Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New kipnap way

Yesterday my SIL told me a very new way of kidnapping case that happened in Serum, Muar now. Shock to hear that though.

Kidnapper will just snatch kids who hang around at road side, then call the family to pay them money. The money is not a huge amount, about RM10K ++. They know this amount easily can get, either from their bank or borrow from relative or friends instead of big figure like RM50K-RM100K. Kidnappers want easy and fast money and one day they can kidnap 1-2 kids. My goodness!! Scary man!

Right now, it had 4 similar cases happen in Serum now.

Becareful folks…..and watch out your children when they playing at car porch or outside the house. You will never know who is watching you.