Monday, April 26, 2010


Both my girls love to play piano when they are free. FIL had a set of piano in his room, however he not so willing to let the girls play piano chord as and when they like. I know he does not like they enter his room, simply because he scares the girls will mess up his room. LOL

However the girls’ good SIL bought them a piano 5 years ago. At that time, my elder girl only age 4 and small girl only 1yo ++. Her intention is to let the girls learn piano chords and at the same time to pass their time too. So thoughtful she is ya. By the way, the piano set was send to my house via another auntie who visits this SIL in China. The set come from far far away. LOL…anyway I really appreciate her thought. Of course, I will let the girls piano, hopefully they can develop their interest from there too. If I will to buy some piano books, I will go to as I was told this site has a complete range of piano books for all level of learners. Check it out if you one of the piano lovers!