Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I brought my girls to an auntie house to do hair trimming. I love to go to her cos we no need to wait long queue. Even if we have to wait, also for a short time only. unlike some shops that requested us to wait for ½ hour or even more. Another plus point of this auntie is her price very very affordable. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty too. Imagine, 2 kids hair cut only cost me RM4.00. Now you tell me, where on earth to find such cheap rate? Her skill not bad too. too bad she no need hair rebonding due to her hand problem. If not, for sure I will go to her as well. She needs to wear work gloves when doing perming hair for her customers. Her hands allergic to those hair medicines. If no wear gloves, then her hand will be very pain once touch those hair treatment shampoos. Pity her too.