Friday, August 07, 2009

Online shoes shopper

Previously I am very crazy over shoes. At one time I can own more than 4 pairs of working shoes I tell you. Until one day my hubby commented on me; he say I should not spend money like that. I told him which women do not have more than 1 pair of shoe. If yes, then she must be very conservation or stingy type…hahaha….

Even now I am still a shoe lover, just which I had minimized my purchase to only 2 pairs each time. In fact, I only buy shoes during sale period, so that I can save more. Lately one of my colleagues to buy shoe online. She told me that has wide range of women hoes. The prices quoted are affordable too. Well, I am too skeptic to buy online coz I cannot try before purchase. What if the shoe not comfortable after wearing? Will they accept return and refund? Just wonder……