Friday, July 17, 2009

Help to improve company cash flow

We have 3 sales personnel in the office right now. Each personnel in charge for different section, such as export, OEM and REM sales segment. Among these 3, OEM section’s debt collection performance very poor. The main reason is the personnel did not give full force to his job responsibility. Many times, my boss have to chase him personally, then only he will move a bit and go to customer‘s place and ask for payment that are long over due. I feel sad for my boss sometimes. He is his superior; he has full power to push him work actually. However he did not do so. He just nags at him each time see the sales personnel in the office. Sigh!! I really cannot accept such work performance. How to improve, you tell me??

We as employee very much depend on debt collection to survive. Without proper cash flow, how the company going to issue salary to us punctually? Especially now is the bad crisis time. Sales personnel need to work hard to get back the debt for the company. They will also earn the commission if the collection performance is excellent! Hey, those are money you know? Why the OEM sales people never bother the money? I think he must be very rich now, that why not so worry about company’s cash flow problem!