Thursday, September 04, 2008

Messy account

Yeah, you hear me right. My personal account is real messy, I tell you. Many commented that women tend to be very sensitive over their money or personal account. They know where to keep and trace their money. However I tell you now, I am totally opposite with them.

Since started working, I never properly record my way of money spending pattern. When I think I need to spend for something, I will just go ahead and buy. Maybe you will say at that time I still single and afford to spend as and when I like. But this habit I carry till now. One person cannot stand my habit; he is none other than my dear hubby. He is a neat guy who knows how to handle and take care his financial planning. He will only spend within his budget and will never encounter any over spend experience. To him, if over spend and do not have enough money to pay by end of month, then he will be real pressure and tension. Lucky I have him, else I think my account still in a mess by now. I will allow my close friends or relative to borrow money from me occasionally. Of course I will only borrow them if they really need the money. My problem is I always forget whether they had repaid me or not. Most of the time it is my hubby who remind me. But I will feel uncomfortable when ask them to return money to me. haiz…I think I may need Collection Agency to help me on this issue. LOL