Monday, January 19, 2009

It's so crowded in shopping mall now

Blame to myself now. Regret I did not do my CNY shopping 2-3 weeks before. Now I have to be sardin fish with others to grab the food and drinks for this festive.

This year, me really busy with my sewing order until no time do the shopping. Last Sat and Sunday is the last weekend for me to do so. So no matter how busy I am, I still have to drag myself go to shopping mall to buy something. Previously my MIL will bought, but lately she seem lazy to shop for them. So me took over the job and buy something for the festive.

It is so crowded in Tesco, until my trolley cannot move smoothly. I afraid other trolley will hit and hurt my kids, so I put them in trolley instead of letting them go wild. But I will let them run about in clothing or shoes dept, less crowded there. Due to too crowded in food and drinks area, end up I did not buy as per my list. I just do simple shopping, told hubby let's go some where else. I rather pay more instead of being sardin fish here. LOL

Note to myself: next time better shop early no matter how busy I am!


Mouren said...

There are too many things need to settle down before CNY and me too yet to shop for CNY!!! Argghh… ‘My hubby keeping on asking me this ‘Darling, lu mau mau shopping after New Year ka?’…hahahahhah

Hi there, visit you blog today!!! O ya, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. (Got to back to work now..)

snoopy said...

Hi,if you can wait and no one complain you can shop on the first CNY - can get cheaper and easier...hahaha (I did that last year to buy my clothes on first day at JJ)