Friday, December 30, 2011

Presents for the girls

Most of the time I will have headache when I think of what to buy as birthday present for my girls. They already own so many things in their room, I don’t think they ever lack of anything. LOL

However I still need to buy them something when come to their birthday, right? Other wise they might think the mummy had forgotten their big day. Mean time, some of my friends also commented we should not always just celebrate birthday for them. We should think of ourself too because we, the mummies are the one suffer the pain when giving birth to them. We should pamper ourself on this date instead of just think of them. Haha…well said too! Anyway, we can always celebrate together, right? Ok perhaps next year I will get them some personalized disney gifts from online shop. I will either select personalized shirt or stationery for them.