Friday, September 19, 2008

Maybank charged me RM18.04 as penalty

Maybank shock me with their stupid management again! Read what my hubby wrote below...... I am going to copy post by post too! It is my supplementary card from MBB too!


As usual, I expect to receive my MBB credit card statement around this time. Since the statement cut off date fall on 12th day of each month and payment due on the 2nd day of the following month.

MBB really give me a shock this round. Look at the transaction printed below. I just can’t figure out why a finance charge of RM18.41 was imposed although I had settle the outstanding balance 7days before the payment due date.

Do you know? Let’s see whether you can tell me the correct answer.

Well, I did call up to the customer service center to seek for clarification and now I know how the bank make multi million each year through the lack of public awareness of term and condition printed on the other side of the statement.

Allow me sometime to compile the story. I will post it on my next post soon.

It is really an interesting story.

Stay tune…