to take care his parents falls on him and we all have to stay with them. Staying with parent in law some how got restriction to me, sometimes MIL will tell me cannot do this and that. This make me feel uncomfortable coz I cannot do thing freely.

I ever suggested to hubby to do a home theater seating in one of the room but MIL not agree coz she said she need the room to put her old cloth and sewing machine. My intention is to let them enjoy the luxury but they refuse it. What a disappointment to me!

Let's go Hawaii

My boss will always bring his family member for vacation during school break. He plan to go Hawaii for vacation coming school break in august. He was asking my favour to check for him any good deal on hotel accommodation for his Hawaiian Vacations . I am so envy that my boss can travel every year with his family, I wish to do that too. Too bad, my pocket money does not allow me to do so. I can only travel within domestic country.

Ok, back to my boss vacation. Usually I am the one who help him do the room or flight booking, so I start searching through internet. I found out that Hawaiian Beach Rentals offer thousands of Hawaii vacation rentals, vacation homes, villas, condos, hotels, resorts, cottages, apartments and bed and breakfasts on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Other than vacation home booking, Hawaiian beach rentals’ local expert will help you coordinate the perfect trip for you by arranging you to go the best dining place in Hawaii or outdoor activities that suit for your family member.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Do you know who the world’s fastest SMS text writer is in year 2006? I only knew about it lately. It is a Singaporean name Ang Chuang Yang, a teenager from Singapore.

In Singapore, there is about 80% of people own a mobile phone. I guess our Malaysia will be the same too since mobile phone so common and trendy now. Ok, back to the fastest writer record, Ang clocked a world-record time of 41.52 second typing a standard 160 character text messages.

Frankly I prefer call than typing SMS, mainly due to my typing speed very slow and I need to search for character too! LOL.

Maui Vacations

I am tired of working life now, I need a break. Told hubby few days ago, that I plan to quit job and be stay at home mom. However hubby asked me better think twice coz he knows I am not a SAHM material. I will go crazy if ask me stay at home look after the girls. He promised me to bring to for vacation to relax my mind, so that after the trip I will refresh myself again and will not think of resign anymore.

Ok, where to go for vacation? I was told Maui Vacations offers by Hawaiian Beach Rentals is excellent. The site offers up to date travel information to those who wish to visit Hawaii in near future. Hawaiian Beach Rentals able to help you to find comfortable yet luxury vacation home or condos with affordable price. Besides providing you best vacation home, Hawaiian Beach Rental’s friendly and well trained staff will assist you arrange all the elements of a wonderful vacation. They will help you look for great dining place and plan all kind of outdoor activities. Isn’t great ! all you need to do is just book your vacation home with them, then they will settle everything for you! What a hassle free trip!

Improve packaging material quality

My job scope is in charge of shipping and logistic. Very often I received complaints from my customer in regards to poor quality of carton boxes being sent to them. I had been relied this messages to my Operation Manger, hoping he can improve the packaging material to a better quality. His concern is need to pay more if need better quality, so he keep delay my request. Well, to me it is important to have good quality of packaging, other than protecting your goods; it also can give your customer a good image or impression towards your company.

One day I must introduce The Packing Station to my Operation Manager coz this site offer strong and easy to assemble boxes. Besides cartons and boxes, we able to find other packaging products like bubble wrap, stretch wrap, strapping, polythene bags and many more. The best part is currently they are giving 10% discount on all products, plus Free shipping if the purchase is over £70.00, for delivery within UK mainland only.

I really hope our packaging material will have better quality, else I might received many emails or phone calls from oversea customers again.

Improve company communication

Intranet software is essential in a company to maximize communication as well as improve work functionality within the company. There are many software company offer intranet software packages in market now, you have to select one that suit your company needs.

If you currently looking for efficient intranet software package, perhaps you can check out Epazz Inc. it is an enterprise software company that specializes in providing unique Intranet applications to the higher education institutions and enterprises. The software able to develop virtual communities for communication; provides information and content for decision-making; and a marketplace to conduct commerce.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Playing golf

My 3 employment bosses are golf lovers and they love to spend weekend time playing golf too! Usually they will ask me book tee off time for their golf session by Friday, then during weekend they will spend time just for playing golf. Lucky my husband not keen in golfing, else weekend for sure he will go to golf course.

Lately my current boss just back from his Vietnam trip, joining the international golf tournament. He received many golf balls from all over the world, and he gives me 2 balls. At first I plan to reject it I know myself will never got chance to learn and play golf. But after think twice, I accepted it coz I can use them to decorate my rack in living room.

Directory of Schools

My niece just finishes his diploma program in local university. He plans to further his studies till degree level and now he in dilemma on which university to select. I get him to check out Directory of School coz the site is an online schools guide representing more than 9,230 online degrees and professional certificate programs in over 1,355 schools.

There are many courses and degrees available in Directory of Schools for him to select. It is also provides a Fast and Simple Way to Find the Perfect Online Degree Program from over 1400 U.S. and International Universities and Colleges. He can either select online degree programs or online campus program, take the most relevant classes that he think will need for his new career or career advancement.

Check out the site if you have kids or friends who wish to further their study in oversea.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Break Record

Do you ever think of to break any Guinness record either internationally or nationally? It is very simple though, provided you can make something which is longest, tallest, smallest etc, then you might got chance to enter the Guinness record.

In may 20, 2005, renowned local batik artise Sarkasi Said become a Guinness record holder for producing the longest batik painting, which measured abut 100 meter. The 62 yo completed the orchid-themed batik using dyes and wax. He slept average of 2 hours for five consecutive days to complete the painting.

See, painting also can enter the record, simple yet easy. Think of something to do and submit your result to Guinness Record.

First bill from TM Net

Finally my TM NET first bill arrived my mailbox 2 days ago. My package is under 60 hours online time for amount of RM44 per month. For first time payment, we need to pay in advance for 2 months fee first, plus the registration fee of RM75. I noticed I had exceed the 60 hours period, and I have to pay extra of RM15++. Some of my friends told me why not just subscribe for unlimited access which cost only RM66 per month. I thought my online hour will be around 2 hour in a day, so I select this package. However if next month payment still exceed RM44 per month, perhaps I will upgrade it to unlimited access.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Be a good employee

If you wish to change working employment in near future, you better behave as a good employee now. There is a system called 360 degree feedback or 360 degree appraisal whereby you will be rated on your performance by people who know something about you and your work. This system enable your future boss to gather feedback confidentially from colleagues, associates, customers or indeed anyone who knows you well.
Most major companies now use 360 degree feedback as part of their appraisal and development process. They do not mind to pay for this kind of service coz they gain much better self awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them. They system also helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organization.

Get your insurance quotes online

To me, insurance is like a must investment item in my list. Hubby and I had bought life insurance for ourself once we enter working life. We don’t know what will happen in future, so for safeguard purposes, we put our attention into insurance. In case anything happen (*touch wood*), we still have money from insurance to cover the cost or lost. After my 2 kids born, we also start shopping for ideal insurance policy for them.

Previously we have to rely on friend’s recommendation to look for good reputation insurance agents, but now you can shop and purchase your insurance online. The best part is you even can compare the different insurance quotes from different insurance company. is a FREE consumer referral service that enable insurance consumers nationwide to quickly find the best rates on various insurance products by using their unique competitive bidding process. After you fill up their quick and easy questionnaire, they will help you request insurance rate quotes for top insurance plans from best carriers online. After that you will be able to compare insurance rates and consult with insurance agents about an affordable policy with comprehensive coverage. Comparing insurance quotes is the only way to save money on your insurance policy.

So, in case you are looking for any Life Insurance Quotes, please use as your assistant!

Do it Yourself

I love to DIY thing at home. Besides can save some bucks from my pocket, I also can gain some satisfaction once my DIY product done. If other family member praise my hard work and appreciate the items, I will feel more proud too! LOL

My sewing skill not bad actually, hence I love to DIY dresses for my 2 girls, sew curtain for the home/room as well as those cushion covers. Not only that, I also will sew some nice hanger for my kitchen towel, so that there will look more creative rather than just a plain towel. Oh ya, I also sew mini clothing for my girls’ Barbie doll, they love it!

Besides DIY clothing for family member, we usually will paint our house by ourself too. Hubby is the one will do the job. Hiring someone to paint the house is not cheap nowadays; we want to save money for our future use, thus the best way is do it yourself! Actually installation for window and house lock is not as hard as you think of. Read more from the instruction manual or the step by step instruction from the web, then you also able to DIY them without incurring additional cost at all!

There is plenty of DIY website nowadays; UK TV Style is one of them. You can find lots of useful DIY tips from the web. Check it out today and save some bucks!

Work from home

I think if I tell you I am interested in finding a word from home job, you wouldn’t be surprise because nowadays work at home industry getting popular and trendy now. Working at home is easy, but finding a good company to work for that is the challenge!

If you wish to look for job opportunities that can allow you to work at home, the best place to search for it is via it was created to provide work at home job seekers with the knowledge, tools, and community sharing to achieve their financial and life goals in a safe, honest environment. There also many great job postings, articles, tip, and discussion groups on how to earn a living from the comfort of your home.

All these services found in are Free of Charge! Check out the site now, perhaps very soon you can work in front of pc at your comfort home!

Blog of the Day!

Hey, I am blog of the day for today! I din know about it after Msau ping me and let me know. I remember I am rushing out my post, hoping to submit before 12 mid night TigaP time, so that I am completed my 3 posts in a day. But I never thought that I might be selected as Blog of the day! Actually I am low profile blogger, most of the time I try to avoid posted at this hour, as I know anytime I will be featured as Blog of the day!

Anyway I still kena this time! Welcome to my humble blog!

It's durian season

Yeah, I think now is the durian season, coz can see lot of durian store at road side. Hubby, myself, Lyon & Wien, including PIL all love durian very much actually.

However this year durian very expensive due to flood at durian flower blooming time. This cause most the flower tak jadi become fruit.

Well, I am waiting for my SIL#3 to give us some branded durian coz her hubby owns a small durian yard. :)

Growth your business

My boss is a typical Chinese businessman, he hardly search information online or even participate in any forum that relates to his business. To me, all these are essential coz we can gain some useful information online as well as exchange some business ideas with other businessmen who run the same business as me.

Well, I am going to introduce MerchantCircle Forum to my boss and persuade him to read or participate in the forum discussion issues. This forum is intended to offer a place for business owners to exchange information about the ins and outs of running a business; also helping local businesses get more customers quickly, easily and cost effectively. I am pretty sure my boss will gain some benefits from it since currently he is looking for solutions on how to promote our product listing and to search for more customers. The best forum topic that he should read is Innovative ways to promote the business. The useful information allow the business owners like him to visible their site and indirectly increase their sales. Other than that he also able to find tips and ideas on how to promote and growth his business.

I think I’ll sign up an account for him first since the registration is FREE!

Personalised Car Plate Number

Frankly I ever think of to own my very personalized car plate number. I always hinted to hubby that I prefer my nick name follow by my birthday to be my future car plate number. However we do not know whether this plate number will be using by other car owner or not. Hence the best way is to search the availability online via Northumbria Numbers. It a hosted on a dedicated server and running the powerful Microsoft SQL database, so visitors are able to interrogate the database to find a personalized car registration to suite their needs.

This new site allows us to search from their massive selection of private number plates. You can either search for ageless car registrations; prefix type registration numbers and current style number plates. The best part is, they also help you do the transfer paperwork for you, so you can just sit back and wait for the certificate!

Oh ya, if your current car plate number is unique and special, you also can sell it in Northumbria Numbers on a "no-sale, no-fee" commission basis. After the sale, they will handle all paperwork for the transfer and return to you the agreed sum.

Not understand why

My MIL likes to commented things I bought and food I bought. So far, in my record, she seem never ever praise me for the things/food I bought. I know I don't need her to agree on everything I do or my purchase items, but at least don't come and tell me: this thing u buy one, not nice at all ler! How come u still buy it? S*it! I buy mean I like, if you dislike, just don't take or eat it. Even u want to try, later pls don't comment something which I dislike to hear too! At least say something like this: this one not suit my taste ler...bla bla bla....rather than commented NOT NICE AT ALL!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shock news

I got shock news today!

One of my Malay colleagues told me she is going to divorce with her husband soon. I am very shock when I heard the bad news from her, really really shock I tell you.

All the while, she been telling me how good her hubby is, good in taking care of her as well as their only son. When she told me the news, she seems very calm down too. After that only I knew she had been struggling for such decision for long time, finally she make up her mind, and divorce is her only solution. After got the answer for herself, she feel very relax, relief, and no more in her shoulder now.

What’s the reason cause her to go for divorce? Interesting topic to me. Well, one of the main reason is she suspect her hubby got women outside and not telling the truth to her most of the time. Another reason is he dislikes her family member and refuses to send her back to her mom house during weekend as well as during Hari Raya period. She cannot accept husband that cannot accept her family members.

*sigh* Marriage need cooperation from husband and wife to sustain and maintain, if one of them betray the other one, then it’s hard for you to continue to live and stay together. However being a single mom is not easy too. I sincerely hope she can go through all these and start a new life soon!

Navtej Kohli

Frankly I don’t know who Navtej Kohli is but I am impress that he owns many blogs currently. I wonder how this entrepreneur and philanthropist from San Jose, Costa Rica manage to find time to maintain his blogs. He is running a company called called Grafix Softech and also in charge of the Tej Kohli Foundation, which provides charitable funds for impoverished South American children. I love to see business man involve in charity work, this show that they are still concern about the community.

Well, if you wish to know more about Navtej Kohli, perhaps you can read Navtej Kohli on Digg, Navtej Kohli on Seomoz and Navtej Kohli on Linkedln. All these web stated clearly his profile as well as his latest news. Do check out his various blogs and read some of the interesting blog posts.

Print your photo on canvas

Wow, I am so happy to be one of the 100 participants that took part in Canvas Opp! I am going to send my girls’ picture to be printed onto the canvas and I just couldn’t wait to see the finished canvas now! A big thank you to Payu2blog for letting us joining this fun and exciting opportunity. Well, I am hoping Canvas on Demand able to send the 16 x 20 canvas to me via UPS or DHL since I am staying in country of Malaysia.

It is very simple and easy to print your loving picture onto canvas with the service of Canvas on Demand. All you have to do is just upload your picture during ordering process and they will guide you through the upload process. After that sits back and wait for your finished canvas which will ship within 4-5 business days from the time the image is uploaded.

The best news is Canvas on Demand provides free photo enlargement service once you place an order with them. If you ever not satisfy with your photo on canvas, you can either ask them redo or ask for refund. They will ensure their clients get 100% satisfaction guarantee towards their service!

Why wait? Upload your lovely photo to Canvas on Demand today, I am sure you'll love it!

My blog's rating

I saw many blogger try to find out their blog rating via this web: So, I tried out for mine too!

Guess what? My blog rating turn out RESTRICTED, which not accessible for kids below 17!!! Wuahahahahaha.....this should be parenting blog ler, now become R rated blog pulak! *shake head*

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Well, it analyzed that my blog contained below wording more than once :

* pain (15x)

* sexy (6x)

* breast (1x)

Colloidal Silver

I always have this thinking in my mind set: we shall take supplements pill besides taking healthy and balance diet in our daily meal. Well, some of you might not agree with my statement though. To me, not all food can provide us full nutrition and balance diet, only via taking supplement pills that can ensure us have good immune system for our body.

colloidal silver is one type of supplement product that can provide you the highest level of effectiveness to strengthen your immune system. It was used a dietary supplements to maintain robust immune system for optima health.

Some of you might ask how this colloidal silver come from? You can actually read more about the effectiveness of colloidal silver from Purest Colloids. Colloidal silver is determined by particle surface area, the higher the particle surface area the more effective the colloidal silver. Hence when you drink the product , it will easily enter your stomach and then go to small intestines. This make the absorption of the silver particles takes place in the small intestines and then go into the bloodstream where they circulate to all parts of the body. Later all the particles will be passed out of the body as waste hence to detox your body. Sound like a very good supplement food ya!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am not a hot mama!

You Are More Mild Than Wild
You're confident, and you really aren't concerned with how "hot" you are. Other people's ideas of what's sexy don't concern you. And this is exactly what makes you attractive.

Unique Mailboxes

Frankly I love to see the mailboxes design in Europe countries. I remember during my Europe trip many years ago, I keep pointing to my hubby once I spotted unique and special design of mailboxes. Unlike our local mailboxes which is always in red color and in plastic material too!

Hubby commented since I love oversea mailbox design so much, why not just order one mailbox that caters for residential to replace existing one. I am so happy upon hearing this great news and quickly do my searching online. I found out that has the widest selection of residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes over the internet. Other than that, it also offer high quality and durable rural mailbox and post packages.

I love this design as shown in the picture, Whitehall Statesville Package, whereby this package can fully customized according to fit our needs. The best of all is Mailboxixchange provides 15 years limited warranty, besides free shipping! Don’t you think this is a great deal?

Hurry up, check out your ideal mailboxes at Mailboxixchange, you might find one that suit your house.

Never too old to study

Hubby told me his boss plan to take up MBA on part time basis. I was teasing at him: huh? Your boss already enter 50+ year old, yet still plan to further studies? Well, hubby’s answer is: age is not a main concern to further studies, as long as you have the determination and goal, just do it! Some more I do agreed with what he said.

Later hubby added that his boss wish to take up MBA via distance learning at capella university, a well known online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology.

Other than that capella university also offers the challenge and quality of a traditional classroom and the flexibility to fit education into your daily life. Looks like this university’s reputation is not bad, I will book mark it for my kids future education reference.

I love cherries

I am a fruits lover! Any kind of fruits are acceptable to me except poisoning fruits. Lucky I born in tropical country which enable me to try out plenty of tropical fruits. However I love cherries too even though it is impossible for me to find in my tropical country. So, if I have chance to travel to country like Australia or California, for sure I’ll try to schedule to go during cherries season. I was told June is the best month to go coz this is the cherries season and you can see cherries is selling all over the stores. Oh ya, I want to experience just pluck from tree and eat! LOL

The Fruit Company's Cherries are now in Season and you can order online those fresh and beautiful cherries as Gift Basket for your love one. The Fruit Company grow the finest fruit in the world in their orchards in the Hood River Valley, and their prompt delivery to you will ensure the fruits basket are still fresh as it was just plucked from the trees.

Besides guarantee you the prompt delivery to the correct address, The Fruit Company also guarantee you to get either replacement, exchange it or a full refund or credit if you (or your gift recipient) are not completely satisfied with the gift. Don’t you think they offer good customer service to us?

Hair care tips

My hair is naturally dry type and I need to take few precaution when come to hair care. Some of the tips that I practiced are as below:

Comb my hair regularly before going to bed each night.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Use very little but enough to cover hair completely with lather. Use a conditioner to keep hair manageable.

Avoid brushing wet hair. This will cause the hair to stretch and finally break. Finger-dry, or use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to gently remove the knots.

Avoid dyes.

Always hold hair dryer away from your hair. Direct air from the hair dryer down hair shaft and not directly into the roots and keep it moving.

Trim your hair once in 7 weeks to avoid split ends.

Never wash your hair with very hot or very cold water.

There are still many tips out there, however so far I did apply above tips.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I look younger than my age?! :)

I EFNTD, so do a personal testing again, this is the end result! Probably those whoever meet me will know whether I look younger or older than my age.

You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age
You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself. You'll probably have a youthful glow for many years.

Mac Games and More

Good news for Macs PC owner! Now you even have more chance to play online games via Mac Games and More. The focus of the site is to recognize and publicize the work of independent Mac developers. It’s main intention is to support the work and creative minds of shareware developers, game developers and Mac products, as well as appreciate the work of Apple, its computers and all its hardware, software and peripherals.

All the games are free to download, try and play. Some of them even free mac games that require no payment at all. If you wish to play in full version, then you have to purchase them at a small fee. Some of the examples listed in the site are Mac Mahjong, Risk-like Games, Soccer Games, Solitaire, Mac Mini Games, Kids Games, Virtual Villages and many more!

If you have a Mac website or you had developed Mac software or games, you can get be featured at Mac Games and More. All you have to do is purchase the featured listing online then send them your graphic image that will go with your listing. Purchasing a featured listing is one of the best ways to get your site popular besides promoting your business or product. It is also a cost effective way to market your site as well as bringing new visitors to your site.

If you have buddy who love to play online games, do tell your friends about this site, and introduce them to the world of awesome Mac games, game downloads and shareware!

Shape Eye Brows with Plucking with Tweezers

I will shape my eyebrows using tweezers, it's pain I tell you, but I still use this method.

Eyebrows are tricky creatures. You know how they’re supposed to look, but sometimes they don’t want to cooperate, and because they’re growing out of your head, they have a semi permanent character that defies wishes and good intentions.

Plucking the perfect eyebrow shape can be a stressful task because no one wants painful, over tweezed brows. Follow the lead of to make up artists and get the right tweezers and eyebrow care beauty tools.

Well, that's women, for beauty purpose, they willing to do anything, regardless pain or no pain. LOL

Teeth pain pain

My goodness, one of my teeth so pain now. Actually I had asked the dentist to do the filing twice at the same teeth. But it seem, not really save my teeth, it cause it crack at bottom. Now I can feel the pain, make me so uncomfortable now. Look like this time have to remove the whole teeth, I don't think dentist still able to save my teeth anymore. Ouch...pain pain ....


Today I must stop taking it...yes, I must stop!

I had been taking too much dumpling lately, one day I can take total up to 5, but all small size lar. My mom make it smaller this year as compare to last year. Frankly I only love my mom's hand made dumpling. My MIL's taste so so only, still my mom is the best!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tag - 5 things I complained

Vivivava tag me, a very simple tag actually, about 5 things I would like to complaint! hahaha..which human no complaint in daily life, u tell me. I am sure I'hv more than 5! Let's start it!

Here there goes....

1. My boss give me too much paper work lately. The one make me beh song is, he likes to ask me type and send him the soft copy, which later he will send via email. Shit, just a simple letter, why can't he type out and send out directly?

2. Factory doing expansion now. Less parking lot for office staff, cause me have to walk long distance before enter office floor. Tired.

3. My MIL never praise anything things or food I bought so far. She always claim she is the best in any taste.

4. Dislike the way SIL#2 talking ( she stay in KL). Like to show off her capability in earning so much money in a month bla bla bla, also claim that no need study so high also can earn big buck de ! ...but i look down her coz she dunno what is blog all about! LOL

5. Whatever I do, MIL will come and ask: how, why, what....seem like I am so useless. Give me a break, i know what I am doing.


Make more money online

Make money via blogging is no longer a new term to me now, coz I had actually signed up with few advertiser and start making money since Feb 2007.

I was told is another great site for making money too. It is a new tool which is used to increase your blog adsense earning by simply displaying news items from Urbanread network. All you have to do is just register with Urbanread, later they will give a code which is accessible under User Panel--->get the code. Pasted the code to your blog html and then wait for visitors to click from your site. After they click, they’ll be directed to Urbanread page with the news details. Then you already start making money here!

The Adsense Sharing widget is always updated with the latest news happenings. It is easy to install too due to simple configuration plus it is built with one click installation feature! Registered your blog today and start making money like me!

Colorful wedding rings

Frankly if you ask me prefer Colored or non colored gemstone for wedding rings, my answer is non color. To me, non colors or rather call it white color gemstone look more elegant and classic than color gemstones. However I know some of you might prefer color gemstones; especially nowadays you can see many choice of color, such as blue, black, green, pink etc. Check out the site of, there you can see lot of beautiful and lovely design for color gemstone that suita ble for wedding or engagement rings.

Sapphire Rings and Emerald rings are among those color gemstone that getting popular for married couple nowadays. Some said white gemstone is out of trend now, so they prefer to choose color gemstone for their wedding or engagement ring. Besides sapphire and emerald rings, pearl rings also a good choice for wedding occasion.

My mom is one of the lovers for emerald earring eventually. If I am running out of idea what to buy for her during Mother’s Day or her birthday, I will go for emerald earring coz I am sure she will happily accept it.

Join the cruise!

Are you looking for exciting cruises package for you and your family member? If you and your family member like to watch bands and love singing and dancing, perhaps the best site recommended for you is The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise at It is the world’s only fully chartered blue cruises and their dedicated cruise site presents an unbeatable choice of worldwide cruises and cruise tours for you to choose from.

The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise is a floating music festival at sea on a cruise liner. It has truly been a wildly life changing experience for literally thousands of musicians and blues cruisers alike. In the cruise, you will be able to see multiple performances for an entire week at sea. Relax yourself while cruising.

The upcoming happening events will be San Diego to Mexican Riviera ( oct 13-20, 2007 ) and Fort Lauderdale to the Eastern Caribbean (Jan 13-20, 2008). For the Mexican Riviera cruise, the performers will be Taj Mahal & The International Rhythm Band w/ Rudy Costa, Bill Rich, Kester Smith, Robert Greenidge & Byrant Parker. Surprise guest will be invited too! I bet this will be a very happening blues festival @, imagine you can dancing at the front of the pool deck stage while the luxury ship sails at 20 knots under the stars, or sunbathing on an upper deck while the bands play directly below. How nice if I able to join such cruise!

Do consider for your next cruise vacation, or call them at 888-BLUESIN or 816-753-7979. I am sure you’ll have an unforgettable memory upon returning from your cruise trip with them!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shrek the Third

If you have not watch Shrek the Third yet, go and buy the DVD for your kids, I am sure they will enjoy the carton series, just like my girls.

At first myself not really like the show, coz Shrek is not handsome at all, look ugly to me too! hahaha...however after few rounds of watching, slowly I can accept him!

EMI shielding

If you are look for a reliable brand of EMI Shielding, the best place to look for it is at New England Die Cutting (NEDC). The company has more than 25 years of successful design, fabrication, and effective distribution of high quality EMI shielding products.

NEDC also is the biggest provider of LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES EMI shielding material worldwide. If you have problem installing EMI shielding, NEDC personnel will assist you with their extensive experience and they will guide you how to use these products in specific design situations.

Real Estate Networking

If you are a new or experienced buyer, seller, real estate agent, real estate broker who has passion for real estate, perhaps you should take some time to read WannaNetwork website. The site has REALTOR® Magazine which contains all kinds of real estate professionals to help new players and old-time professionals alike in connecting with one another.

Other than building long lasting business networking relationships, the website also help you share your ideas and experience on their blogs. WannaNetwork is a powerful online networking community designed for real estate professionals to stay in touch with changing market conditions. Alternatively they also can communicate and learn via their forum.

Check out WannaNetwork if you want a clearer picture on how they work for real estate networking.

Easier reporting software

Eric just started doing his home business not long ago; so far most of the issues related to the business are being settled except the financial report. He is good at doing marketing and office management but not so familiar with financial figure. I try to suggest him to use PROPHIX’s financial reporting software since it is a readily accessible tool to suit all management, financial, general ledger transactional and ad hoc reporting needs. I am sure after practicing this software into his company, lot of financial issue can be resolved easily.

Holiday @ Orlando

My boss will arrange family vacation for his family member twice a year. Usually I am the one who help him to book for vacation package or hotel booking. Lately he ask me check out vacation home Orlando package coz his wife plan to go Disney World in Orlando. Wow, I am envy they have chance to visit Disneyland Orlando as this is one of my dream vacation destination too! I am hoping one day can my girls to visit that place too!

Got to save more money now.

Earn your degree @ Capella

Most of the learners will look for reputable and award winning university to further their studies. Capella University is one of their choices among other university. It is an accredited university, which prides itself on the quality and choice of online courses offered to potential students.

If you wish to take up any MBA, do consider Capella University coz their online MBA program can really benefit to most students. Their online MBA programs are designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and qualities required to succeed in the cutting edge world of business administration and management. On top of that, their programs cover a wide range of areas, enabling students to acquire valuable skills to help them good at skills like negotiation, management, and leadership.

In Capella University, you can live and learn-and move forward in your life!

Coming school break

Next school break will be around August, hubby plan to bring the girls to Singapore, hopefully this plan will become true. Hubby been dragging this plan for so long, most of the time was cancel due to his tight working schedule.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shop with coupon codes

Most of us like to wait for sale period and buy cheaper price items, including myself too. Now, with coupon codes from, you can shop anytime, anywhere you like without the need to wait for sales period. is an online shop which allows you to shop with discounted online coupon or coupon codes and it provides one stop coupon deal and discount resource for the Web site visitor.

I had browsed through the web and found out that I can get lots of great deals items from their merchants. Some of my favorites stores are The Gap, BabyCenter, Macy’s and Chadwick’s. I used to purchase items from these stores online, but now with promotion coupons codes from Coupon Chief, I can ever save more!

Spring is around the corner; perhaps you should look for some healthy and vigorous plants from Michigan Bulb to make your garden prettier and has a fresh look. Check out the good deals offer by Coupon Chief, you might end up get those plant at affordable price!

Long Island Exchange

Long Island, is an island located in south east New York, it offers diversity, glamour, the good life, excitement or solitude; all within 125 miles. If you wish to know what the most happening things in Long Island are, perhaps you should visit the website of

Long Island Exchange is the Internet’s largest online Long Island based website, and it has more than 200,000 page web site, provides the Long Island community with up to date information targeted at Long Island New York specifically. Some of the useful information are business directory, hotel reservations, weather, map satellite, local news, real estate listing, online games, classifieds, movie reviews, celebrity gossip and many more.

Oh ya, this web been won three categories in the 34th Annual Best on Long Island Awards for the second consecutive year, including 2006 Long Island BOLI Awards, for Internet, News, Media, and Publications.

Promote your business

My boss would like to expand company business to Dubai and US market. However he is not familiar with those market situation and need to do market research first before entering oversea market. I think it is good that he sign up our company with MerchantCircle, an online directory that allow business owners to claim their listing, customize it with pictures, blogs, coupons, newsletter and link to other business owners. This services is FREE, I am sure my boss would love to join it!

The best category to join will be business service for California since our intention is in US market. Other than that we can get the local area directory in the web, we also able to check the location map which is also available on the web. I can say this is quite an useful web listing.

Other than for business listing, we also can benefit from their health and fitness information which is also available in the web. The one that caught my attention is lady circuit 30 minute fitness where I can find where to local fitness center as well as learning fitness tips. Perhaps I should check out Wedding Supplies Unlimited since I can get some resourceful information here.

Build Up Your Muscle

Do you like to see men’s body which full of muscles? I am sure most women would like tot coz to us, men with muscles look so “man” and sort of can give we women protection! LOL

Now you also can easily ask your hubby or boyfriend to build up their muscle with the assistant of body building supplements from Muscle Up, Australia. Muscle Up offers the best supplements for building muscle. Other than buying body building supplements from them, you also able to buy other stuff like creatine, testosterone supplements, protein and weight gain supplements from Muscle Up with cheaper price.

It is an easy, quick and hassle free way of ordering your body building supplements from them coz they will send your purchase to your doorstep as quickly as possible. The good customer service provided by Muscle Up is, if you receive damaged or incorrect products, you can contact Muscle UP via email within 48 hours of receiving your purchase and they will resolve the issue at their expense.

Free from drug addiction

I bet many parents will fear of their kids addicted to drug or alcohol, including myself too. Even my kids are still small now, but I already start feel the worry if one day they addicted to those drug. I strongly advice parent nowadays to start reading more on drug rehab and their drug treatment program by respective drug rehab. So that we know where to turn to if our kids get addicted.

There are plenty of drug rehab centers in the community nowadays and it is not an easy task to find one that is reputable and suitable to you. Cliffside Malibu is a residential drug rehab, alcohol rehab center and provides extended care facility for adults suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other co-occurring disorders.

With the existence of drug rehab center like Cliffside Malibu, their drug addiction treatment program able to help those addicts to recover and ensure them find success on the way from addiction to sobriety. Their drug treatment including detox, individual therapy, group therapy, depression treatment and alternative medicine.

If you know someone who need drug rehab assistant, do refer them to Cliffside Malibu or call their hotline at 800-501-1988 any time. Their counselors ready to assist you no matter where you are and they are ready to help you start new life too!

Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelries are women all time favorite collection, including myself too. I love to buy beautiful jewelry during my shopping spree and I will put them on if I attend any dinner function.

Aquamarine Jewelry’s designs are unique and look elegant. I am sure you will fall in love with them once you enter website. offers fine aquamarine for you to enjoy. Some of the jewelries features in Aquamarine are Aquamarine Rings, Aquamarine Earrings, and Aquamarine Pendants.

Check it out, I am sure you’ll find one jewelry that suit your taste.

Hubby's dream car - ISUZU

Hubby and I own a car respectively, not a big car though, just a small car that enable us to drive to work daily. Currently we are not afford to buy luxury car like Mercedes, BMW, let alone those 7 seated MPV or sports utility vehicle.

However hubby had set a target for himself that he will purchase one ISUZU pickup truck after he retires from working. The main reason for this purchase is he wishes to drive the pickup truck to go for hunting and drive to his fruit orchard if any. He wants to enjoy life after retiring.

Why my hubby prefer Isuzu? This is because he believe Isuzu vehicle’s performance are measure of true performance and value starts long after that new-car smell fades away. All these while, Isuzu vehicles have been designed, tested and built for the long haul. That’s why he fall in love with this vehicle.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stylish Sunglasses

I need sunglasses and it is a MUST item in my handbag, I even spare one at my car too. Our weather here is so hot and sunny day most of the time; I need my Sunglasses to reduce the bright light that shoot my eye sight! Usually I order my sunglasses from my sister-in-law coz she is dealing in wholesale sunglasses and then I can get a cheaper price from her!

Well, there are plenty of replica sunglasses in market now, everyone wants to look smart and wear designer sunglasses from the leading brands. If you are looking for great deals of sunglasses, perhaps you should buy your Wholesale Sunglasses direct from CTS because they are direct importers, offer same day shipping and has great customer service too. I am going to introduce CTS to my SIL, so that she can buy in wholesale, able to get a vast discount, and then she can easily make tons of sale and make large profits too! Of course, I can get another better rate from her too! :)

Foot Pain Relief

If you are an athletic or people who like to do outdoor activity like jogging, hiking, football, perhaps you might be interested to know what is Blister Prevention Patches. It is a foot pain relief tool that has is a very durable low-friction patches manufactured with very sticky adhesive. The patches are uniquely applied to footwear, insoles, socks & equipment – NOT SKIN – to provide easier, longer-lasting blister-free protection and relief. The best of all is patches are thin, sweat-proof and latex-free!

Blister Prevention Patches from ENGO has many good features, such as prevent blisters from rising to blister-causing level, immediate relief of blister pain, can last for 4-6 weeks and easy to use too!

For more information about ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches, visit or call 866-795-0057

Sexy sleep wear

Miche and Msau both got their own sexy sleep wear. Tempted me to own mine too..hehehe...I had checked online, saw some sexy wear that suit my taste but yet to finalise my decision, buy or not buy.

I am still consider a practical person, I will only spend on things which is really necessary. My concern is will I wear it very often? or will I wear 2-3 times then keep in wardrobe again, just like other handbag and clothing..*think**think*

Actually I also can sew those sexy sleep wear, in fact I did it before. I sew few set during early stage of marriage, then after kids arrival, I seldom wear them. THis is bad for having sewing skill too, make me feel not worth to buy those clothing sometimes.

Change of notebook

Lately I am so angry with my notebook because it always hang while I am half way doing my assignment or surfing internet. I also noticed the memory speed very slow now. Sometimes I have to wait for at least 5 minutes for a full page to fully complete loading. Hubby’s suggestion is perhaps we should buy a new notebook from IBM brand, IBM ThinkPad, so that we can use IBM memory since we can get lifetime warranty for their products.

AEF - Headhunter

Headhunters firm become very common now, you can see their advertisement everywhere, be it in newspaper or online. My hubby usually will use executive recruiting firm to look for a better career and better pay. This is move convenience and less time consuming as compare to you personally write and walk in for an job interview.

A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc is a headhunter firm that maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. Their good reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements have helped them build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates. AEF has skillful and experience recruiter that able to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job for each candidates.

Their practice areas include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. All these fields positions will be fill — nationally — from middle to executive to top “C level” management… from associates to partners… and from analysts to managing directors.

The DHL Balloon @ Singapore

I saw this advertisement in local newspaper.

There is a new attraction in Singapore right now. You can ride the world’s biggest helium balloon at Bugis. Fly into the air at 150 m with nothing under your feet and only a big balloon above your head and enjoy the best panoramic city view from the sky! It is a unique and unforgettable experience for the kids as well as for we adults besides the excitement. Hey we can fly too!

I am hoping DHL will do one at Malaysia too! I wish to let my kids experience this wonderful activity!

Office furniture

My best friend, Alex going to start his own business soon and he plan to rent a shop lot to run his business. Lately he called me for help, asking my favour to help him to look for great deals for his office furniture. It is a pretty simple job for me coz I am working in a furniture company actually, and I can always get him those furniture that currently on promotions! Frankly I do admire he has such gut to start own business at such young age, I am still indecisive whether want to start mine or not.

Reputable Legal Firm

It is not an easy task to look for reputable unless you have a good recommendation from your friends or relatives who ever engaged with their services. However if you stay in US, perhaps you could look up Simmons Jannace & Stagg for any legal issue.

Their practice areas including arbitrations and litigation, accidents & injuries, bankruptcy & creditor rights, car accidents, civil & criminal law, DUI/DWI, divorce & family issue, municipal law, real estate and many more.

Simmons Jannace & Stagg has very experience and skillful attorneys whereby they’ll approach each case with a fresh perspective and to look for opportunities to resolve conflicts in a cost-efficient and effective way. Their main mission is to listen to clients ‘needs and always put their interests first.


Stairlifts is a new term to me. This is my first time heard of such useful equipment for immobile or handicap people. It is lift that helps them up to the stairs.

If your house has old folks (parents or grandparents) who are immobile, perhaps you should invest one stairlift to restores their freedom and independence to move around the home. There are variety choice of stairlifts offers by Value Stairlifts, including Straight stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, Standing Stairlifts and Reconditioned Stairlifts.

All of the stairlifts are highly adaptable and designed to meet customer`s specific requirements. Their stairlifts have an innovative on board control panel allowing you to monitor the status of the lift, whilst alerting you to any pending problems before they arise. The best of all is they take into consideration the safety issue while designing the stairlifts. They have safety belt as well as five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift automatically if any obstruction is encountered on the stairs.

For more information about the stairlifts, do check it out from Value Stairlifts website or send your inquiry online.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My favourite song

Oldies song, but till today I still like it very much. Is a romantic song to me actually!

Eternal Flame - The Bangles

Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling

Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?

Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming?

Is this burning an eternal flame?

I believe it's meant to be, darling

I watch when you are sleeping, you belong to me

Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming

Or is this burning an eternal flame?

Say my name, sun shines through the rain

A whole life so lonely, and then you come and ease the pain

I don't want to lose this feeling

Say my name, sun shines through the rain

A whole life so lonely, and then you come and ease the pain

I don't want to lose this feeling

Close your eyes and give me your hand Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand? Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming Or is this burning an eternal flame? Is this burning an eternal flame? An eternal flame? (Close your eyes and give me your hand Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand? Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming Or is this burning an eternal flame?)