Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy with order backlog again

Pardon me, lately I am really busy with my sewing order. Seem like many couple getting marry in next 2 months. Most of the customers order flower girl dress for their princess. Good for me too coz can get more sales. Also motivate me to sew more now.

Too bad, I cannot put all my time into sewing. My elder girl going to sit for her next term exam, I need to do revision with her from now on. Hubby will help too since he saw me quite busy. But I feel guilty, so most of the time, I will be with her in her study room.

Good luck, girl. Your BM is poor, really put more effort!


Moomykin said...

Your girl will appreciate all your hard work and encouragement when she is old enough to understand.

My mother never had formal education, growing up in a fishing village and led by a her grandfather who was from China and did not believe in education for girls, but she always encouraged us to study hard while she was working part time.