Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brand your products

I am glad stay that we stay in Malaysia, a country full with cheap and delicious food. We have 3 major races here, like Chinese, Indian and Malay. Also have other races which are in small minority. All races have their own traditional food selling all over the place. Particularly I love satay, roti canai and nasi lemak very much. My breakfast will include all these food in a week. I love to eat different type of breakfast every morning, meaning that I will not eat same food in a row. Hehe….love varieties. Unlike some people can take same food from same stall every morning. Aiks!

However not all stall sell good taste of nasi lemak or satay. At my place, there are 2 stalls sell yummylicious of these foods. The bad part is, they did not sell everyday. Also they do not have fix date to close shop. So sometimes when I reach their stall only realized they are close. Imagine how disappointed I am when I crave for it but they are close. Not only them, I also notice some stalls love to do business according to their mood. If I am the owner, and my food is nice and sellable, I will make more and operating in fix hour and date. Put up a signboard to tell customers what is our operating date and time. By doing so, then only your customer will come to you during your working hour. Maybe you will say they are not pro in this field. If Branding Agency come in to help them, perhaps they will have better management and earn money too.


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