Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Am I?

Some of my friends asked me: how on earth I can find time to do my sewing, besides taking care my 2 active toddler girls, plus never ending house chores? hehehe....one of them even commented I am a perfect example of good mama, good wife & career women...WOW WOW ...this is a bit over praise quote to me though. To me, I am still a very simple and normal mummy like all of you!

Again, my usual quote: time management is very important. "No time" is just a very lame excuse to me. Hey, I even can do baking while I am cooking you know! How to do it? Just figure it yourself. Sometimes things like this no need people to teach you or learn from book from good writer, you just have to crack your head, try your way and find it your way! Right?


snoopy said...

You should be awarded the Most Active Mother Award....