Thursday, January 15, 2009

New furniture

Our new house slowly can see some furniture by now. We did not buy in bulk first coz we need to budget our financial first. If we will to spend too much at one time, then we might face financial tight for that particular month. Hubby is a rational consumer. He will never do this. He will feel very pressure if he know his pocket had burnt a big hole and cannot last till month end. LOL

Most of the rooms have occupied with some mattress, including the bed sheet. So anyone of my relative or friends want to come over and stay, they can have a peaceful night too. Too bad, my kitchen still look very empty by now. no thanks to hubby. He is not willing to spend money for kitchen renovation yet. His commented that we seldom stay there, less cooking. So no need to spend a bomb for kitchen first. If I really want to put the oven or rice cooker in kitchen, then he will find some DIY table or racks for me for time being first. Aiyo, the house so nice but the table and racks will spoil my kitchen look. No choice, he is a very practical man. To him, he will only spend for kitchen once we move in officially. I think he going to hire boston moving company to move in those DIY tables and racks from his friend’s shop.