Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation planning

What is your main criteria when come to planning for family vacation for your family member?

Usually we only book our vacation packages after we browse through the net or from advertisement in newspaper. Those packages are fixed, we just book, pay, pack thing and go for vacation. My hubby prefers tour with tour guide. I bet some of you may not like this idea? He prefers everything is fix and confirm, so we just have to follow him. How bore ya! No choice, I have to listen to him cos I am still not adventurous enough at this moment.

Of course, most of the time he will select 5 star Service Company to assist him in the trip arrangement. So that everyone can enjoy the trip without any hassle!


Moomykin said...

The last holiday we went to was to use up the points accumulated for a nice 5-star hotel stay.

Usually our motivation to visit another country is also that we have friends who are residing there and we can spend time catching up with them.