Monday, October 10, 2005

Wien Vs Lyon

Note : both pic taken during second day in Tey Maternity Specialist, Muar...

Wien Mok

  1. D.O.B : 27/04/2002, 11.45pm (emergency c-sect)
  2. Weight : 3.20kg
  3. Length : 57cm
  4. Head circumference : 36cm
  5. Preference : Thumb sucker (as & when she feel bored or sleepy)

Lyon Mok

  1. D.O.B : 22/11/2004, 5.45pm (planned c-sect)
  2. Weight : 3.15kg
  3. Length : 56cm
  4. Head circumference : 36cm
  5. Preference : Pacifier ( sleep time only)


Egghead said...

weird thing is... my son already more than 15 months liao... still hate pacifier... prefer mum's nipple still :P

Annie said...

wah, ur babies very long...mine oni 47cm in length when born. Apa u makan...rekomen sikit!

mom2ashley said...

ya! your babies are long at birth huh? Ashley was 48cm when she was born...

Also both Lyon and Wien look alike!

jazzmint said...

eh both look the same hehe..macam japanense girl :). AND both also so long!!! Faythe was oni 47cm lerr and I thought she's long!!

Sue said...

Ivan was 53cm long... your girls really tall at birth lah and both oso so fair :)

Jesslyn said...

egghead : your son breastfeed? if yes,of course like McB la!

Annie/Dinah/Jazz/Sue: they are same gene with daddy la(he is 180cm in length!!), so secret recepi is to marry tall man..LOL!

Baby Smooches said...

wow! your gals are going to be really tall. they got big heads too. ppsstt! People say baby with big head very smart one you know...

Zara's Mama said...

They are so alike.

My baby 10mth old still being breastfed, likes her thumb and my breast, but she has better control of when she can use her thumb, so she will take my breast pad (smell of me) on one hand and suck her thumb on the other hand.

Btw, you purposely give Lyon the pacifier after seeing Wien suck thumb is it?

mumsgather said...

I thought my 53cm and 54cm very long already but look at yours. Hehehe. Hehehe. Compare baby length pulak!

kwloong said...

Wien got some rash on her face but Lyon have smooth skin. Both look so peaceful.


AsleyLee said...

I always thought my son was long when he born (55cm), wah, mana tahu, your gals were more longer than my son. Emm...Jess, both of your hubby and you are tall kah??

My husband : 180cm
Me : 175cm
Jo : 88cm (latest)

Jesslyn said...

i heard the other way le, they said big head people's brain not as smart as they are!haha..
zara's mum:
Lyon couldn't find her thumb la & she like to cry first 2 mth, so introduce her pacifier lor.
everyhting can be compare wan!.
michelle :
wow, your eye so sharp hor, manage to spot Wien's rashes! Yes, she is..sorry, no prize!
Hui Sia:
He is tall (180cm) but not me, me a short lazy instead!