Friday, June 12, 2009

KFC @ Giant

Today hubby having lunch at KFC @ Giant Melaka. Something strange happen. He order a set that contained a plate of nasi beriani, fried chicken and drink. Ya, he can't live without rice, that why he need rice every meal.

Ok, while he brought back his set to his seat and start eating the rice, the Manager quickly to him and want to take back his rice. Hubby is stunt there and don't know what happen. The manager quickly told him that the rice is not fresh, and offer him snack plate instead. Hubby is ok with the exchange. In fact he feel that this manager offer good customer service to his customer. He did not wait till customer complaint then only entertain them. He rather fix the problem at the first place.

Now, tell me, any company can offer such service to their customer? least I know my company is not one of them. They will wait for customer complaint then only willing to clean their butt! Sad ?