Friday, January 28, 2011

Appetite suppressant pills

Everyone talk about baking cookies and dishes to prepare for this coming Chinese New Year. As we all know, this festive we will eat a lot of high calorie cookies and food, therefore our stomach will be full most of the days throughout the festive. LOL

It is not surprise if we gain 1 – 2 kg of weight. If you are at my mom’s house, you will see meaty dishes mostly instead of vegetables. At times I will eat till I feel puke. Whereas in my PIL house, they are totally opposite. My MIL will still cook meaty dishes but she more on green leafy dishes though. Whatever it is, I will get ready some appetite suppressant pills for this coming festive coz most of the times I will be at my mom’s house. :)


syndry david said...
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phentermine solutions said...

I can't even imagine that diet pills can do that

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