Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disneyland, can we go again?

I was told Disney hotel in Hong Kong is Family Friendly Hotels. No wonder during our previous trip, we are unable to book it due to fully book. That duration is not peak season, yet it is still full, so you can imagine how popular the hotel is. No choice, we have to stay hotel that further from Disneyland. Hopefully in future, we are able to book it cos inside the hotel, all corner was decorated with Disney character. I am sure my kids will fall in love with the hotel...hehehe... But lately HK disneyland is quit pack. Perhaps it is cheap, that why attracte more tourist to come. I know it is small as compare to other countries' disneyland. But to me it is just nice for a kid to walk within the distance. If too big, I don't think a kid can finish all the attraction!