Thursday, August 23, 2012

Debit cards for kids

Nowadays the kids are so lucky. Whatever they want, their parent will try to fulfill their wish. This is because parent nowadays are having quite good life, so they will let their kids to enjoy life as well. Many of the primary school kids owning a mobile phone too. Some even own ipad or iphone too. However my children do not have such luxury life like their peeps in school. My hubby does not want them to have such luxury gadget at such young age first. He wants them to learn to earn and buy for themselves if possible.

Lately I heard there are prepaid debit cards for kids too. So that the kids can spend using the card. Whenever the amount becomes minimum, the parent will top up for them. How lucky they are, don’t you think so? If you wish to get free prepaid debit cards for kids too, simply check it out from internet, I am sure you can get lot of information for this service.