Saturday, September 06, 2008

Phone look up service

During weekend I love to take a short nap together with my children. When they are still small, I will make sure they sleep enough during day time. So I dislike people come visit us during our nap time. You can say I am selfish but that’s me. To me, if a baby or toddler lack of sleep, then they will become very cranky during evening time or before bed time. At that time, I am the one who suffer and have to bear all the crying from them. This is because when they cry, for sure they will come to me and stick to me. No one else can sooth their crying except me. Therefore you can imagine how tire I am if I am alone to bear all these.

My children are light sleeper too. a little bit of noise or sound will awake them. So before nap time, I have to make sure the room is quiet and cozy. Oh ya, I also have to hang up my telephone coz when the phone is ringing, it will wake them up too. Haiz…so troublesome ya. Alternatively I will set the ringing mode to MUTE or SILENT. So that the ringing tone will not affect or interrupt their sleep. Haha….this show how selfish I am! But for the sake of my children, I will do so diligently.

Maybe you will ask: what if someone has urgent matter to look for you and I cannot answer in the first place? Tell you, don’t worry about this. My telephone has the Reverse Phone Lookup service, so I will know who call me while we are napping. There are plenty of company who able to provide such service to us now. One of them is National Phone Registry. This company has contacted the largest data providers in the United States and Canada to bring together the most comprehensive phone lookup service. So that we able to find our unlisted phone number, prank calls and also those hard to find cell phone owner information. See, we still able to trace who call us while we are away. Amazing, isn’t?

For more detail, do check out National Phone Registry now!