Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Career woman

My 2nd sister is a career woman before marriage and her pay is quite high. However after her second baby arrival, she is force to leave her career and become a stay-at-home mummy. Her hubby refuses to let babysister take care both his boys, so he ask the wife to resign and stay at home taking care of them. I am surprise when my sister told me she is resign soon. To me, she is a career woman and has good future in her company. It will be a waste if she just resigns like that. Well, that is up to her decision, outsider like us cannot change her mind. Perhaps when her boys become older a bit, she can get another admin careers to work with too. am I right?


snoopy said...

At time, when come to family and career most mother will have family matter come first.

I am also very much a career women too, but to cop with hub I too resign..

You are lucky that you have not come to the croscs road when you have to choose between the 2.

Moomykin said...

As much as it seems to be a loss, I thnk what you gain as a full time mom is even more. Especially things that money cannot buy, like joy seeing the children grow, peace that they acre safe under your care and the love the kids lavish back on you. Priceless.

I have no regrets leaving my job when I was pregnant with my second one. I loved my job but I love my babies more.