Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby gift for her

I am real busy lately. Until I don’t know how to schedule my work and time table now. part of the reason is due to my girl was having term exam now, so I have to allocate some time for her; to do revision and go through some mock papers. I believe through doing more mock papers will help her in her studies. I confess now. I am using some of my office hour to do personal thing now. However I only do it during lunch break. Not too much, right? :)

One of hubby's colleagues going to give birth soon. I know her too. We are thinking to buy something for her. Some suggested baby sling or pouch; some suggested Baby Bedding. Well, we are not sure does she own either one of this or not. Perhaps we should ask her what she want instead of just buy something for her. This is to minimize the waste. No point buys for her something that she already own. It is better to buy something that she really needs it.

She is getting a baby girl soon, so she might be my potential buyer in near future! Hehehe...


Malas said...

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