Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hubby and myself still reluctant to fork out some money for our new house renovation. This is because renovation cost very expensive now; simple renovation will cost you a bomb I tell you. The major areas that I wish to do renovation are my kitchen and bathroom. As for living hall, if financial allow, I may add some plaster ceiling as well. This will make the living hall look more classic. In fact our house design is not modern type, so renovation can make it nicer. The only concern is spare enough money to spend for it. if I am afford, I am surely will look for elegant bath tub from The price quoted in Better Bathrooms a bit pricy but the quality is superb, so I think it is worth to invest for it.

I had just visited one of my ex-colleague’s new houses. Her house was nicely renovated and of course she had spent a lot for it too. As I know, before she starts the renovation, she had been going to many show houses to look for ideas and concept. After that only she looks for interior designer to design for her dream house. If I will to renovate my house, I will surely look for her and get some ideas from her.