Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lyon 1st birthday party...coming soon!!

Lyon going to celebrate her 1st birthday very soon, ya it is next month. Wien waits for this great day too, as she knew we are going to do a small family party for her sister Lyon; will invite Wien’s buddy too! Then she can have fun... How time flies, Lyon very soon will become a toddler, no longer using “baby” to address her. How best if I could wish them stay at baby stage, so that can cuddle, hug, kiss them like a baby..i like baby smell, the hair , the body, the foot , everywhere la, even when clean their shit also no complaint! …Wien nearly 4 years old now but I still cuddle her like baby sometimes, then she will pretend like a small baby….but she is too heavy for me la… Ok, as for the party, I am going to make some party hats, as what Wien has for her 1st, 2nd & 3rd birthday party. See the photo... Note : pic taken during Wien's 1st birthday party. Note: pic taken during Wien's 3rd birthday party. All the party hats were done by my SIL, DIY, big thanks to her!! But she is getting marry coming November, so I dun think she got time to do for Lyon, never mind, mummy can DIY too..hehe ! I ever done for my brother’s daughter’s party, this is the proof, not bad hor… Note : pic taken 25/09/2005, during Zhi Ying's 2nd birthday party. I done 3 hats oni, took me 3 hr to finish them!! DIY the hat need some time & patience, not many of us will do it; some parents will go n buy the ready make one, but I found the ready make one not so cute, only has some lace or colorful painting, hardly find the one with animals! I can give some demo if you want to do, FOC!! Then have to think of some simple food & desserts for the day. Is just a simple family gathering, just to have fun for the girls & those kids!


Egghead said...

remember to let her put her hands in the cake... also wipe some on her face for a photo to remember :P

p/s: I actually did that!

Annie said...

Very nice hats indeed...The food in the picture makes me drools ler...

mom2ashley said...

very cute party hats! both your kids are big already huh? still like babies? it's not too late for anotherrrr one!!!

Sue said...

very nice work on the hats :P and dinah's right, go get summore babues, big families good ma :P

Lazymama said...

Ya, very nice party hats, can shall the technique of making it?

Yaloh, get more babies if can afford!

Jesslyn said...

We did that during Wien's 1st birthday! Just let her eat the uncut-cake till her face all kena the cream!
must be baby inside your tummy feel hungry liao la! Dun drool le else baby will be drooling too when born..old people use to say this! how true i duno la.
Ya, I like babies but now with 2 girls already handfull le!
the method is simple, let me know if u wanna do it, i can guide u..

Zara's Mama said...

when is Lyon's birthday? Zara's too coming next month. Grrr.. don't know what to do for her yet.

I like your party hat.. but do on your own.. lots of work. You SAHM?