Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Horses in Zoo

During last school break, we brought the kids to Zoo Melaka. Don't know how many times we had been to Zoo Melaka, but my kids still love this place very much. Each school break they will begged us bring them there. First 2 trips, they reluctant to ride on horses and they claimed the horses are smelly. But last 2 trips, they dare to ride on it after our encouragement. I afraid my younger girl will fall down if she ride the horse alone, so I accompany her. Hey, it's fun! I seem like a little girl when ride on the horse I tell you. Oh ya, the horse are very strong, wonder did they take any horse supplements or not. I also worry the horse will suddenly walk or run while we ride on it. Lucky he is not.

My girls said they want to ride again if they visit Zoo again. :)