Sunday, October 02, 2005

02/10, Sunday Morning..

Sunday morning.... Sometime when she is in bad mood, she will not go to school, no matter how we persuade her. Like this morning, She cry and cry and telling us today dun want to go school, wanna play with mei mei at home! Bla all sort of excuses…the kind daddy le say dun want to force her, so just let her skip the class. After she stop crying, while I bathing her, I asked her.... Mummy: why today dun want to go school? Wien : (put her finger near her head and pretend she is thinking …after few seconds..)Because papa not free today! Mummy : who say papa not free? Wien : yes, he secretly told me this morning le, mummy still sleeping ma so mummy duno lor.. Mummy : speechless…. Wien clever in arguing nowadays, she can come out with all kind of reason and argue with us. Sometimes we did punish her for doing so, not cane her, but only…eg: not let her play with computer, dun want to hold her but hold Lyon & more saying to Lyon etc…then she will behave! Have to teach her from small; if not her attitude/manner will be worst when getting older….


jazzmint said...

hehe really kek sei hoh her reasons :P..dunno wanna laugh or wanna be are just so creative

Sue said...

jess, you're right... sometimes it's difficult to decide how to punish them... if too harsh might deter their imagination, if too soft then they might go overboard... so difficult really

Annie said...

This happens to my daughter too (she's same age as Wien). This morning took her to doc. After that I asked papa to sent her to babysitter as papa's office is nearer. But my girl dun want. insisted to follow me. Since she's sick, i followed her wish lor.

Then in the car, i asked her "Why u dun want to follow papa?"
She said "Because har....., his boss called him already, ur boss no call u" I was ?????