Friday, November 26, 2010

High gold price

My second sister and family having vacation in Genting Highlands now. They are using the voucher given by my dear friends. Although we can get FOC room using the voucher, however if you go during school holiday, then we are still subject to surcharge though. I was lucky enough coz my friend actually upgrade our room to super deluxe size and no need to wait long queue while check in too.

Before my sister confirmed to Genting, my BIL has so many concerns. He is one of the online traders of coins, notes and gold too. He worry his customers may ask for urgent delivery or send in inquiry. I told him to relax since uphill also able to go online. There is cyber cafĂ© there too. Furthermore, gold price now so high, I don’t think investor will buy gold at this period too. Just enjoy the holiday lar!