Monday, October 11, 2010


My girls are still small but they already start fancy hp that comes with touch pad. Of course we did not buy for them since they are still in young stage. However lately my sister in law brought over 2 hp for them to play the games. See, how my SIL dotted them! since then, both of them will play the games after finish their homework. I will got mad if they play it when the homework is untouched in their school bag. I guess if they had been introduced to ipod, I am sure they will 7x24 hook onto it and forget about their homework. In fact, myself also wish to own an ipod but stingy me, till now yet to purchase it. Main reason is I don’t have much time to listen songs, including radio songs. I was told Apple ipod brand very famous in the market now. Hmmmm, wonder when I will own an ipod or ipad!! - Show quoted text -


Ashen - The ipod expert said...
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