Friday, December 12, 2008

Old car to sell

My FIL own an old junk car, Nissan brand. His car’s condition not so good actually, so hubby plan to change a second hand car for him. However my FIL reluctant to sell off or trade in his old junk car. He was saying his car still can use no major defect too. Further more he does not want to burden hubby coz if he buy new car mean my hubby will have another loan to bear. But accoding to my hubby, second hand car now quite cheap. In less than $5K, we can get a car already. That’s why he keeps persuading his father to book one. Let’s hope my FIL will listen to his son’s suggestion.

If he allows us to buy for him, then we will have to look for auto insurance for the car too. There are so many auto insurance plans out there. It is quite a hassle to shop for one plan. Someone recommend me to use Tennessee auto insurance, I will go to the site to take a look later. If it is ok, then we will go for it.