Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hair salon

I redo hair re-bonding on Monday. I did it once a year. Last time it took me 4 hour plus to complete the whole session of re-bonding. This year the saloon girls also took almost 5 hour to complete it. so you can imagine my tiredness and I also feel hungry when it is nearly 6pm. Lucky one of them make Milo drink for me, else I think I will fainted and no energy to drive my car back.

This salon has very good business. Throughout the few hours while I was there, I can see lot of customer walk in or call in to make appointment. I also make appointment coz I worry too many people there and have to wait longer hour. I think the shop must be making lot of money though they are very tire too since have to stand in longer hour too. How nice if I have the interest in hair beauty, then I think I also can make big money now. Too bad, my parent did not aware about beauty school last time. Other wise I will ask them let me enter the school and learn the skill.