Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Side income

One of my brother in law has interest in collecting coins. He has lots of collection of coins from different countries that he bought from shop or online store. Sometimes I saw he bid those coins from Ebay and he even willing to pay with expensive price just to own one particular country’s coin. The main reason he do so is he will resell the coins online and earn a decent income from this transaction.

He told me that those rare coin will have value in near future, if he keep for certain period and resell them, then he able to make money from it too! Lately he told me that he has other interest besides coin. He wish to try his luck in gold and silver investment. This is because this item have great historical significance besides and he foresee its value will shoot up after few years. He is ready to buy some and keep for him. Well, I dare not ti try since I don't know much about gold or coins!